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Career Opportunities At Barnes Wildlife Control

Download the informational pdf via the link below to open up your career opportunities. The PDF contains our instructions.

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We Occasionally Have Openings For Wildlife Control Technicians And Operators.

If A Position Opens, We Will Contact You For An Interview.

Working for Barnes Wildlife Control is an outstanding opportunity to join a well-established wildlife control company that believes that one of the most critical aspects of business success lies with the people that make up our team.

While the opportunity is in wildlife control, it is a profession working with people. We need an outgoing people person.

Working for Barnes Wildlife Control Is A Physically Demanding Job

The job requires lifting 28 – 40ft ladders, working at heights, traversing two-story roofs, working in hot attics, driving company vehicles and towing trailers, and being in close contact with skunks and raccoons, bats, and other wildlife.

Our candidate must be self-motivated, able to work independently, yet accept directions and follow company policies.

You Must Communicate With Customers Effectively And Professionally

Working with us is an enriching and profitable career for the right person. There are new experiences around every corner, and boredom is not and never will be an issue related to this position.

We are looking for a people person that can help build professional relationships with our customers and solve human-wildlife conflicts.