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We Can Stop Skunks From Damaging Your Lawn And Smelling Up Your Home

Are you in dire need of a fast Skunk Removal Service in the Greater Dayton area? Barnes Wildlife Control will provide a myriad of hands-on solutions to remove nuisance skunks. With our complete skunk removal service, we can block off entry points under your porch steps or deck by installing permanent heavy gauge exclusion wire, eliminate skunk den sites under your shed by trenching the foundation to install a wire barrier, deodorize affected areas to control the skunk odor using odor counteractants sprayed using ULV Foggers, and take all other necessary steps to prevent their return by removing skunk pheromones. See our page on animal exclusions to prevent these stinky critters from coming back.

Skunks have large litter sizes averaging between 8-12 offspring. If skunks are nesting on your property you should employ our skunk trapping service before the following skunk-related annoyances come to fruition. Signs of skunks to be prepared for are the horrendous smell of skunk spray, digging for grubs in your lawn which appears as turned over sod, freshly dug pea gravel near a sidewalk, dirt burrows about the size of a softball near a patio or concrete porch, small dark-colored droppings scattered about the yard, and seeing them right before dusk as they come out to search for food. Skunks are not only a nuisance when they decide to live under your house, but they also carry and transmit many zoonotic diseases such as the distemper and rabies virus. If you’re in need of our skunk removal service or have questions about how to control skunks – Call Us Now.

If you smell skunk inside your house then skunks have probably dug a burrow under your porch and the skunk essence from their glands will penetrate block foundations.
If you smell skunk inside your house then a skunk may be under your porch. It’s time for our skunk removal services.

Skunks Living Around Your Home?

Want An Immediate Solution To Your Skunk Odor Problem? You Need Barnes Wildlife Control’s Skunk Removal Service In Southwest Ohio – Call Us Now!

Why You Should Choose The Barnes Wildlife Team For Skunk Removal Service

We aim to provide a stress-free environment to our customers by removing the skunks, many times without skunk spraying. Our technicians have extensive experience in wildlife control, and we’ll make sure that our solutions will be innovative and effective to rid your yard of skunks.

Skunks can be a severe annoyance to your living situation. Whether skunks are in your crawl space or entering your attic, getting the problem solved before they become a more significant problem is essential.

Barnes Wildlife is a hometown company based in Dayton Ohio that focuses on being the best skunk removal company around by offering the best customer service in the Montgomery County area. We offer skunk trapping and skunk removal services to the Greater Miami Valley and all of Southwestern Ohio as well as providing proven methods to eliminate skunk odor and keep skunks from coming back.

Skunks have a great sense of smell but not great eyesight. This lack of vision often gets the skunk stuck in window wells and have to be rescued using our Skunk Removal Service.

Skunks have a great sense of smell but not great eyesight and at night often fall into window wells. Our Skunk Removal Service is rescue ready!

Dayton Skunk Removal Tips

For the past several years the Dayton area has had an explosion in its skunk population and with this homeowners (and their pets) encounter them more often. Dogs are often sprayed by a skunk and if the skunk spray hits the dog in the eyes or face, it can cause discomfort to your pet. Temporary blindness lasting several hours is common and we have witnessed reports of the skunk spray entering the dog’s lungs and the smell can linger on for months.

If the basement window well covers are missing from your home it’s a good idea to install new a well cover before a skunk falls into them and gets stuck. Once they fall in they can live for weeks and often will spray due to the stress of being trapped.

Skunks have two glands near the anus and if threatened, they excrete the skunk essence onto whatever offends them in a spray from their rear end. This yellowish-green substance packs a noxious odor and leaves an oil-like residue that permeates the air and clings to almost any surface; that is why the skunk smell lingers on for such a long time.

Barnes Wildlife Control carries skunk odor counteract-ants on each service vehicle and if not treated the skunk spray odor can last up to a month or more.

When we find deceased skunks under decks and foundations, the skunk smell can last for several months and moisture reactivates the odor; that’s why you think the smell may be getting better but after rain, the smell returns. Skunk essence is very difficult to remove and home remedies such as bleach, tomato juice, and baking soda don’t work well.

Juvenile “baby” skunks trapped as they were coming out from under the porch. Pea gravel laying in the mulch or flower bed is a sign of skunks digging under concrete to raise their young.

Juvenile “baby” skunks trapped as they were coming out from under the porch. Pea gravel laying in the mulch or flower bed is a sign of skunks digging under concrete to raise their young.

