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You want to avoid a homeowner nightmare when dealing with a termite control situation. Therefore, you need a company with a reputation for treating a termite infestation correctly the first time. Also, you want to avoid neglectful companies that don’t take pride in a properly done job 100% of the time. When you hire Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service, licensed, bonded, and insured, we guarantee all our work!

Swarm: insects that fly around for mating and establish new colonies.

When the warm weather hits Ohio, it also brings the return of termites. A good time to investigate whether your home or buildings have termites should occur in the Spring. Generally, termites swarm in March, April, May, and June. Also, they may swarm in September and October. And when subterranean termites, the variety most commonly found in Ohio, strike your home, you need a plan fast. And that plan should include Contacting Barnes Wildlife ControlTermite Removal Service

A termite infestation can cause extensive home damage. Also, these quiet destroyers can feast on your home without you knowing until it’s too late.

You may not have found any evidence of termites, but consider yourself very lucky.  Please monitor your home and buildings regularly for the signs of termites. Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service  can monitor you. We look for moist wood, which both termites love. We ensure your roof, gutters, and downspouts remain free of debris and in good working order since wood moisture starts in these areas. However,  the best way to reduce termite exposure demands keeping all areas of your home and buildings dry, well-ventilated, and freshly painted. Remember, Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service can solve all your termite problems, so give us a call at (937) 340-1867

Termites – One Of Ohio’s Most Destructive Insect Pests

The termites in Ohio cause significant economic damage to homes in Ohio. Ohio termites feed on cellulose material such as the structural wood in buildings, wooden fixtures, paper, books, and even cotton grown in Ohio. Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service often gets calls to homes where termites have gone unnoticed for long periods. This type of long-term Ohio termite infestation will affect the structural integrity of a home even though the outside looks fine.

Trim work, subflooring, flooring, and structural timbers are the areas of a building most susceptible to termite damage. The Eastern subterranean termite is considered a serious economic timber pest. It is estimated that in high-activity areas of Ohio, more than 1 in 5 homes have been or will be attacked. Please call Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service at (937) 340-1867 and get us into your home. We’ll do a thorough inspection before a termite disaster strikes your home.

So, if you see wood damage, the most common sign of termites in a home, you must respond before the worst happens. Call us now if you tap on the damaged wood and hear a hollow sound! Or, if you see wood that looks dark or blistering, you may have termites. Also, cracked or bubbled-up paint in your home can signal a termite infestation in your Ohio home. Don’t mess around if any of these situations arise. Please contact Barnes Wildlife Control Ant Removal Service of Ohio at (937) 340-1867.


Here are traces of termites on an old wood background. The path along the side of the wood is called a “mud tube.”

Not All Termites Are Bad – But They are when they get into your home


Once damage gets extensive we come and must remove the old wood. Also, at times we have to dig deep just to see how far the damage goes.

Barnes Wildlife Control Ant Removal Service of Ohio wants you to know that termites are soil engineers. They play an important key role in the functioning of many tropical and subtropical ecosystems. We now know the beneficial influences of termites on the ecosystem.

Termites decompose materials that create positive influences on a soils physical and chemical properties. Termites also positively influence the distribution of natural resources such as water and nutrients in the landscape.

Surprisingly, few people realize how to utilize termite activity for the management of soil fertility and the rehabilitation of degraded soils. Even though the termites eco role is not appreciated by most you still don’t want any termites in your Ohio home or buildings.

Termites will create problems and can destroy to your home or buildings. So set your termite eco-concerns behind and let Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service solve your termite problems now. Call us at (937) 340-1867.


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How To Discover Termite Problems

As we stated above termite destruction of property can result in serious financial losses. Termite infestation of your home or buildings cause structural damage and potentially multiple thousands of dollars for repair. Sadly many homeowners remain clueless about a termite problem until the destruction produces serious effects. This is why Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service suggests a termite inspection of your Ohio home and buildings every year. In the meantime,  the tips below give you a few tools for spotting a termite problem on your property.


Subterranean termites cause more damage to homes in U.S. than storms and fire combined.
colonies can contain up to 1,000,000 members.


Closeup of our technician showing a Live termite and wood damage.

Closeup of our technician showing a Live termite and wood damage.

But, when Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service gets a termite call we want to know where you see the termites gathering. Termites go into an area with moisture. Standing water in or around your home’s foundation creates a perfect home for termites. Letting us know about these situations will help us help you. Also, let us know about any leaky pipes around and outside. We suggest you call your plumber and have these repaired. Otherwise, you create an environment for termite infestation.

Remember, termites  live below ground in colonies. In addition, they love eating dead plants, trees, and wood. Also, they eat paper, cardboard, and the paper backing on sheetrock. For you, an infestation of subterranean termites can cause you serious problems. Furthermore, you don’t want hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. Don’t forget subterranean termites can destroy your home. But, if you take the correct measures you can prevent this from happening.  Give Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service a call at (937) 340-1867. We can prevent them from coming back in the future!

Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Prevention Tips

So, let Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service finalize our termite advice:

  • Can you see dead termites or termite wings?
  • Also, look at the wood in your house for small holes or sawdust-like matter.
  • Examine your foundation and crawl space.
    Subterranean termites will make their colonies below your home. Please check the inside and outside of your foundation, crawl space, and support piers.
  • Also, knock or tap on non-hollow walls since they can get hollowed by termites.

Termites in your home? More and More showing up every day? Call Barnes Wildlife Control THE expert, long-term termite removal service at !


