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10+ Years Faithfully Providing Trotwood Bat Removal Service Including General Wildlife Removal,  Attic Restorations And More

Trotwood Bat Removal Service gets numerous bat calls from homeowners and businesses in Trotwood, Ohio. Whether in Trotwood, or any other city in Ohio, bats don’t need much of an opening if they want to access your building’s attic, as you can see in the photo to the right – or below in mobile.

Small spaces where the outside of your home or business meets overhangs make for perfect entrances into your inner walls, but more often, especially your attic. You can often see dark staining from bat feces and bat body oils in areas where bats have entered your building. And if you are patient sooner or later, you will see bats exiting these areas at dusk when heading out for their nightly feeding of insects.

Bats eat large numbers of insects, primarily mosquitoes, when they feed, and they will eat half their body weight in insects, which means they produce a large amount of bat poop, also known as guano. If a colony of bats gets into your attic and has been there for a while, they can produce large piles of guano, and we mean LARGE PILES! And large piles of bat guano mean a significant amount of contamination which can impact your health and a considerable cost to clean up the mess. Bat guano and urine contaminate insulation, flooring, attic walls, and even walls and ceilings in living and working spaces below a bat infested attic.

We Do Not Exterminate Bats In Order to Remove Them From Buildings. Bats Are Protected By Ohio Law, so if a company suggests extermination please don’t hire that company since they could get you in trouble, and most certainly they unethical company.

If your home or business has bats, our Trotwood Bat Removal Service team will locate them and search out all areas outside your home that the bats use to access your building. As stated above, bats will leave a mess in an attic space which is where they roost most often or between walls in your attic space.

Of course, we must remove bats from your home or business and stop them from coming back before our cleanup process can get underway. And since bats have an instinctive compulsion to use a previous roosting space, our Trotwood Bat Removal Service techs point must seal and repair every known access point; otherwise, you’ll face the same problem again. But don’t worry, our repair work is 100% guaranteed and will be bat-proofed!

Trotwood Bat Removal Service has your home or commercial building covered from top to bottom, inside and out when it comes to bat removal. We remove bats, repair bat entry points and clean out bat-contaminated materials. But that’s not all, we disinfect bat-contaminated surfaces, deodorize horrible odors left by bat guano and urine, and blow in high-quality R-Factor insulation, saving you future dollars on your heating and cooling bills.

So if you want to hire an ethical, competent, experienced, and customer-centered company, call our Trotwood Bat Removal Service at (937) 340 -1867, and we’ll get our bat exclusion team out to your place as soon as today. 

Trotwood bat removal service page photo of an access point into an attic along the edge of a soffit.

A colony of bats was accessing an attic via this gap between a brick wall and a soffit. You can see the staining from the bat’s body oils as well as feces

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5 Star Customer Reviews Are Common After We’ve Performed Our Well Respected Bat Exclusion Services. Trotwood Bat Removal Service, A Barnes Wildlife Control Division, Are More Than A Bat Removal Company: We Are Full Service Certified Wildlife Control Operators Serving Areas Outside Of Trotwood, Ohio As Well!

“My wife and I moved into our Vandalia home in 2009. During the years that followed our home seemed to be a “critter magnet.” At various times we experienced raccoons in the attic, groundhogs under our deck, and an occasional mouse in our walls.

Based on the recommendation from one of our neighbors, we contacted Barnes Wildlife Control. Jack Barnes visited us and conducted a thorough, comprehensive inspection — inside and out — of our home. Upon completion he summarized his findings and showed us photos of the animal damage — multiple roof area openings, insulation material soiled by raccoon and rodent droppings, electrical wiring damage, weep holes affording rodent entry, and deteriorated wood lattice-work surrounding the base of our deck.

Within a few days of Jack’s visit we received an itemized list of recommended remedial actions, a cost estimate for each action, and a schedule for completion of each action. Remedial actions included sealing our home from rodents, rodent trapping, fecal matter removal, electrical wiring repair, and soiled insulation removal and replacement.

