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At Barnes Wildlife Control, we provide fox trapping and coyote pest control services. Coyote and foxes can take up residence near your home or building and cause quite a panic. We find them both in urban and rural areas.  If you need a coyote exterminator or fox trapping services call us today.

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Through trapping, habitat modification, and hazing techniques coyotes can be controlled on your property and Barnes Wildlife Control is experienced and ready to assist. Give us a call if you need Coyote or Fox  Control.


Coyote Sightings and Red Fox Complaints around Dayton Ohio

Where here a lot of the following complaints and we have answers to your questions. Give us a call!

Coyotes in my yard

Fox under my deck

Fox hole under my porch, need to find a fox trapper near Dayton, Ohio

Coyote running in road in neighborhood

Coyote tracks in my lawn

Hearing coyote howling at night, coyotes are highly social animals

How do I keep coyotes out of my yard

Is there a repellant to keep foxes away?

Are Coyotes dangerous around my kids and pets?

My cat went missing, did coyotes eat it?

Red Fox pups walking in my yard, should I call a pest company?

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Dog killed by two coyotes.


Police say the dog’s owner was out shoveling and the dog was loose outside.


When the owner couldn’t find his dog, he walked over to the other side of the car parked in the driveway and found the dog. Two coyotes then apparently ran away from the dog — headed west.


The dog died as a result of injuries suffered in this incident.


Full story can be found here.

Out of all the towns, cities, and municipalities we service, Vandalia, OH seems to have the largest population of coyotes and the most conflicts with coyotes.  We believe this is due to the geographic location of the city as its surrounded by two large parks; Taylorsville Reserve and Englewood Metropark. The coyotes flourish in these parks as they have no natural predators and hunting is not allowed.  These parks ecompass Vandalia from both the east and the west. Also on the north side of Vandalia sits Dayton International Airport, which also offers safe haven for coyotes as the Federal Aviation Association is not controlling their populations although we have heard of issues with coyotes on the airport runways. We have succesfully captured and removed many coyotes from Vandalia and farms outside city limits.  Most of the coyote complaint calls we receive are from the following Vandalia neighborhoods: Foxboro, Timberwinds, Stonequarry, and Brown School Rd areas.


Download the Vandalia Ohio Coyote Removal Guide

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Have you spotted coyotes in your neighborhood?


Coyotes are found in every one of Ohio’s 88 counties and have adapted to live amongst us inside city limits as well as rural areas.  Unless provoked, coyotes rarely attack children or pets, but it does happen.


Visit the City of Mason Ohio Coyote website for more knowledge about coyotes and hazing tips.


Coyote Attacks Dog near Dayton, OH




Ohio Coyote Facts

  • Latin name is Canis latrans which means barking dog.

  • Extremely opportunistic and can adapt their diet and den location to urban settings.

  • Coyotes typically fear people and are nocturnal.

  • Coyotes can run 40 mph for short distances.

  • Coyotes can jump 6 foot fences.

  • Coyotes near Dayton typically breed in late winter.

  • Coyote litters are born in late April.

  • Similar to domestic dogs, coyote gestation is 60-63 days

  • Coyotes can breed with domestic dogs and the offspring is called Coydogs.

Barnes Wildlife owner Jacob Barnes featured in this Dayton Daily News Article on Problem Coyotes around Oakwood, Kettering, and Vandalia

fox extermination services Troy Ohio

Red Fox Trapped and Released Tipp City, Ohio

Another Sad Story of Dogs being Attacked by Coyotes

Ohio Red Fox Facts

  • Red foxes breed in Southwest Ohio around February timeframe.

  • Gestation is shorter than coyotes and only lasts 51-53 days

  • Fox kits or fox pups are born in later March or early April.

  • Fox family litters typically consist of 4-5 kits and only one litter is common per year.

  • Fox dens are excavated and typically go underground 4-5 feet and are common under patios and along building foundations.

  • While the female nursing the young foxes, the male will bring her food such as birds, rodents, and garbage scraps.

  • Typical home range for Ohio Red Fox spans 1-2 miles and they are nocturnal in nature.

  • Fox are highly intelligent animals and if not properly trained in fox removal, you will be out-foxed.