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Barnes Wildlife Control is your local team of professional and fully trained wildlife control operators to assess and implement a wide variety of bird removal treatment solutions.   All of our technicians are Bird Barrier trained and certified and have years of experience dealing with nuisance and invasive bird pests in the Miami Valley area.

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We offer fast and effective Bird Control so you can maintain a bird dropping free home and workplace. We specialize in a number of services including bird netting, pigeon trapping, bird deterrant installation, bird spikes, and other proven methods to help solve your sparrow, starling, or pigeon problem.


Bird Removal & Bird Control

Controlling bird issues can be a challenging undertaking even for experienced companies.  Barnes Wildlife Control has the necessary experience, but it takes more than that.  It takes determination and a willingness to think outside the box to solve these difficult bird problems.  We have what it takes and we stand behind our work like no one else!  If you have a pigeon problem, starlings pooping on the house, or sparrows using your house vents as a nesting site, let us help.


We have a large service territory to better serve the entire Miami Valley area and we specialize in bird pest removal in homes, churches, government buildings, and industrial businesses like warehouses and grocery stores.  We can often get there the same day to inspect the property and we offer Guaranteed Bird Control.  Need a local bird exterminator, give us a call at (937) 340-1867 !


Inspection & Assessment

Complete building inspection: We will assess your entire structure and advise you of any concerns that we find. We will present you with a written list of necessary repairs or maintenance required for permanent bird eradication.

Odors and cleanup: We offer sanitization and deodorization services to damaged areas to protect you and your property.


Industry Bird Extermination Leader ( Dayton - Springfield - Oakwood - Beavercreek - Kettering - Troy - Centerville Ohio's Best Animal Removal Company ) - see our reviews and testimonial page. Our focus is on innovation, continued education, and prevention which makes us a leader in the wildlife control industry. Call us today for a free no obligation over the phone consultation.

  • Birds living in the attic.

  • Bird in my bathroom vent exhaust.

  • Giant Bird nest in my attic rafters & insulation.

  • Birds nesting in fireplace chimney or flue.

  • Birds roosting on porch awning.

  • Bird building nest on gutter downspout.

  • Pigeon problem in warehouse building.

  • Pigeon poop removal from piping and concrete.

  • Are bird droppings dangerous?

  • How do I clean the bird poop?

  • Roof covered in Pigeon dropping and scat, need an exterminator?

  • How do I get rid of birds?

  • Bird pecking on window glass.

  • Bird making a nest on my patio roof.

  • Birds entering home through soffit eaves.

  • Birds going into attic gable vents and louvered roof vents.

Common Questions & Locations Birds are found in your home, building, or church

We are proud to service the following areas:      

Butler County Ohio Bird Removal

•         Madison Township. Middletown. West Middletown.

•         Clark County Ohio Bird Removal

•         Bethel Township. Clifton. Dialton. Donnelsville. Enon. German Township. Green Township. Harmony. Harmony Township. Madison Township. Mad River Township. Medway. Moorefield Township. New Carlisle. North Hampton. Northridge. Park Layne. Pike Township. Pleasant Township. Springfield. South Charleston. South Vienna.

•         Champaign County Ohio Bird Removal

•         Christiansburg. Jackson Township. Mad River Township. St. Paris. Terre Haute. Urbana.

•         Darke County Ohio Bird Removal

•         Adams Township. Arcanum. Bradford. Butler Township. Franklin Township. Gettysburg. Greenville. Monroe Township. Pitsburg. Van Buren Township.

•         Greene County Ohio Bird Removal

•         Alpha, Birdh Township. Beavercreek. Beavercreek Township. Bellbrook.  Cedarville. Caesarcreek Township.  Clifton. Fairborn. Jamestown. Jefferson Township. New Jasper Township.  Oldtown. Spring Valley Village. Spring Valley Township. Sugarcreek Township. Wilberforce. Xenia. Xenia Township. Yellow Springs.

•         Miami County Ohio Bird Removal

•         Bethel Township. Bradford. Brown Township. Concord Township. Covington. Elizabeth Township. Fletcher. Laura. Lostcreek Township. Ludlow Falls. Newberry Township. Newton Township. Piqua. Pike Township. Pleasant Hill. Springcreek Township. Staunton Township. Tipp City. Union Township. Washington Township. West Milton.

•         Montgomery County Ohio Bird Removal

•         Brookville. Butler Township. Centerville. Clay Township. Clayton. Dayton. Englewood. Farmersville. Germantown. German Township. Harrison Township. Huber Heights. Jefferson Township. Kettering. Miamisburg. Miami Township. Moraine. New Lebanon. Northridge. Oakwood. . Phillipsburg. Riverside. Trotwood. Union. Vandalia. Washington Township. West Carrollton.

