Barnes Wildlife Control Of Ohio

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Barnes Wildlife Control
South Office: Beavercreek, OH | North Office:Troy, OH
Phone: (937) 340-1867 Fax: (877) 771-3432

Barnes Wildlife Control Of Ohio

barnes wildlife control on facebook barnes wildlife control on instagram barnes wildlife control on twitter
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Greater Dayton Ohio Animal Removal

Locally Owned And Operated


Serving All of Southwestern Ohio

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Our Sponsors at barnes wildlife

For more information on the opportunity to become a Sponsor, please contact us at this email address. Or, if you prefer please call us at .

This is an outstanding opportunity to join a well-established wildlife control company that believes that one of the most critical aspects of our business success lies with the sponsors that make up our team. These alliances  make it possible for Barnes Wildlife Control and our sponsors to receive an outstanding array of resource tools, education, and workshops.

tomahawk-live-trap at Barnes Wildlife Control

The Tomahawk Live Trap company was founded almost a century ago and their team has always been committed to providing the finest quality animal traps and animal control equipment on the market. Tomahawk Live Traps Mission Statement: We aspire to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing them with the highest quality humane animal control products available. Our friendly, knowledgeable, professional staff will help inspire, educate, and problem-solve for our customers so they can effectively use our products.

Tomahawk Live Trap professional series at barnes wildlife control

Tomahawk Traps and Cages come in many different shapes and sizes for almost any situation from trapping pest birds to kenneling a domestic dog. Kyle Smith and the team can custom build traps and even powder coat the wire to increase longevity. Barnes Wildlife Control is extremely excited to partner with and supports Tomahawk Live Trap which is made in Northern Wisconsin and is warrantied for 1-year for factory defects. Visit The Tomahawk Live Trap Company here.

Distributor Of Quality Pest Control Products For WCO Professionals

Creators, Developers And Producers Of The Following

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THE #1 Bat Exclusion Device On The Market – USA Made

The Humane Way To Remove Bats In Your Home, Attic & Buildings



Scare Birds Away From Buildings And Homes

Prevents Woodpecker Damage, Bird Droppings, Nesting, And So Much More!



The Best “Positive Set” Trap In The US

The Perfect Solution For Trap Shy Animal Pests

, a product used for nuisance animal removal, replaces conventional/standard trap methods that do not work.



High Performance Roof Ridge Vent Animal Guard Protection

The Best Roof Ridge Vent Animal Guard Protection Against The Intrusion Of Pests Like Bats, Mice, Rats, Squirrels, And Birds.