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Moles can cause different problems for your lawn or garden, as their tunneling leaves unsightly mounds of soil and may damage the root systems of your plants. Let our experts handle your mole control needs. Contact us today.

Clear Your Garden, Yard, & Grass Of Moles


Save Your Lawn From Mole Tunnels

There are six main mole species found in North America, and the most common is the Eastern mole (Scalopus aquaticus), also called the grey mole. All moles can be damaging to lawns and gardens, and the extent of that damage depends on how habituated they are in the area. Their tunneling progresses over time and they could build extensive networks throughout different residences.

Let The Experts at Barnes Wildlife Handle It!

Mole populations can significantly grow if not handled early and properly. That's why it is important to get rid of moles as soon as the tunnles are detected. Call Barnes Wildlife Control and we'll take care of your mole problems immediately.

We provide safe and effective mole trapping & removal, trapping, and control. If you have a mole of family of moles that are causing damage to your lawn we can help. There is not a mole problem that we can’t handle. Moles will tunnel through your property causing damage to your lawn in search of food. They will build up large mounds with the dirt that they dig out of their tunnels. We use only the most up to date mole removal equipment, traps, and techniques to take care of your problem.


Mole Removal, Trapping & Control in Dayton, Ohio and surrounding area.


Common Complaints we Hear about Moles...

Moles tearing up and digging in my lawn.

Moles tunneling under driveway and sidewalks.

Moles tunneling in flowerbeds and under sod.

Moles dig under my mulch.

Moles stuck or dead in my swimming pool.

Mole hills made in my yard.

Piles of dirt in my lawn from moles?




Ohio Mole Removal Information:


The Eastern Mole (Scalopus aquaticus) is dark grey and weighs an around 3 ounces and can grow as large as 9 inches long.  Moles breed in later winter and birth 1-5 young moles in mid spring time. Moles have high metabolisms  as insectivores and are always active in search of their primary food sources: nightcrawlers, earthworms, grubs, insect larva, cicada worms, and redworms (Moles don't eat fake Talprid Worms or Poisons).  If you sit looking at your yard long enough you may even see your grass moving as the dirt below is being excavated and traveled by moles in search of food.  Mole tunnels are mostly underground and some near the surface feel squishy under your feet almost like walking on a mattress.  Oftentimes we catch shrews and voles using the tunnels made by moles.


Mole Information from Smithsonian Musuem of Natural History below:














Now that we know more about the Eastern Mole, you may be able to better understand what the tunnel through your yards are from (mole in search of food). Not only can these tunnels be hard to walk or mow grass around, but they damage the aesthetics of your landscape while moles damage flowerbeds and kill grass. Mole Hills (large pile of fresh dirt in grass) happen when a mole excavates the dirt from their tunnels.  Moles are capable of tunneling over half a football field per day which can cause a well manicured lawn into a Caddy Shack nightmare in just a few days.  If you notice mole activity and these piles of dirt showing up all over my yard, you need to call Barnes Wildlife Control and ask for our mole removal services.




DO NOT think that the poisons sold on Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, Menards, or Home Depot will solve your mole problem. These are gimics and do more harm than good not to mention a waste of your money. The only proven method to get rid of moles is through mole trapping, habitat modification, and prevention methods. Moles will not respond to repellents such as music, moth balls, ammonia, or exhaust fumes. Moles will not be deterred by coyote or dog urine or any other ultrasonic windmill contraption. We have seen time and time again where these futile methods have failed and homeowners resort to having them trapped. Call Barnes Wildlife Control for local, family owned, professional mole removal.

Mole Trapping Services

Trapping is the most effective way to get rid of moles. This method requires careful planning and observation to determine which tunnels are active in order to set the traps more efficiently. Extensive knowledge of the animal's behavioral patterns is a must an if you want to do it yourself download our Mole Trapping Removal Guide Click Here.  We also sell complete Mole Trapping Kits available for pickup at our Troy Ohio office. Cost is $125.00

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For the Do-It-Your-Self Mole Trapper - kits are available for sale

Click Here to Download our Mole Trapping Instructional Guide

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4 Moles Removed from Dayton Ohio Lawn in 1 day of mole trapping