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Our certified wildlife technicians at Barnes Wildlife Control will remove the squirrels in your attic and determine the best way to seal all possible entry points. With our proven methods we can prevent squirrels and other vermin from returning to your house once and for all, GUARANTEED !  Through effective trapping strategies, these squirrels will safely go into our traps and be relocated greater than 10 miles away from your property. Our detailed inspection is essential to ensure that all squirrels trapped in your home are entirely evicted and exclusion repairs completed in a timely manner.

Humane, Efficient, & Affordable Squirrel Removal

Disadvantages of Squirrels Staying in Your Home

Squirrels prominently seek food and shelter during the peak of spring and fall seasons. Just like any nuisance animal, they tend to store food for the upcoming winter or even give birth to their young. They bring inconvenience with their obsessive chewing through wires, wood, and even spray foam insulation, which does not only result to disruption of sleep, but could also directly damage the structure of your home or building.  Their fecal matter also can soil insulation and maybe harmful to your health.

Common Complaints and Problem Areas for Squirrels

  • Squirrel in my attic

  • Squirrels in crawlspace

  • Squirrel noises in my walls

  • Squirrel family in my shed

  • Squirrels running on gutters

  • Squirrels living in the attic

  • Squirrels nesting in the chimney flue

  • Squirrels chewing on soffits and wood fascia

  • Squirrels chewing holes in siding

  • Squirrels runnning in my basement of my house

  • Squirrels on my roof

  • Squirrel went in my roof vent

  • Soffits damaged by squirrels

  • Dead squirrel in my basement

  • Squirrels stealing birdseed from bird feeders

  • Squirrels chewing through ridge vents, roof vents, and drywall ceiling

  • Squirrels chewing through louver eave vents

  • Squirrels inside home and chewed through my wall

  • Squirrel climbing out of chimney cap

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Ohio Squirrel Facts: Squirrels are listed in the rodent family and the most problem squirrel calls we receive are for the Eastern Gray Squirrel. Grey in color and around 17 inches long including the tail they weigh in about 1 pound, but when running in your attic they sound much larger. Squirrels are active year round always on the search for food and generally live near walnut, oak, or other nut producing trees and love people who feed the birds. We find stored walnuts and acorns and bird seed such as sunflower shells on about 50% of all rodent and squirrel attic inspections.  Squirrels primarily live in trees but have no problem adapting to live in your soffits, attics, walls, eaves, garages, and barns. Grey squirrels in Ohio have two litters per year, one in the spring and one in the fall and pregnancy lasts about six weeks and baby squirrels are pink and hairless at birth.  The last several years in the Dayton Ohio region squirrel litters average three young and they stay in the squirrel nest for 2-3 months.  Photo below shows juvenile squirrels exiting an attic of a Beavercreek home into one of our Barnes Wildlife Control's squirrel traps.












Ohio’s most abundant squirrel is the flying squirrel. Information from the Ohio Division of Natural Resources can be found here:


Most people are unaware of this and when we inform them they say “I have flying squirrels in my attic, you’re kidding right?”  Unfortunately no we’re not and yes we do find flying squirrels in attic quite often in the Dayton area.  Particularly we find the most flying squirrel removal calls in the Centerville and Beavercreek cities of the Greater Dayton area.  Flying squirrels removal can be a very difficult and frustrating task and Barnes Wildlife Control offers guaranteed flying squirrel control and animal damage repairs.


Information on Southern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys volans)

Flying squirrels are the smallest of the tree squirrels and the only nocturnal tree squirrel (although fox squirrels have been occasionally noted to exhibit nighttime activity). Flying squirrels are about the same size as red squirrels and found throughout Ohio and have large eyes for night vision. Flying squirrels are nocturnal. Most squirrels are diurnal which means they are active during the day. Flying squirrels are very long lived in captivity – up to 12 years. They will store food in their nest in great quantities.  Flying squirrels are not actually able to fly but can glide great distances. Our pest control technicians have witnessed these squirrels jump and glide over 50 feet from holes in Xenia soffits and gutters. They leap from high vantage points such as roof tops and spread the appendages so the skin of the body can catch air and glide to safety.


