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What Are Cockroaches?

A cockroach is a flat, oval-shaped, brown insect. It has six legs and a small head with two long antennae. Some cockroaches have wings, but most don’t use them for flight. They are nocturnal insects but can sometimes be seen during the day. If you spot one during the daytime, it’s usually a sign of an infestation as there may be overcrowding.

How Did I Get Cockroaches?

There are many reasons cockroaches may infest a home. The most common reason is that they are looking for a nesting site. Human dwellings are prime locations for insects to live and breed in. They enter through gaps and cracks in the house’s structure, then nest in crevices inside walls, under floors, and, in severe cases, in the living space of the home.

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Can I Get Rid Of Cockroaches Myself?

The honest answer is that most homeowners don’t have the ability to remove cockroaches on their own. They are very persistent and hardy creatures that are immune to most brute-force, unskilled removal methods. Most over-the-counter insecticides won’t work against them cockroaches. Where roaches are the problem, professional pest control is the only real solution. With years of combined experience backed by our legendary work ethic, Barnes Wildlife Control is the clear choice to handle your pest removal needs!

How Do Cockroaches Get In?

Cockroaches can enter a home through very small gaps and cracks. These can be very difficult to locate but, not to worry, as the Barnes Wildlife Control team is sure to find and fill them quickly.

Some Of The Most Common Cockroach Entry Points

  • Masonry gaps in foundations, structure walls, and chimneys
  • Unsecured roof, ridge, and gable vents
  • Improperly installed, broken, or missing exhaust vents
  • Unsealed window and door frames
  • Exposed drip edge and soffit
  • Broken, missing, or damaged wood
Admitting that your house or apartment has roaches is like pinning a scarlet "R" on your chest for all to see.

Have the scarlet “R” in your home? Let Barnes Wildlife Control’s Cockroach Removal Service take care of your roach problems.

Health Concerns: Living With Cockroaches

As cockroaches roam your home at night, they leave behind their feces, old shells and body parts, empty egg cells, saliva on food, and sometimes their own carcasses. The following are some concerns associated with the material they leave behind:


Cockroach feces, saliva, and shed exoskeletons all contain allergenic proteins that cause reactions in many people exposed to them. These symptoms can include:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Chest tightness or wheezing
  • Skin rashes


The same proteins that cause allergic reactions also heighten the frequency and severity of asthma attacks, especially in children and the elderly.


Cockroaches crawl everywhere in the home, including cupboards, pantries, and kitchen counters. They feed on anything left out, and they drink from moisture on plumbing pipes and under sinks and bathtubs.

The Most Common Health Concerns Associated With Cockroaches

Cockroaches Spread Diseases

Cockroaches are known to carry a multitude of diseases that can be transmitted to humans as well as several species of parasitic worms. These diseases and parasites can be transmitted through contaminated food, dishes, and personal items. Here are some common diseases spread by cockroaches:

Cholera – (

Giardia – (

Salmonellosis – (

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How Barnes Eradicates Cockroaches

Firstly, a professionally trained technician will perform a thorough inspection of your home. They will prepare a custom solution and estimate catered to your specific needs.

We begin the removal process by finding all possible entry points, nesting sites, and feeding areas. Pictures are taken along the way so our customers better understand what needs to be completed to remove the pests.

Next, the appropriate insecticide is applied to problem areas. Frequently, we will use several types of treatment and insecticides, as cockroaches are challenging to eradicate. Furthermore, their eggs are more difficult to kill than cockroaches themselves since they are usually laid in hard-to-find places. The common areas we may find eggs are inside wall cavities, inside drainage pipes, in cracks and crevices in brick or concrete, and under floors.

Lastly, to keep cockroaches out for good, the home must be properly sealed. Our team uses top-of-the-line materials to seal all possible entry points and keep insects out. We do repairs ourselves (no sub-contracting!) and we stand behind our work.

Barnes Wildlife Control has the tools, treatments, and know-how to put an end to your pest problems. Call Barnes Wildlife Control Today At (937) 340-1867!

We know where cockroaches hide and where to spray. Barnes Wildlife Control WILL eradicate your cockroach problem!

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