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Ohio is home to several species of wasps including different kinds of paper wasps, potter wasps, ichneumon wasps, and more. Some wasps can be very harmful and territorial while others may pose little threat at all to humans. Regardless, it is best to keep wasp activity away from your property.

Many wasps possess powerful neurotoxins that can rapidly knock out its prey. If you DO get stung by one of these more powerful wasps, it is excruciatingly painful. BUT, fortunately for you, the pain only lasts for about three minutes, and the sting leaves no lasting ill effects. Although, if you happen to be allergic to the neurotoxin then you better get to a hospital fast. So, PLEASE, don’t wait for something serious to happen.

Wasp Habits

Social wasps can become a problem pest when they begin to nest close to humans. All wasp colonies build nests in order to house themselves and their eggs. Some wasps such as yellow jackets and hornets can be extremely aggressive. Others such as paper wasps are only territorial when the nest is directly threatened by someone or something nearby. A common problem for Ohio homeowners is wasps nesting on, around, or even inside their houses. Wasps colonies can number in the thousands, so it is important to act quickly in order to keep your home safe.

Watch Out! Wasps are attracted to sugary foods!

Wasps are usually attracted to sugary foods and can be found around cookouts, picnics, and other food-related gatherings. Furthermore, wasps are most active during the summer when most of these activities take place. Wasp removal has the potential to be a dangerous, even life-threatening job. Your safety should always be the #1 priority, so think through the possibilities before you try to remove a wasp nest on your own. Your best option is to contact a professional wasp removal service such as Barnes Wildlife Control Of Ohio. Our employees are licensed and qualified to handle all manners of wasp removal.

A Wasp Infestation Is Trouble In The Making

A wasp infestation could spell trouble in a number of ways. The major issue with a wasp nest inside your house is the risk of infestation of your living area. Wasps can be territorial if they feel their nest is threatened, so it is best to make sure they don’t claim your property as their own. Furthermore, certain kinds of wasps such as the horntail wasp can damage structures inside your home. This can put you and your family at increased risk on infestation from all types of pest animals.

If wasps have infested your home, call our licensed Ohio Wasp Removal Service Professionals at Barnes Wildlife Control of greater Dayton Ohio. Our team will have your home free of pesky wasps in no time!

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There are other annoying pest bugs crawling and flying around other than wasps! Barnes Wildlife Control’s Greater Dayton Ohio Insect Removal Services deal with all types of creepy crawling or flying pest bugs.

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Wasps Flying In And Around Your Home? You Need Barnes Wildlife Control’s Ohio Wasp Removal Service Now!

Wasps are most commonly found nesting around people’s houses. Nests can be located near or attached to walls, roofs, gutters, and other structures. Even a nearby tree may be problematic if wasps choose to us it as shelter. A wasp nest near or attached to your home is cause for immediate concern.

Wasps can pester humans, pets, and even some wood structures depending on the type of wasp. Their stings can range from painful to life-threatening if you prove allergic to the wasp’s venom. Therefore, it is best that you have the wasps removed immediately. Barnes Wildlife Control’s staff is licensed and qualified to handle all wasp removal service issues. Call us today for expert Dayton, OH wasp removal removal service!

Health Concerns: Wasp Infestation And Why You Need Barnes Wildlife Control’s Ohio Wasp Removal Service

As mentioned above, wasps can have a very dangerous sting. Most times, a wasp sting can be managed with an ice pack and possibly some over-the-counter painkillers. There are, however, instances where a wasp’s sting can cause serious, life-threatening issues.

If you know of any bee or wasp-related allergies, please avoid handling a wasp nest and do not come into contact with them if at all possible. Your best option is to call a professional wasp removal service such as Barnes Wildlife Control Wasp Removal Service for safe, effective wasp nest removal.

Every Barnes Wildlife Control Ohio Wasp Removal Service Job Begins With An Inspection

Every wasp removal job begins with a survey performed by one of our professionally trained, courteous technicians. We will perform a full property inspection to find any potential entry points as well as nesting and breeding sites.

Once the inspection is complete, a customized control program will be created to fit your individual needs. Your technician will guide you through the removal process step-by-step. Our use of top-of-the-line products and years of combined experience makes us the clear choice for your wasp removal needs.

Barnes Wildlife Control Wasp Removal Service is the #1 wasp and insect control company in Dayton and surrounding areas. Call today for expert wasp removal service!

Wasp Removal Service Page photo: Black and Yellow Mud Dauber

The Black and Yellow Mud Dauber is one of our showiest and most conspicuous solitary wasps. Nests are often seen under bridges and the eaves of houses, and on the rafters of barns.

Wasp Removal Service Page photo: Potter Wasp
Potter Wasps are solitary, each female constructing an elegant mud urn, into which she deposits several small, paralyzed caterpillars. A single egg is laid on the last victim before the wasp seals the entrance.
Wasp Removal Service Page photo: Northern Paper Wasp

The Northern Paper Wasp is Ohio’s most common wasp. The paper catacomb nests hang under eaves of buildings, inside barns, or suspended from branches and twigs in dense shrubs.

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