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Beaver and Muskrats cause a lot of damage...

Barnes Wildlife Control technicians are highly trained to remove beaver and muskrat in order to prevent damages to trees, ponds, creeks, and other natural landscapes using advanced trapping techniques. Call us now to schedule a professional beaver or muskrat trapper to inspect your property.


Beaver and Muskrats can cause a lot of damage to your property if their populations are not kept under control.  They can undermine your soil and cut down or kill large amounts of healthy trees in no time at all. We  have been providing muskrat pest control services and beaver extermination to Dayton area residents and businesses for many years.  We have a dedicated team to assist you in the removal of these pest animals and provide you with tips and recommendations on how to keep them from coming back. Barnes Wildlife Control has perfected methods for fast removal of beavers in the Dayton, Englewood, Enon, Yellow Springs and any surrounding areas.

Effective Beaver Control & Muskrat Pest Trapping

Get Rid of Tree Chewing Critters from your Property

We provide numerous solutions to muskrat and beaver problems

If you have navigated to this page then most likely you are dealing with a nuisance beaver or muskrat situation of your own.  Barnes Wildlife Control is here to aide you in resolving your animal problems by providing you with knowledge and services that are proven effective against these critters.  We have an arsenal of different traps and techniques we can deploy to get your pest issue under control no matter what.  We have proven successes removing beavers from public ponds, rivers, creeks, and farm water drainage areas and waterways.  We have provided numerous customers with muskrat trapping services around the Greater Dayton Metro area from retention pond muskrat removal to private lake muskrat control, we can do it all.

Want to know the more about beaver and muskrats, just click on the links below:


You can trust our professional team of licensed wildlife control operators (animal pest exterminators) for dealing with your nuisance beaver or muskrat problems. Visit our Contact Page for more details.

Common Complaints about Beaver and Muskrat in the Miami Valley

  • Muskrats living in my pond

  • Beavers damming drain culvert and flood water

  • Number for muskrat pest control

  • Beaver dam built on creek backing up field water

  • Beavers making dams on my property

  • Beaver damage to my trees

  • Are beavers gnawing on my trees?

  • Beaver cutting down on my trees to build dam

  • Muskrat tunnels around my pond

  • Bank erosion caused by muskrat tunneling

  • How do I get rid of muskrat family in my creek?

  • Large holes around pond caused by muskrat digging

  • Pond bank falling in from muskrat damage

  • Muskrats making holes near the lake edge

  • Where do I find a muskrat trapper?

  • Dayton’s best rated beaver trap exterminator

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Beaver Control and Trapping Services


Barnes Wildlife Control has the necessary experience to quickly rid your property of beavers and their offspring.  We offer several removal options such as foothold trapping, body grippers "Conibears", cable restraints "snares", and cage trapping.  We also can provide culvert cleanouts and beaver dam removal once the beavers have been trapped and removed.  Learn more about how beavers work together to build their lodges and dams:


Muskrat Prevention and Trap Setting Services


The most effective and efficient way we have found to deal with muskrats is by trapping and shooting.  We have all the best trapping equipment available and the know how to use them properly.  We also offer our air rifle services for extreme infestations using night vision and thermal imaging methods for locating and eradicating the muskrat population. After we remove the muskrats from your property we suggest employing several prevention steps to prevent their return. Installing wire mesh around problem areas and rip rapping the banks with large rocks can help, but there are more helpful hints and ideas that can be found here:

Muskrat Removal and Prevention Tips Can be found by clicking below  


If you are interested in Barnes Wildlife Control's services give us a call at 937-340-1867.

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