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Centerville Opossum Removal Service: Centerville’s premier animal removal company & your best choice for opossum removal service

Your Local Solution to Opossum Pest Control Is Centerville Opossum Removal Service

Centerville Opossum Removal Service provides fast and effective opossum trapping and removal. Opossum Pest Control is a common service we provide to Miami Valley residents. So, when these critters have invaded your home give us a call.

Remember, opossums are a common wild animal pest problem in the Centerville Ohio area. They are most often found in garages where they are feeding on pet food left out for the cat. And, opossums are opportunists and instinctively search for easy an easy meal.

Also, opossums are looking for protected shelter such as under a shed or crawlspace. On occasion they will climb into the attic. So remember, we specialize in animal removal! Get rid of the Opossum now by .


 These 4 Opossums were trapped out of a yard using Centerville Opossum Removal Service.

These 4 Opossums were trapped out of a yard using Centerville Opossum Removal Service


How to Identify Opossums and Health Concerns

The Miami Valley is home to the Virginia opossum or common opossum. Also, this critter is the only marsupial living in North America. Opossums in the Centerville area have 2-3 breeding cycles per year. Furthermore, they give birth to approximately 10-14 joeys or baby opossum per litter. Also, given such the large litter size, it is very important to start opossum control at the first sign of a problem. Doing so prevents a large infestation.



Leptospirosis PDF Fact Sheet


Leptospirosis is a disease caused by a bacteria called Leptospira. Contact with wild and domestic animal urine creates an opportunity for this disease. Also, opossum and rats are both vectors. Furthermore, Leptospirosis spreads by contact with water or soil. Additionally, from oil and water contaminated by the urine of infected animals. Persons can get the disease by coming into contact with wet soil. Also, contact with plants contaminated with animal urine is an issue. Finally, avoid contact with urine, blood or tissue from any animal.


Most Common Complaints And Habitats of Centerville Opossums

  • Attic noises in garage at night
  • Dumpster diving and trash in yard
  • I think opossums are living in my attic
  • Opossum on the roof
  • I see opossums getting into garbage cans
  • Possum in my garage
  • Opossum in my basement
  • I saw Opossum poop on deck
  • Opossums living under the shed
  • Sick opossum in my Yard
  • Opossum eating dog food & steaaling cat food
  • Possums living under the deck or porch
  • Possum inside your crawlspace and tearing up insulation
  • How do I get rid of a opossum?

Centerville Opossum Removal Service –  Opossum Exterminator Services

Centerville Opossum Removal Service can provide you with humane opossum trapping and removal by using professional methods as all of our technicians are properly trained and licensed. Each wildlife removal vehicle is equipped with industry leading and tested products so that you can have reliable service and efficient opossum removal and damage exclusion repairs.

Centerville Opossum Removal Service is fully equipped with possum trapping and removal equipment. Call us and we'll take care of the problem. Number 1  opossum removal in Southwestern Ohio.

Centerville Opossum Removal Service is fully equipped with possum trapping and removal equipment. Call us and we’ll take care of the problem.


Deterrents only fail, do not waste time and money on gimmicks like coyote urine repellents, strobe and attic lights, playing loud music, tossing mothballs everywhere, and pouring liquid ammonia. A lot of these substances are harmful to your health. Leave it to the experts at Centerville Opossum Removal Service, as they have decades of trapping and repair experience to help you resolve your problem and restore your peace of mind! .

Centerville Opossum Removal Service has many years of A+ experience. Also, we are a homegrown mom and pop business. Furthermore, every critter catcher that works for us has a vested interest to this area. Why? They were all born and raised in the Miami Valley. Our trained wildlife control professionals provide services in varmint removal. We conduct humane treatment of animals! In every job, we deliver exceptional service, efficient procedures, and effective methods. To sum up, our procedures get the animal pest control project done right the first time!

Centerville Opossum Removal Service - Another successful opossum catch for our experts.

Another successful opossum catch for Centerville Opossum Removal Service  opossum experts.


Are there opossums in your Centerville home?

Are there opossums in your Centerville home? Scurrying or scratching noises in your garage, attic, or crawlspace might mean you have unwanted visitors. If so, we can help. We have the experience, resources, and methods to remove these animals from your home effectively. Based in Troy and Centerville Ohio we help residential and commercial clients across the region with the wildlife removal and opossum pest control issues.

Should you need a Centerville opossum removal and remediation service expert, to talk with our friendly and helpful staff today. Centerville Opossum Removal Service has over 80 years of experience in possum prevention and repair throughout the Dayton region.

We have both the knowledge and tools to get rid of your opossum problem regardless of how simple or complex. Every one of our courteous, professional staff members is trained in animal removal, live trapping, and control techniques as well as how to identify and prevent future opossum damage to your home.


Centerville Opossum Removal Service’s Opossum Removal Tips

Number 1 In Opossum Knowledge

#1 Remove the Temptation

Opossum or possum ( extermination is something that can be done any time of the year.

The first thing to do is locate and remove attractants, as opossums are opportunists and will take advantage of any easy meal or place to live.

Clean up waste, food scraps, mulberries fallen in the yard, and bird seed. Do not feed your pets (dog, cat, etc.) outside if possible.

If you compost or store garbage outside your garage, keep it in animal-proof containers.

Centerville Opossum Removal Service page: Barnes Wildlife Control Opossum advice: baby opossums are very cute but do not handle them!

Centerville Opossum Removal Service advice: baby opossums are very cute but do not handle them!

#2 Limit Accessibility to your Structure

The majority of nuisance opossum calls we receive occur when possums gain access to your garage, home, barn or shed. Opossums are able to climb, but they are far less agile than Raccoons or Squirrels and often enter at ground level and only climb when necessary. So be sure to keep your garage door closed when not in use, attic doors and entry way doors shut, close walk out basement doors and window wells off, and remove any overhanging tree limbs to prevent them from easily climbing on your roof. Install vent covers of roof and attic vents or screens, and repair any openings along the foundation and crawlspace to prevent opossum from wandering inside your home.

#3 Opossum Deterrents and Repellents

We have found no effective possum repellent on the market and therefore cannot recommend one. However, residences with dogs seem to be less victimized by opossum invaders than those without, but be sure to keep the pet food stored to prevent a dangerous encounter.

#4 Opossum Trapping and Removal

If all else fails or you are already in a situation where an opossum family is calling your residence home, then the only remaining option is capture and removal. Call Us At (937) 340-1867 today if you are searching for an Opossum Pest Control Exterminator.

Centerville Opossum Removal Service page: Barnes Wildlife Control Opossum advice: Please do not bother a mother opossum and her babies. She can be very protective and give a good bite.

Please do not bother a mother opossum and her babies. She can be very protective and give a good bite.

#5 Opossum Damage Repairs and Exclusion

Once the opossum problem is remedied, the best option to prevent this from reoccurring is to seal off the damaged areas or close the openings that they entered through.

If they have been living in your attic or under your porch or deck for prolonged periods of time, fecal matter and urine buildup can be dangerous and emit unpleasant odors.

Centerville Opossum Removal Service can repair these entry points permanently and restore your attic to new by removing fecal matter, sanitizing the attic area, and installing new insulation in its place.

15 Amazing Facts About The Opossum

15 Amazing Facts about the Opossum

Looking for opossum removal service company near me? Centerville Ohio’s best animal control company for opossum trapping. How to get rid of opossums in your yard?