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Skunks are more than just an annoyance.You are faced with the risk of harmful, transmissible diseases and serious property damages that can be costly. If you’re in need of skunk removal or control, call us now!

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Are you in dire need of fast Skunk Removal in the Greater Dayton area? Barnes Wildlife Control will provide a myriad of hands-on solutions to remove nuisance skunks, seal entry points, eliminate skunk den sites, deodorize affected areas, and take all other necessary steps to prevent their return.

Why You Should Choose the Barnes Wildlife Team

We aim to provide a stress-free environment to our customers by removing the skunks, many times without the skunk spraying. We have an extensive experience in wildlife control, and we'll make sure that our solutions will be innovative and consistently cost-effective.

Common Skunk Complaints & Top Skunk Locations

  • Skunks Under House Foundation

  • Skunks Living under Decks

  • Skunks Dug under Concrete Porches

  • Skunk in my Garden

  • Skunks Seen in Yard Digging the Sod

  • Skunk in Crawlspace or basements

  • Skunk Babies found in Cellars

  • Skunks Nesting Beneath Shed

  • Skunks Digging for Grubs in Soil or Worms in Lawn

  • Skunk Smell in my Home

  • Skunk Smell in my Basement or Laundry Room

  • Skunks living under porch

  • Skunks living under patio

  • Dead Skunk on Property

  • Skunks eating Pet Food or Bird Seed

  • Sick Distemper or Rabid Skunks Wandering in Yard

  • My Dog Sprayed by Skunk

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Dayton Skunk Removal Tips

For the past several years the Dayton area has had an explosion in its skunk population and with this homeowners (and their pets) encounter them more often. Dogs seem to be the most apt to being sprayed by a skunk and if the skunk spray hits the dog in the eyes or face, it can cause discomfort to your pet.  Temporary blindness lasting several hours is common and we have witnessed reports of the skunk spray entering the dog’s lungs and the smell can linger on for months.

Skunks have two glands near the anus and if threatened, they excrete the skunk essence onto whatever offends them.  This yellowish green substance packs a noxious odor and has leaves an oil like residue.  Barnes Wildlife Control carries skunk odor counteractants on each service vehicle and if not treated the skunk spray odor can last up to a month or more. When we find deceased skunks under decks and foundations, the skunk smell can last for several months. Skunk essence is very difficult to remove and home remedies such as bleach, tomato juice, and moth balls are all wastes of time and money.


How To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell On A Pet

If you can’t handle washing your pet yourself because the smell bothers you to much, we can offer bathing services for your dog or cat.  If you want to attempt it on your own, follow these steps for pet skunk odor removal. #1. If the weather allows, try to keep your dog or cat outside to prevent contamination inside the home. #2. Find yourself some old clothes that can be thrown out, disposable kitchen gloves that are elbow length, and some safety glasses in case your dog or cat shakes while bathing.  #3. Make the Skunk Odor Removal Potion: Part a. 1 quart of over the counter hydrogen peroxide (~3%) Part b. ¼ cup baking soda Part c.1 teaspoon liquid dish soap (Dawn is the best). Mix thoroughly with a mixing utensil. #4. Immediately apply the potion onto the pets fur and rub in thoroughly and rinse pet until water runs clear. #5. Use your favorite pet shampoo and bathe your pet and rinse clean. For some pets, repeating this step maybe necessary over the course of a few days.


How To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell In Your Home

Barnes Wildlife Control offers skunk deodorizer services for your home to remove skunk smells.  There are some home remedies (white vinegar in open bowls, baking soda, masking agents such as candles and air fresheners) that work but take a long time to see improvement.  We take a more direct route to remove the odor by using odor counteractants that change the molecular structure of the odor causing particulates so they are no longer perceived as a foul odor.  Click here if you would like more information about these services.

Skunk Family Fell into Window Well near Springboro, Ohio

Juvenile "baby" skunks trapped as they were coming out from under the porch. This was a condo in Beavercreek, Ohio

Navigate to Amazon's website to purchase Skunk Off Odor Remover.  This stuff works well and is rated 4.5 Stars on Amazon.  You can also get it locally at Fields Development and Supply in Groveport, Ohio.

Bob Vila even gives pointers on Skunk Smell Removal