List Of The Most Prone Areas To Find Skunks Living In The Miami Valley

  • Skunks Living Under My House Foundation
  • Skunks Living under Decks
  • Skunks Dug under Concrete Porches
  • Skunks Seen in Yard Digging the Sod
  • Skunk in Crawlspace or basements
  • Skunks Nesting Beneath Shed
  • Dead skunk found in my yard
  • Skunks Digging for Grubs in Soil
  • Skunk Smell in my Home
  • Skunk Odor in my Basement
  • Dead Skunk found on my lawn
  • Skunks eating Pet Food or Bird Seed
  • My Dog Sprayed by Skunk
  • Best skunk exterminator near me

What Are The Reasons Skunks  Dig Up Lawns?

Skunks are known to dig up lawns for a few primary reasons: searching for food, creating dens and searching for a water source.

These little stinkers are omnivores and their diet includes grubs, insects, small rodents, and earthworms that are found underground. They use their strong forefeet and long nails to dig into the soil in search of these food sources. This behavior is particularly common when the ground is soft, such as after a rain or during the spring and fall seasons when grubs are closer to the surface.

Skunks may also dig holes in lawns as part of creating dens for shelter and breeding. These dens are often located under decks, porches, or in crawl spaces, but the initial digging can be noticeable on lawns.

In dryer climates or during particularly dry seasons, skunks may dig in lawns in search of water. The moisture from the soil and irrigation systems can attract them.

It’s important to note that while this behavior is natural for skunks, it can be frustrating for homeowners due to the damage it causes to lawns and gardens. Professional wildlife control services, like Barnes Wildlife Control, can help manage and mitigate these issues by safely trapping and removing skunks, and providing advice on how to make yards less attractive to them, such as by controlling grub populations and securing potential den sites.

Skunk Removal Page: Photo of skunk grubbing.

Skunk digging for food in the lawn.

Skunk Removal Page: Photo of skunks tearing up a lawn.

Skunk located worms and grubs in the soil and dug them up.

Skunk Removal Page: Photo of skunk grubbing. If you have grubs you need to have your lawn treated.

Get rid of skunk grubbing by trapping the skunks.

Skunk Removal Page: Photo of us preparing the ground for a skunk trap.

Pea gravel excavated on concrete sidewalk by skunks.

Skunk Removal Page: Photo of skunk trap set in ground near stairs.

Setting the covered skunk trap over hole near porch.

Skunk Removal Page: Photo of captured skunk.

We caught the culprit.

How To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell On A Pet And In Your Home

Thankfully, You Can Banish The Dreaded Odor — With Barnes Wildlife Control’s Skunk Scent Removal Tips

Get Rid Of Skunk Smell On Your Pet Using The Following Steps

We can offer your dog or cat bathing services if you can’t handle washing your pet yourself because the smell bothers you too much. If you want to attempt it yourself, follow the steps below for pet skunk odor removal.

  1. If the weather allows, try to keep your dog or cat outside to prevent contamination inside the home.
  2. Find yourself some old clothes that you can throw out, disposable kitchen gloves that are elbow length, and some safety glasses in case your dog or cat shakes while bathing.
  3. Make the Skunk Odor Removal Potion:
    Part a) 1 quart of over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide (~3%)
    Part b) ¼ cup baking soda
    Part c) 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap (Dawn is the best). Mix thoroughly with a mixing utensil.
  4. Immediately apply the potion onto the pets’ fur and rub in thoroughly and rinse the pet until water runs clear.
  5. Use your favorite pet shampoo, bathe your pet, and rinse clean. For some pets, repeating this step may be necessary over a few days.

Are You Wondering “How Can I Get Rid Of The Skunk Smell In My Home?”

Barnes Wildlife Control offers skunk deodorizer services for your home to remove skunk smells. Some home remedies (white vinegar in open bowls, baking soda, masking agents such as candles and air fresheners) work but take a long time to see improvement. We take a more direct route to remove the odor by using odor counteractants that change the odor-causing particulate’s molecular structure, which removes the foul odor. Go here if you would like more information about these services.

Don't feed skunks if you want to avoid problems.

Don’t feed skunks if you want to avoid problems.

Need us to remove a dead skunk. Contact us now!

Skunks Wandering Around Your Property Right Before Dark? Skunks Digging Holes In The Lawn? If Your Looking For The Areas Best Skunk Removal Company Near Me You’ve Found It!