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Stop the groundhogs from damaging your property by calling a professional groundhog trapper in your local area! Call us now to schedule your inspection for guaranteed animal removal service.

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These nuisance creatures may look harmless at first, but their hole-digging capability could potentially weaken the foundation of your house. They may also dig under your fences and destroy your garden beds in search for food. While some homeowners may attempt the traditional way of setting up a trap for ground hogs, Barnes Wildlife Control has mastered the skills needed for quick and effective groundhog control in the Dayton Troy Springfield Centerville Ohio areas. We are the ones you call for Groundhog Pest Control & Woodchuck Removal.

Cost-effective Groundhog & Woodchuck Trapping

Get Rid of These Hole-digging Varmints

A.K.A. - Groundhog- Woodchuck - Whistle Pig - Land Beaver

Failure to get rid of these groundhogs may result in major damages to your homes foundation or utility lines buried along your house.  Want to know the more about groundhogs and woodchucks and there differences - check this site out . You can trust our professional team for a safe, humane and effective process of groundhog control and removal. Visit our Contact Page for more details.

Common Complaints & Habitats of Groundhog & Woodchucks

  • Woodchucks under my deck

  • Groundhogs tunneling under my Driveway

  • Groundhog family nesting under my Shed

  • Groundhogs spotted in Garden or yard

  • Gravel & Dirt Dug Out from Under My Porch

  • Woodchuck Damage to Barn Foundations

  • Groundhogs digging in lawn

  • Groundhogs eating potted flowers & plants

  • Groundhogs excavating sod making huge holes

  • Groundhog digging a burrow under my shed

  • Groundhog living under my concrete porch

  • Groundhog living under my wood deck

  • Groundhog fell in & stuck in my window well

  • Groundhog diggin in the basement

  • Groundhog chewing on my wood siding.

  • Groundhog burrowing under my Air Conditioner AC unit pad

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Groundhog Control, Removal, and Prevention is Our Speciality!


Barnes Wildlife Control has decades of experience removing nuisance groundhogs from properties, often times they can be removed within just a few days using our proven methods.



The following methods can be harmful to your health and DO NOT WORK

Ammonia - Mothballs - Playing A Radio - Strobe Lights- Coyote or Fox Urine


The most effective and efficient method for Groundhog Control is to employ Groundhog trapping and physically remove them from the property by a professional trapper.  After the woodchucks are removed, we recommend installing wire exclusion material under your deck or around the shed foundation to prevent any other animals from accessing these areas.  This will solve your problem for good.  We have performed hundreds of groundhog removal jobs and exclusions and have not had one call back, so we must be doing something right.  If you are interested in our services give us a call at 937-340-1867.  Referrals are available upon request.


Ever wonder what Groundhog Day is all about? Facts about that day and their species can be found here:


Family of groundhogs bothering you, your lawn, and your pets?  They can cause immense amounts of damage to your landscape in little time and we can help. Tired of the unsightly large piles of dirt around your barn or property the groundhogs dug to live in?  Remove them before they birth their young and the problem escalates.



Groundhogs or Woodchucks are large land rodents.

Herbivores by nature - eat primarily plant material such as grass and clover.

Diurnal behavior which means they are active during daylight hours only as many of their predators lurk at night (nocturnal). Groundhogs can climb to escape danger if need be.  We often see them climb fences and up trees.

Groundhogs hibernate during the cold Ohio winter months and often will be heard inside basements in the middle of winter trying to stay warm against the house foundation.

They mate in mid spring and pregnancy lasts a little over 1 month with an average little size of 4 baby groundhogs.

Groundhogs carry many local parasites found in Ohio such as intestinal worms, fleas, ticks. If you find any wild animal living in your yard and you have pets, be sure that your dog or cat is vaccinated as these diseases can easily be transmitted.

More facts about ground hogs and wood chuch behavior can be found at the following site.