Our Techniques For Treating Termites In The Greater Dayton Miami Valley Area Of Ohio

Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service uses BASF products, leading the way to total termite control. Our solutions offer a wide range of termiticides including options for treating Formosan subterranean termites. Furthermore, Barnes’s termiticide portfolio includes Termidor® SC, the most trusted liquid solution on the market. Also, we use the BASF Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations, which bait termites faster than all competitors. BASF has also developed the latest innovation in liquid termiticides, the Termidor HP II High Precision Injection System. Also, it provides total termite control minus the need for trenching or drilling — reducing labor costs and maximizing efficiency.


Barnes uses BASF liquid termiticide. We use this liquid termiticides for both pre and post construction treatments. Pre-construction treatment for termites consists of liquid termiticides applied to the soil before pouring the slab. This process blocks subterranean termites from accessing the structure. In fact, many banks demand proof of pre-construction termite control prior to the homebuilder’s loans being approved.

The Termidor® brand from BASF offers a portfolio of the most effective and efficient liquid termiticide solutions. Barnes professionals working with builders ensure a termite-free structure using these solutions. Also, Termidor® is the world’s leading solution, providing 100% control at low dose rates. Innovative new formulations from BASF’s research labs also offer additional water savings and labor efficiencies.

For post-construction needs, Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service relies on Termidor as the most effective termite control technology and application method on the market today.

Construction workers spraying the anti termite chemical treatment to the pile cap

Often our technicians must spray BASF Liquid Termicides on a pile cap.

Termidor achieves complete protection with no gaps and 100% control in 3 months or less. Plus, it delivers effective residual control to prevent future infestations and damage. Moreover, the latest tech innovations in the Termidor portfolio require less drilling and quicker treatment application times.

Make sure you have your liquid termiticides by the Barnes professionals with experience. Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service produces the best termite removal results in the business! Contact us today!


This system doesn’t break convention. It shatters it! This termite treatment revolutionized the industry. The Termidor HP injection system eliminates trenching and rodding1, optimizing efficiency by minimizing labor. With its onboard computer, this advanced technology creates an exact finished dilution. The result is an accurate, continuous zone of treatment with Termidor termiticide. Also, a proven performer for more than 16 years. In three months or less, Termidor termiticide delivers 100% termite control. Furthermore, When it comes to applying the most trusted termite protection, this new technology rewrites all the rules.

With Termidor® Foam termiticide/insecticide, the most trusted termiticide is available in a convenient, ready-to-use foam formulation. With all the power and efficacy of Termidor termiticide/insecticide, it works on the toughest pest problems. Ideal for treating both subterranean and drywood termites, it’s also highly effective on carpenter ants. The unique formulation offers better control and coverage with thicker, stronger cell walls that stay intact up to six times longer than other foam termiticides. And because the foam cells resist breaking, it’s less likely to run.

HP High Precision Injection System

BASF’s Termidor HP II High Precision injection system gives Barnes the cutting-edge technological advantage you want!

With all the power and efficacy of Termidor termiticide/insecticide, this system works on the toughest pest problems. Ideal for treating both subterranean, it’s also highly effective on carpenter ants. The unique formulation offers better control and coverage with thicker, stronger cell walls that stay intact up to six times longer than other foam termiticides. And because the foam cells resist breaking, it’s less likely to run.

In this competitive field, the Termidor HP injection system will give your home the termite control you want. And Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service guarantee it!


Bait termite treatment can effectively kill termite colonies. At time, we choose this method of termite extermination. If we do, Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service places bait stations around the perimeter of the home. We then monitor the stations on a regular basis which protects your home from any current infestations. Our termite bait treatment will eliminate termites. We guarantee it!

Barnes uses the BASF Advance® Termite Bait System. ATBS is the next generation of bait systems. Now there are no more excuses. While previous bait systems had challenges that resulted in slow or poor performance, we experience hits as quickly as 15-45 days and fast colony elimination with the Advance Termite Bait System. So, we now combine the efficacy of newer non-repellant liquids with the customer satisfaction and selling advantages of a bait system. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Our termite baiting program integrates best with a number methods.

Basf Advance Termite Bait System for Termite Removal Service page

The BASF baiting system produces the best results on the market. Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service guarantees it!


If you have termites then you have readily available cellulose food and a moisture source near the main nest. In addition, homes and adjacent buildings can allow termites entry from the soil into the buildings. So, we recommend a number of building modifications.

Make sure you exclude moisture anywhere around your buildings. In some case agricultural drains help with runoff. Not getting proper cross flow ventilation in a sub-floor may demand carpentry work. In addition, Barnes may have to repair plumbing. These areas include pipes in the bathroom, the shower recess and kitchen pipes. We look for signs of dampness in the wall cavities, broken roof tiles and improperly installed gutters.

We will remove any timber in contact with the soil. Timbers need storage above ground. This allows for inspection of termite activity coming from the ground where the timber set. If you have termites, we suggest removing wood mulch and railway ties. Both are a termite food source promoting rapid termite colony growth.

Termite Removal Service page: : fix leaky water pipes causing wood damage and attracting termites

We often discover that leaky water pipes cause wood damage and attract termites. More termites more damage!

Weep Holes: a small opening that allows water to drain from within. Weeps are located at the bottom of the object, like brick or concrete, allowing for drainage.

It’s important we have access to suspended floors. In these areas termite activity often exists. Homes on a concrete slab need inspection. We look for evidence of termite mud-shelter tubes. Concrete slabs covered by pavers or landscaping provide termite entry into the walls of a buildings. Often we must dig back these areas to get at the termites entering the concrete through weep holes.

Please Remember This: termites or termite damaged timbers should not be moved in any way. If disturbed, termites will move someplace else. If they move we may not find them until damage occurs someplace else. Barnes Wildlife Control Termite Removal Service uses our methods killing the entire termite colony.

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