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Providing Exceptional Wildlife Removal Services For The Montgomery County Ohio Area: We Do What We Say We are Going to Do! That is the Secret to Our Continued Success

We’re Here To Help With All Your Wildlife Removal Problems

Barnes Wildlife Control, a family-owned and operated Ohio business, treats our customers how we treat our family members – With the concern and care they deserve. We provide award-winning wildlife removal services with skilled, experienced, and certified employees from the greater Dayton, Ohio region.

We offer a full suite of Wildlife Removal Services for numerous Ohio cities, informed by the latest technologies in wildlife control and exclusion, in damage repairs, sanitation and deodorizing, and attic and crawlspace restorations. Plus, we do not apply cookie-cutter solutions since each job has its unique issues and solutions.

We strive To Provide The Best Wildlife Removal Services In The Greater Dayton, Ohio Region

Nuisance wildlife is more than just an annoyance since you do face the risk of zoonotic diseases and serious property damages that can be extensive and expensive. So addressing wildlife issues in your home and buildings should not be ignored and our animal removal or repair experts are just a call away at (937) 340-1867!

Our fleet is always ready to service your wildlife problems. We are number 1 in customer satisfaction!

Barnes Wildlife Control’s wildlife removal services include 16 employees, an extensive fleet of trucks, and heavy equipment always ready to service your wildlife problems, attic restoration needs, and so much more. We are number 1 in customer satisfaction and wildlife removal effectiveness in the Greater Dayton Ohio Region. We Set The Bar And Continually Raise It!

When called to your home or business, we always perform a comprehensive inspection to make sure that we uncover the root of your wildlife problem and prevent recurrence of your wildlife problem. We are prompt, effective, and knowledgeable, raising the bar in pest control and customer care, and honestly answer any questions you have about the wildlife removal process. 

Keep in mind, we don’t just remove problem wildlife, we also repair any damages they cause. Our skillful team is standing by to assist you.

A Few Of  The Many Wildlife Control Services Provided By Barnes Wildlife Control

Trapping is not the only critical part of any nuisance wildlife problem. You can have your wildlife issue trapped and removed, but the same problem can return the following year since nuisance wildlife leave behind a scent that attracts the same type of critter.

At Barnes Wildlife Control, we emphasize making sure your nuisance wildlife problems do not return. Since wildlife control services can be costly to solve a wildlife problem, you don’t want to be paying for the services every year when the wildlife issues return.

Our highly trained technicians specialize in finding and repairing all entry points and any chewed entry holes around the outside of your business or home. Plus, we decontaminate and deodorize areas of your buildings home to wildlife, leaving them attractant-free.

New Chimney Vent Installed  at Wildlife Removal Services

Chimney Animal Removal & Chimney Caps Installed

Chimney Caps available in stainless steel, Dryer Vent Covers Designed and Installed, Gutter cleaning, Commercial Property Service, Beaver Dam Removal & Culvert Cleanout, Inspections  for wildlife in attics prior to purchase, and countless other services to help remove Nuisance Wildlife.

Raccoon In Vent at Wildlife Removal Services

We Remove Raccoons Living In Ceilings And Inaccessible From Attic, and Perform All Repairs

List of animals we remove from Dayton area homes: Raccoons, Squirrels, Bats, Skunks, Possums, Birds, Beavers, Coyotes, Foxes, and Groundhogs . Wild Animal Control combined with Dayton’s Hometown Pest Control service is your ONE-STOP SHOP!

Birds Caught In Soffit  at Wildlife Removal Services

Birds Going In The Siding Vents On Your Home?

Nuisance Animal Removal, Bat Exclusions & Guano Removal, Bird Deterrents & Netting, Exclusion Barriers, Dead Animal Removal, Feces Removal, Attic Restoration, Re-insulation, Drywall Urine Stain Removal, Animal Proof Fencing, and Deodorizing of Deceased Animal Odor.

Bat on ground  at Wildlife Removal Services

Bats Are Not Harmed through Our Eviction Process

Woodchucks, Mink, Chipmunks, Muskrats, Rabbits, Mice, Rats, Moles, Shrews, Snakes, and Voles are all part of the Animal Pest Control Service we offer. Call Barnes Wildlife Control for all your Pest Issues.

Our Barnes Wildlife Control’s Wildlife Removal Services Reviews Say It All – And We Have Hundreds Of Wonderful Reviews On Facebook, Google, Angi, Yelp, Bing, & more

Thank you to Wade and his crew for removing raccoons including their waste from our attic, followed by repairs as needed. They were very professional and timely. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to WADE who was very pleasant and informative throughout the process.

Patti Russell-Campbell

I have worked with Barnes Wildlife Control for various projects at my workplace over the last few years and recently hired them for some work at my own house. They have been nothing but professional, courteous, fair, and overall great to work with! Jacob and his team consistently go above and beyond on every job… including rescuing a few toads from my egress window area. I highly recommend this company to all who have a bat, squirrel, and other wildlife issues impacting their properties!

One of many Facebook reviews!

Vicki Martin

Barnes has helped me with several animal control issues including bats, squirrels, and a woodchuck. Recently, they let me borrow a couple of traps so I could catch an outdoor momma cat and her kitten so she could be spayed. Thank you so much, Barnes!

Donna M Crosier

Dealing With A Nuisance Animal Whether It’s Alive Or Dead Can Be An Overwhelming Experience. We’re Here To Eliminate The Stress and Safely Capture Any Nuisance Animal, And Repair Any Damages It May Have Caused. We Have Everything You Need In One Place. You Don’t Have To Worry Another Minute. All You Need To Do Is Call Our Wildlife Removal Services Staff!