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Barnes Wildlife Control Of Ohio

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Welcome To Barnes Wildlife Control’s Blog Page

A long time user of blog posting, BWC has an expanding portfolio of high-quality posts including broad interest titles on wildlife control, pest control, wildlife trapping, bat exclusion, rodent problems, animal damage and repairs, and so much more.

At BWC, research is always on the go. We are committed to continual innovation to better support the needs of our customers, and ensuring the honesty of the articles we distribute.

Our blog brings together news, opinion based on experience, and perspectives about wildlife, insects and our industry.

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Animal Control Dayton Ohio

Animal Control Services for Wild Critters around Dayton, Ohio Barnes Wildlife Control works hard to provide the Greater Dayton Community with top-notch animal control in Dayton, Ohio. How do we do this? It's actually easier than most would think.  These bullet...

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Take Down TV Antenna Tower

Barnes Wildlife Control is Dayton's Leader on how to Take Down TV Antenna Tower Stations Are you looking to take down a TV antenna tower in Dayton, Ohio? Without doubt, Barnes Wildlife Control is the top TV antenna removal service around. TV antennas come in many...

Take Down TV Antenna Tower
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Bat in the House Dayton Ohio

This Bat Blog discusses what to do to remove a bat in the house in Dayton, OH. Removing any bat in the house in Dayton is a task that requires a unique combination of knowledge, equipment, and discipline. Barnes Wildlife Control is proficient in all three areas...

Bat removed from home
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Skunk Trapping Dayton Ohio

Skunk Trapping Dayton Ohio If you live in southwest Ohio, you may have noticed that skunk populations have skyrocketed over the past several years and skunk trapping Dayton Ohio is not immune to this surge. More people than ever are in need of skunk removal...

skunk trapping dayton oh
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What Is A Positive Set Trap?

The Positive Set Trap (PST) Explained A Positive Set Trap is a tried and tested technique that the wildlife control industry often uses.  It is a way of trapping nuisance animals that involves: a clear and defined path of travel for the nuisance animal a trap...

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Deer Carcass Pickup And Disposal

Do You Need Deer Pickup and Disposal? You certainly do need deer carcass pickup if you have any dead deer on your property. Dead deer, as do other dead wildlife, can cause many diseases and health-related problems. As a deer decays, bacteria gets released, exposing...