Why you should find a Dayton Wild Animal Control Company

Around the Dayton area, especially during the winter in springtime, wild animals can cause havoc. In this part of the state, the most prevalent wild animals that cause nuisance problems in your home or attic are raccoons, squirrels, bats, and mice. They all have different characteristics and cause different problems and carry various diseases. For instance, if you hear activity during the daytime, it would more than likely be a squirrel or bird in the wall versus a raccoon or a bat, as they are active during night time known as nocturnal. These unwanted varmints will keep you up at night, chew on wiring in your walls, compress attic insulation ruining its thermal capabilities, and urinate throughout the house where mold and other diseases may grow. Animal poop and fecal matter is the perfect host for different diseases known as histoplasmosis, hantavirus, salmonella, and many others. With modern-day air conditioners running flexible ductwork throughout wall cavities, crawl spaces, and attics, wild animals can tear into them. This will open up the duct-work, and these bacteria and viruses can become airborne, ruining your indoor air quality and putting you and the family at risk.

Raccoons tore a hole in the roof and water and urine collapsed the drywall ceiling

What to do when you have wildlife living in the wall.

Whenever dealing with a wild animal problem it’s best to consult with a professional who has experience in the best methods to get rid of these wild animals. It’s best to catch it before they cause more damage than you can afford to repair. Barnes Wildlife Control is southwestern Ohio’s leading wild animal control company. We specialize in removing and trapping wild animals so that you may return your home to normal and get a good night’s sleep. We take our job serious and use the best equipment and resources available along with knowledgeable and highly trained staff to get your problem under control. We can even make all the necessary repairs to keep them from coming back. The last thing that you want to do is to spend money to get rid of these critters for them just to return the following year.

Dayton Rat Removal

This large rat was trapped along with other wild animals at this Montgomery County Ohio home.

Barnes Wildlife Control guarantees that once we’re done sealing up your home, otherwise known as exclusion repairs, that we will keep these critters and wild animals away so they can no longer come back. If you find yourself having wild animal problems, feel free to give us a call for a free phone consultation.  You can also set up an appointment online for a thorough inspection of the entire house, including the roof, the attic, and the crawl space and/or basement. Please call today at 937-340-1867 or you can find more information on how to contact us and our service territory on our website on the contact us page.