We contacted Jack and gave him the go-ahead on each of his recommendations. He and his crew exemplify all the characteristics a homeowner could want, or hope, to find in a contractor. Their overall plan for accomplishment was well thought out. Their visitation schedule was arranged to meet our needs. They were highly skilled, professional, and meticulous in approaching and completing a wide variety of remedial actions. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised at the pains the crew took to ensure a thorough clean-up after the completion of each task.

We were prepared for the worst during the insulation removal/replacement process, but were delighted that not one speck of insulation material remained on our living area after completion of that task. We were also pleased by the obvious camaraderie and teamwork of the work crew. The guys consistently demonstrated painstaking attention to detail . . . I’m talking about you Chris, Jaden, Michael, and Hunter. Well done, Gentlemen.

In closing, I would simply say that my wife and I can unhesitatingly offer our strongest possible recommendation for Barnes Wildlife Control in general, and for Jack Barnes and his crew in particular. We are more than pleased with their work and look forward to years of critter-free enjoyment. Thank you, Barnes Wildlife Control!”

Wondered What Sounds Little Brown Bats And Big Brown Bats Make? We Recorded This Video At Night.

Trotwood Bat Removal Service Team Are Bat Proofing Experts When It Comes To Sealing Bat Access Points In  Residential And Commercial Buildings

Over the years, the Trotwood Bat Removal Service team has sealed hundreds of residential and commercial buildings. Keeping bats out of buildings or reentering buildings takes skill like Sherlock Holmes to locate every hole that bats did or could potentially use to enter or exit buildings, especially attics. Bats can slip into cavities as small as a half-inch, so years of experience is necessary to see all those tiny unique places bats seem to find though an inexperienced company can’t.

Successful Bat Proofing Means Understanding Where Bats Find Openings Into Your Home Or Business. Trotwood Bat Removal Service Bat Exclusion Provides 100% Guarantees On All Their Sealing And Repairs Work Which Means Bats Will Not Be Able To Reenter Those Areas Under Normal Circumstances.

The number of places bats use to access a building is too many to mention hence the need for a professional bat exclusion company like Trotwood Bat Removal Service. When our team inspects your building for bat access points, we have up to 28 different areas on the outside that we check. Commonly vulnerable areas that bats access, to name a few, are ridge caps, attic and gable vents, soffits, spaces between pipes and building, fascia boards and eaves, and so many more places.

Carefully and permanently barring bats from buildings demands perseverance and a concentrated effort, working on high ladders, scaffolding, and ariel equipment. Attempting to exclude bats from your building is potentially dangerous and generally ineffective almost every time due to the lack of experience. Leave the detail needed to locate, seal and repair access points to the professionals at Trotwood Bat Removal Service by calling us at (937) 340 -1867!

Trotwood bat removal service page photo of a gap around a door.

A few bats managed to get into this home via a gap in a workshop door. Most homeowners are surprised by how small an opening a bat can enter through.

Trotwood bat removal service page photo of a gap around a soffit.

You can see this bat hanging outside its access point into this home. This entrance was due to a gap between the metal soffit and the building.

Trotwood bat removal service page photo of a gap around fascia.

This bat is working its way up to an access point that allowed a colony into an attic. This access point was one of three the colony of bats was using to enter and exit the building.

“What Is Bat Exclusion!” The Only Humane Bat Removal Technique That Effectively Removes Bats From A Home, Business Or Buiding?

The word “exclude” means “to prevent someone or something entry to or stop someone or something from a place, group, or privilege. In our case, ‘bat exclusion” means more than preventing bats from entering buildings; it also means humanely removing bats out of a building and not allowing them to return.

So how does our Trotwood Bat Removal Service team remove bats from a home or building? Essentially it is a five-step process:

  1. We locate where the bats are in your building and their numbers
  2. Next, we find every bat access point into your building
  3. We seal all but one or two of the main exit and entry points
  4. Then we place “bat valves,” a device that allows bats to leave but is unable to return, over those unsealed entry points
  5. Once all the bats have left your building, usually within 5 to 7 days, we remove the bat valves and seal the remaining openings.

