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Fleas: A Nuisance To People And Pets Alike

Fleas are small, difficult-to-spot, parasitic insects that feast on the blood of all warm-blooded mammals (including humans). They are reddish-brown in color and have flat bodies. Each adult flea will go through a complete metamorphosis before it completes its life cycle.

Adult fleas lay eggs on their selected host, but the eggs do not stay attached. Soon after placement, the eggs fall to the ground, where they remain until they hatch. Flea eggs typically take no longer than 24 hours to hatch. The larva is tiny and whitish in color.

The transformation from larva to pupa can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 200 days, depending on the specific environmental conditions. They are often found in pet bedding and carpets, eating their own skin shedding and other organic material.

Once a flea larva is full-grown, it spins a cocoon and enters the pupal stage. This process takes roughly 14 days and, when ready, the adult flea emerges and waits for a host to approach. Once attached to the new host, they begin the feeding and breeding cycle.

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Over 2,500 species of fleas have been discovered. Fleas crop up in society even in poems like John Donne’s erotic “The Flea” and even in a film by Charlie Chaplin. Let Barnes Wildlife Control be your Flea Removal Service.

How Do Flea Issues Get So Bad, So Quickly?

Fleas breed at a swift rate when conditions are ideal. During the spring and summer months, fleas reproduce very quickly and become a major problem for nearby humans. A single female flea can produce up to 600 eggs per month. In a warm, humid environment, the transformation from egg to adult can take as little as 12 days. Once the weather begins to cool, the process slows to allow the larva the protection to survive the winter. This mechanism makes fleas extremely difficult to get rid of without year-round professional treatment.


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What Do Fleas Feed On?

Fleas are a blood-feeding parasite that will target any warm-blooded mammal. They have a superb jumping ability that can span 150 times their body length! This makes it very easy for them to obtain a blood host. Once a flea lands on its host, it will begin feeding within 10 seconds. Flea bites can cause an itching sensation – an extreme annoyance to humans or pets unfortunate enough to be bitten. You may find small black specks on your pets after a flea infestation. These specks are digested blood and indicated that fleas have already feasted on the animal. Fleas in the larva stage will also feed on any organic material they can find on the ground, in pet bedding, in carpets, or upholstered furniture. This includes hair, feathers, dead skin cells, and adult flea excrement.

How Can I Tell If My Pets Have Fleas?

There are many ways to tell if your pets are dealing with a flea infestation. Here are four things to look out for to keep your pets and your home free of fleas:

  1. Tiny black specks resembling black pepper. These indicate digested blood or flea feces.
  2. Constant, abnormal itching
  3. Loss of fur
  4. Red, irritated spots are otherwise known as “hot spots”

If you suspect your pet has a flea infestation, contact your veterinarian for proper treatment. For expert, long-term flea removal service, Call Barnes Wildlife Control AT (937) 340-1867 Today.

Dogs easily catch fleas which can spread throughout your home.


Human History Has Been Riddled By Diseases Spread By Flea Vectors Including The Bubonic Plague.

To a human, flea bites are mostly just annoying. The body will react to a flea bite much like it does any other type of insect bite. There may be redness, slight swelling, and itching present at the site. In some cases, a bitten human may have an allergic reaction, causing allergic dermatitis. Fleas can also spread several types of diseases to pets and their human counterparts. Here are some commonly-spread diseases:

Murine Typhus

Rats are the main host for fleas that carry Murine Typhus, but cats can also get them and bring infected fleas into your home. This is especially true if your cat typically lives outside or if there are rats in or near your home. For more information on this disease, visit the CDC’s page below.


While extremely uncommon in humans, fleas that are infected with tapeworm larva can pass on the parasite to our pets. The parasite is transmitted by a dog or cat ingesting an infected flea. In some cases, small children can swallow an infected flea and contract the parasite. For more information, check out the link below.

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