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A long time user of blog posting, BWC has an expanding portfolio of high-quality posts including broad interest titles on wildlife control, pest control, wildlife trapping, bat exclusion, rodent problems, animal damage and repairs, and so much more.

At BWC, research is always on the go. We are committed to continual innovation to better support the needs of our customers, and ensuring the honesty of the articles we distribute.

Our blog brings together news, opinion based on experience, and perspectives about wildlife, insects and our industry.

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Noises in My Attic

Noises in My Attic “There are Noises in My Attic” is a common reason for why customers from around the Miami Valley call us at Barnes Wildlife Control.  These are alarming noises, such as bumps, thumps, scratches, squeaks, squeals, growls, snarls and screeches....

The Bat Valve device used to get bats out of the attic.
The Barnes Barn

We Care About Wildlife

We Care About Wildlife We Care About Wildlife, says Jacob Barnes, owner of Barnes Wildlife Control.  Sounds surprising? Coming from a nuisance wildlife and pest control company, it really isn’t.  Barnes Wildlife Control uses methods and products to control nuisance...

Raccoon Babies Removed from Attic Dayton
The Barnes Barn

Huber Heights Wildlife Solutions

Huber Heights Wildlife Solutions by Barnes Wildlife Control Huber Heights Wildlife Solutions are on the daily to-do list at Barnes Wildlife Control.  The city of Huber Heights, Ohio is a great place to live, and Barnes Wildlife Control is helping to keep it that...

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Dayton Bee Pest Removal Service

Dayton Bee Pest Removal Service Barnes Wildlife Control provides the best Dayton Bee Pest Removal Service as the honeybee is quite an amazing animal.  If in doubt about what kind of bee you have living on or inside your house, have the bee species professionally...

Dayton Bee Removal Pest Control Service