Please note that a “bat exclusion” may not entail removing bats at all. A “bat exclusion” can also mean applying preventative procedures, so bats never enter your home or building in the first place. Having our Trotwood Bat Removal Service crew do a top-to-bottom building inspection could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Our experts will locate every possible vulnerability into your building, seal and repair them, making sure bats never gain access through those openings.

Trotwood bat removal service page photo the three bat valve models

The Bat Valve is the 100% effective tool that humanely removes bats from your home or building. Coming in three different versions, the Bat Valve works over any opening or gap in a home and no matter the location.

This Trotwood Bat Removal Service page photo of a bat valve TBV-SG3 shows a bat attempting to get in again though unsuccessfully.

We used the Bat Valve TBV-SG3 to remove a bat colony. Notice the bat below the Bat Valve attempting to return. Fortunately for this homeowner, the  amazing Bat Valve prevents reentry. 

Trotwood bat removal service page photo of  Jacob Barnes, owner of Barnes Wildlife Control, installing a bat valve.

On the left side of the photo, Jacob Barnes, the owner of Barnes Wildlife Control, located the main bat entry point and is placing a Bat valve in position. On the right part of the photo, you see the FLEX2 in action.

Don’t Contaminate More Of Your Home By Doing Your Bat Contamination Cleanup That’s Best Left To Trotwood Bat Removal Service.

Once bats have been excluded from your home or business it will be time for cleanup! A colony of bats can leave a horrendous mess in an attic, so the wise move is to hire a quality cleanup and decontamination company like Trotwood Bat Removal Service and their crew of specialized bat cleanup experts.

In many instances, it’s vital to partition off the living and working quarters from the area that contained a bat infestation so that contaminated materials do not spread. A conventional bat infestation cleanout entails the elimination of guano, attic insulation, parts of a ceiling in living quarters below a bat-infested attic, attic flooring, or attic drywall contaminated by bat guano and pee.

Our Trotwood Bat Removal Service team understands that partitioning the living and working spaces may be necessary to clean up contaminated materials, as seen in the photo to the right or below in mobile. Hand bagging contaminated materials may be required and not unusual during a bat contamination cleanup. The partitioning process stops the spread of any dried guano dust and contaminated attic materials to the living and working spaces.

When Trotwood Bat Removal Service partitions off the area containing bat guano, urine, and other contaminated materials, we maintain a negative air pressure which draws contaminated air and dust in the working space to the outside and not back inside to living quarters. We perform this procedure by using air scrubbers that clean the air and help stop the spread of airborne contaminants in indoor spaces.

So let’s sum up the cleanup process of contaminated materials that our Trotwood Bat Removal Service experts provide:

  1. We partition off the contaminated area from the living spaces
  2. Our team uses HEPA filtered air scrubbers that vents all contaminated air outside
  3. We use HEPA vacuum systems to remove all small materials
  4. Our crew bags all large contaminated materials that we can’t vacuum out and safely remove them from your building
  5. We wash all contaminated surfaces with bio-safe disinfectants and sterilizers, then deodorize the air removing odors forever.
  6. Finally, we can blown-in high-quality mold and mildew resistant insulation replacing all the removed contaminated insulation
Trotwood Bat Removal Service team partioning off a work area from a living space.

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Our Ability To Restore A Contaminated Attic To A Healthy Space Is Trotwood Bat Removal Service Crew’s Expertise And Second Second To No One In Trotwood, Ohio

Trotwood bat removal service page photo of a bat guano in an attic.

Bat guano and urine can heavily contaminate attic insulation so its removal is imperative as is cleaning the area beneath the contaminated insulation.

Trotwood bat removal service page photo of a cleaned attic floor which was a horrible mess.

Our Trotwood Bat Removal Service team is an expert at attic restoration. We cleaned the attic of all the nasty insulation, decontaminated all surfaces, and deodorized as well.

Trotwood bat removal service page photo of a new blown-in insulation

Once we prepare an attic, we blow in high-quality mold, mildew, and fire-resistant insulation at a thickness that will save you money on your utility bills.

Wondering “Is there a bat removal company near Trotwood, Ohio?” There sure is!  For A+ Effective Bat Removal And Cleanup Contact The Trotwood Bat Removal Service Crew And Get 100% Customer Satisfaction!