•         Preble County Ohio Bird Removal

•         Eaton. Lanier Township. Twin Township. West Alexandria.

•         Shelby County Ohio Bird Removal

•         Anna. Clinton Township. Cynthian Township. Fort Loramie. Houston. Lockington. Orange Township. Perry Township. Port Jefferson. Russia. Salem Township. Sidney. Turtlecreek Township. Washington Township.

•         Warren County Ohio Bird Removal

•         Carlisle. Clearcreek Township. Corwin. Franklin. Franklin Township. Lebanon. Middletown. Springboro. Turtlecreek Township. Wayne Township. Waynesville.


Pigeons are a common bird pest around the Dayton Ohio and surrounding areas.  We remove a lot of pigeons in downtown Springfield Ohio and Sidney Ohio.  They are opportunists and will nest in your home or business, and they become a huge problem when they poop everywhere and start to cause structural damage your building and roof.  The bird waste is corrosive to many building materials such as metal and iron and we have worked on pigeon control at many gas stations after their canopies collapse. Generally they nest near tall buildings and their poop covers window sills and ledges. Pigeon droppings have an unmistakable pungent odor that your clients and tenants don’t want exposure to due to health concerns.


There are various types of sparrows in Ohio, but the one that seems to cause the most problems here in the Centerville area is the House Sparrow. Sparrows eat mostly seeds and are often seen at bird feeders alongside the similarly sized finch.  The sparrow’s small size allows them to fit though tiny cracks on your home and business which leads to a bird infestation with potential for bird mites and lice to come in contact with you and yours pets.


Starlings are by far the most annoying and troublesome bird that nests in residential houses in southwestern Ohio homes. Starlings are medium sized birds with blackish grey feathers with silver and white flecks. These birds are highly social and commonly seen in large flocks. Starlings are very intelligent and witty as they regularly figure out to open the flaps on vents mounted to the side of homes.  They will eat almost anything such as seeds, garbage, meats, and insects.

Tips for Controlling Birds on your Property

Limit Water and Food Sources and Seal Openings that Allow Birds Shelter

•Remove bird feeders from your yard and ask neighbors to do the same.

•Feed your dog and cats indoors and store pet food in sealed container.

•Cover grass seed with straw to prevent consumption by birds.

•Remove Water Sources such as bird baths and fountains.

•Seal off gaps and vent holes to your home with vent guard covers and wire mesh.

•Install wire netting over exhaust vents and dryer vents.

•Keep trees and landscaping trimmed to prevent roost locations.

Woodpeckers Create Serious Damage to your Wood or Stucco Home

Check out this link where a Condo spent $260K to fix their wood pecker problem:

Woodpeckers cause damage to wooden and EIFS structures by their chronic pecking and drilling of holes. The drumming of a woodpecker is annoying and can wake you up from sleep. Bird drumming is performed by male woodpeckers proclaiming their territories. Damage to wood cabins and insulated stucco sided buildings are most common. The wood pecker pecks holes into wooden siding, fascia and rake boards, and window casing in search of food or a suitable nesting site. The Downy Woodpecker seems to cause the most damage around the Miami Valley and both the male and female chip away the wood material to excavate the nest cavity together. Both sexes share the responsibilities of incubating and feeding young so when controlling wood peckers both male and female are usually to blame. Peak breeding season is February to March and approximately 5 eggs incubate for 12 days. Young baby downy woodpeckers fledge (get their feathers) around 24 days after hatching from the egg.

woodpecker exterminator beavercreek ohio

Male and Female Downy Woodpecker

Woodpecker Hole in Wood Siding Centerville Ohio

bird control xenia ohio bird netting beavercreek


After Bird Removal & Netting Installation

Gigantic Bird's Nest Removed & Sanitized from Troy, OH Attic

starling removal exterminator springfield ohio woodpecker pest control piqua ohio pigeon trapping exterminator dayton sparrow pest exterminator dayton ohio Attic Bird Nest Removal Troy Ohio Starling Nest Removal Insulated Attic Miamisburg Pest Control starling vent removal dayton

Starling bird nest removal

Huber Heights insulated attic

Centerville Bird Nest Removal and Control bird nest pest control dayton

Birds bothering you? We can help!

Woodpecker damage side of wood house Bellbrook Ohi 2012-10-15_11-59-20_45

Wood Pecker Damage to this Bellbrook Home

EIFS Sided woodpecker damage Springboro Ohio

EIFS Stucco Siding Damaged in Beavercreek by Downy Woodpeckers