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Rodent infestations can cause significant structural and financial damage to your property.  Their different behaviors and biologies make them quite difficult to control. Contact us today for expert rodent abatement.


Rodent Complaints & Rodent Types in the Miami Valley

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The three most common commensal rodents are listed below, brief descriptions of their appearances and habits.

Rodent Control Services

Extensive knowledge of rodent habits and biology is a necessity in dealing with infestations. Their dietery and reproductive patterns determine the spread of their nesting areas. Contact us today and let our experts handle your rodent problems.

Health Problems Posed By Rodents

Rodents have been responsible for spreading various diseases, most notably the bubonic plague, or historically known as the Black Death, through the transportation of infected fleas. Rats could also carry bacterial diseases like Rat Bite Fever and Leptospirosis. Mice, on the other hand, can carry hantaviruses that can be deadly to humans.

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• Also known as "common rats," "water rats," or "sewer rats, we sometimes also find Roof Rats living in Dayton and Huber Heights homes as well.

• Brownish grey shaggy fur; thick, scaly tail shorter than its body; small ears and eyes

• Usually found sewers, warehouses, farms and cultivated land, as well as other human dwelling places

• Good climbers and swimmers, can gnaw through wood, electrical cables, and pipes

• Preferred food are meat, insects, fruits, cereals, seeds, chicken eggs and garbage.

  • Often found in fields and woodlots but when your home has gaps that provide a pathway to shelter or food, they willl take advantage as they are opportunists. These mice range in color depending on climate, deompgraphics, and species. Tan, brown,  or black  in color, with tails of varying lengths are common with white on undersides or belly. They scavenge and will feed on any food available to them.

  • This species female adult mice are able to reproduce every month as young mice reach maturity in several weeks and can begin mating.

  • Usually we find them in yards, fields, attics, walls, and kitchen areas

  • Very agile climbers and can gnaw on wood, lead piping, and electrical cables

• Greyish or light brown short fur; hairy tail

• Usually found in fields, grassy and wooded areas, houses

• Inquisitive and known for to reproduce very quickly

• Preferred foods are bird seeds and nuts and we often find them stored in your attic

Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)

Deer Mice (Peromyscus )

House Mouse (Mus musculus)

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