Squirrels favorite place to enter your attic is through gaps and vents on the roof of a house, but squirrels can also cause nuisance problems by chewing their way into your home by finding weak or rotted wood. It doesn’t seem to matter if the structure is new or old, if there is potential for a dwelling they will take advantage and often times we find poor construction practices lead to these squirrel inhabitants in the attic or ceiling.


Squirrels in the Attic?

Click on this link to read our blog for ideas and stories on how we remove squirrels from Dayton area homes and attics.  


Nuisance concerns: Squirrels have easily adapted to humans. They frequently use buildings as nesting areas. Squirrels love to break into a house and stay in an attic or soffit. They often find a small opening and will chew a wider hole to gain access to the building. They bring nesting material into the home, and make quite a bit of noise scurrying around and caching nuts. They often fall down the chimney flue and make a lot of noise or enter the fireplace. Sometimes they fall down a wall from the attic and get stuck. They often chew their way into commercial buildings or apartments. They often enter the attic through the gable vent. Squirrels can cause a fire hazard in homes by bringing in nesting material, and by chewing on power lines. Squirrels can leave behind a lot of droppings and urine in the attic. The droppings not only smell bad, but they pose a biohazard, and the smell attracts new squirrels. I highly recommend attic decontamination services if you've had squirrels living in your attic. If you want to hire a pro after you read the below info, check out How much does squirrel removal cost?
















Getting rid of squirrels can take on a variety of approaches including squirrel trapping, squirrel damage repairs from chewing and feces in your attic, squirrel prevention and control, squirrel exclusion, and tree removal. We do not recommend repellents as we have found these not to work.


Options on how to remove squirrels from my house or attic: Option A: Squirrels in the attic, use a trap exclusion door over the entry hole so squirrels can leave but not return.  With this method you do risk squirrels returning to chew in a new hole next to this one way door trap and causing more damage. We recommend using live cage traps to remove squirrels.

Trapping squirrels in cage traps is highly effective and we can safely and humanely remove squirrels and release them at our 25 acre wooded office location outside Troy Ohio.


We get this question a lot…. How do you keep from trapping every squirrel in the neighborhood and we completely understand. Our intent to not catch any animal that's not part of the problem and we set specialty traps to target problematic squirrels using precise trap placements and innovative methods.  We go the extra mile to set squirrel traps in effective locations on your home so that only the nuisance squirrels on your roof or gutter are being captured and removed.


Squirrels LOVE to LIVE in Attics. 

-protected from predators

-sheltered from elements

-plenty of places to store food

-nest in your insulation

-take advantage of your homes air conditioning system to stay warm in the winter and cool in summer.


The only problem is they aren't paying you RENT and need to go!!!!


They are perpetual chewers of wood, rubber, plastic, metals, etc.  They have an obsession with constantly chewing to sharpen their teeth.  This can create danagerous conditions when they chew on electrical wires such as Romex Wire.

























Duct work is often damaged and used as nesting material which can cost you in heating and cooling bills as well as allow bacteria and fungal spores from the fecal matter and attic to enter your home.  Gutters have been destroyed by their ferocious gnawing on aluminum and can cost homeowners hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs.


Squirrel Diseases found in Ohio:

Squirrels carry many insects and parasites like fleas and ticks and become a host and vector for many diseases. These critters aren't litter box trained and will urinate and defecate (go to the bathroom #2) on your insulation, rafters, and attic access doors which can potentially cause serious health risks for occupants. Some of these dieseases and funguses are Histoplasmosis, Leptospirosis or Salmonella.

Helpful Website's About Squirrel Diseases are listed below:








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Walnuts & Squirrel Droppings Kettering Attic Insulation

Chewed Metal Soffits & Gutters

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Several Squirrels Trapped as they exit Xenia, Ohio home

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Squirrel Jumping off Gutter in Centerville, Ohio

Squirrels Chewed this Hole in Wood Fascia near Xenia, Ohio

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Dead Squirrel chewed electric wiring

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