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“I’m Looking For A Snake Removal Company Near Me.” Barnes Wildlife Control Provides Snake Pest Control For Your Home Or Business

Barnes Wildlife Control provides safe and efficient snake trapping, snake removal, and relocation services for the Greater Dayton Ohio area. We also offer exclusion services to your home’s foundation or siding areas to prevent snakes from re-entering the house.

Snake infestations are not pleasant and can make a homeowner want to move. Barnes Wildlife Control is here to assist you in getting the snake problem under control and restoring your peace of mind. We offer complete snake control solutions to whatever critter is causing you a nuisance!

So, what do you do if you find a den of snakes or a single snake living in your house or down in the basement? If you attempt to remove the snake on your own get some protective gear such as leather welding gloves and a sealed container for transport. If you don’t feel comfortable removing the snake yourself or you aren’t qualified to find and repair how the snakes are entering your home, we suggest calling a properly trained and experienced Snake Pest Control company with numerous years of experience like Barnes Wildlife Control at 937-340-1867.

Barnes Wildlife Control Snake removal experts have had to remove a number of snakes that were causing problems.

Barnes Wildlife Control have had to remove a number of snakes that were found in area garages and inside the house causing problems.

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Snake Complaints And Common Places We Find Snakes

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We found these sheded snake skins in the attic of a client. We also got the snakes.

Dozens of snake skins were found shed in the attic of this Miami Valley home. Barnes set numerous snake traps around the house and once all the snakes were trapped, the attic was cleaned and new insulation installed.


Beware, Ohio Has Venomous Snakes That Can Bite If Provoked!

Snake Repellents and Prevention Visited

Snakes need just a few things to thrive; shelter (your house or under your porch), water (nearby creek or pond), and a food source (rodents such as mice, shrews, & chipmunks). In order to remedy your snake problem, we locate and find why the snakes are on your property during our inspection. We may recommend habitat modification such as thinning the flowerbed or mowing the grass lower than normal. Go To Our Page on how we can alter your landscape to make it unfavorable for snakes. We may find a water source that isn’t necessary such as an old birdbath that can be removed.

The most common thing we find on our snake inspections is rodent activity in or near the home. The snakes in or around your house are being attracted by something and our goal is to find and if possible remove the attraction. We will also seek out and find gaps in your foundation that snakes may be using as entry and egress points and inform you of the best approach for total snake extermination.

Jack Barnes, Barnes Wildlife Field Manager, caught this snake. We have all the skills necessary for snake removal.
Jack Barnes, Barnes Wildlife Control’s Field Manager, caught this snake. We have all the skills necessary for snake removal.

Snake repellents often fail as they are not properly used or are the wrong type of repellent, to begin with. We do not recommend the use of ammonia, mothballs, or any non-labeled chemical for snake harassment or hazing. A June 2003 United States Fish and Wildlife Services tech note bulletin listed cinnamon, clove, and eugenol oils as effective snake repellents but we have not had proven successes. We prefer a more permanent solution such as exclusion repairs to prevent their entry into a structure or by physically removing the snakes and relocating them to our wildlife sanctuary.

Snake Trapping and Removal

We only recommend removal of snakes using snake tongs with bite resistant gloves or by setting snakes traps to catch the snake if immediate removal is not possible when we arrive on the job. Trapping snakes is an effective option for removal but can take time to work if the snakes are only traveling the property or weather conditions don’t favor snake behavior. We carry custom designed and baited traps for snake capture specially made by our snake exterminator.

Please do not aggravate or handle snakes if you are not able to identify the type of snake as it may be venomous and can bite if provoked. If you are bitten by a snake, seek medical attention and try to identify the snake by Going To Trek Ohio or by taking a photo of the snake to show your health care professional. The Miami Valley is not known to have venomous snakes but you can never be too careful.

A family of Snakes Removed from a Den Site near Centerville, Ohio

Our snake techs removed this family of snakes from a den site at a home near Centerville, Ohio.

Many people illegally own venomous snakes as pets and if one happens to get lost you don’t want to be the one to try to remove the snake on your own and risk a snake bite. The majority of venomous snake populations start around the Chillicothe area of southwest Ohio with copperheads and timber rattlesnakes, but we have seen them farther north in this area so always use caution unless you are properly trained in snake control.

3 Species Of Venomous Snakes Live In Ohio, The Eastern Copperhead, Massasauga, And Timber Rattlesnake

eastern Cooperhead. Thanks to  the Public Health Image Library (PHIL), a division of the CDC.


Massasauga Rattlesnake.Thanks to Tim Vicekrs from wikipedia commons.


TIMBER RATTLESNAKE. Thanks to Tony Alter from Newport News, USA, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons


Snake Bite Prevention Tips from CDC

Some bites, such as those inflicted when you accidentally step on a snake in the woods, are nearly impossible to prevent. However, there are precautions that can reduce your chances of being bitten by a snake, including the following:

  • Leave snakes alone. Many people are bitten because they try to kill a snake or get too close to it.
  • Stay out of tall grass unless you wear thick leather boots and remain on hiking paths as much as possible.
  • Keep hands and feet out of areas you cannot see. Do not pick up rocks or firewood unless you are out of a snake’s striking distance.
  • Be cautious and alert when climbing rocks.

You should ALWAYS take snake bites seriously. Snake dry bites aren’t so dangerous though they may cause some swelling. Venomous snake bites if not treated carefully and quickly can cause death. Always seek prompt medical attention if you’ve been bitten by a venomous snake, as it could be a matter of life and death.

Snakes Removed from a Dayton Home for the Disabled

We removed these Garter Snakes removed from several Dayton area yards.

We Offer Professional Snake Removal Service And Keep Them Out By Sealing The Openings On Your House To Prevent Them From Coming Back Inside

We also offer rodent removal services for long-term rodent control which greatly reduces the chances of snakes coming near your home. If you get rid of the snake’s food source (i.e. rodents, especially deer mice, the house mouse, shrews, and voles) the likelihood of snakes staying around your yard or trying to get into your house is drastically minimized.

Here is what we’ll do for you when we provide our snake removal service for Greater Dayton Ohio and Southwester Ohio.

  • Install high-quality effective snake traps
  • Perform habitat modification filling snake holes under crawl spaces, slabs, around foundations, and in landscaping
  • Inspect your home and seal up all possible entry points to prevent snakes from getting inside
  • Come back to remove snakes caught in traps
  • Remove all snakes that we trap
  • Educate you about the types of snakes most commonly found in Southwester Ohio to help you classify them
This snake shed was found in an open masonry gap on the foundation of this home.
This snake shed was found in an open masonry gap on the foundation of this home. Weep holes are often left open by poor construction practices and are prime entry points for mice and snakes.

Creepy Crawlspace Snake Extraction Dayton OH.

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