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Tired Of Goose Droppings On Your Property… There Are Solutions to Control the Geese through our Covington Geese Removal Service

Covington Geese Removal Service has hands on experience removing problematic geese.  We have extensive knowledge on dealing specifically with aggressive Canadian Geese around Covington, Ohio. So, if you need a Geese Removal Service call today !


Covington Geese Removal Service. Geese caught in a roundup on a clients property

Covington Geese Removal Service Canadian Geese roundup on a clients property in Dayton, Ohio.


Request Barnes Wildlife Control in the COMMENT FIELD when you fill out the form for the Goose Permit.

goose permit for barnes wildlife control


We offer a vast array of effective deterrents. Also, we can work with you to obtain necessary state and federal depredation permits if physically removing the aggressors is the only option. Covington Geese Removal Service will thoroughly assess your situation. And, we provide the best possible goose removal services in the Covington area.

We offer

  • Nest destruction
  • Egg addling
  • Aggressive nesting geese pair removal
  • Physical deterrent installation such as sprinkler, pyrotechnic, and audible goose control devices
  • Canadian goose roundups as seen in .

Whether it be an entire flock causing you problems or a pair of aggressive geese that need to go, we are here to help.


Our Covington Goose Removal Affiliate: Stalk and Awe

Covington Geese Removal Service has teamed up with Stalk and Awe Geese Management Services to offer several options to treat your nuisance geese situation. Visit our Goose Removal affiliate’s website . Greg Wagner from Stalk and Awe is an expert using Border Collies for geese management around ponds, businesses, apartment housing, condominiums, and more. Greg can be reached at .

Since 2006, Stalk and Awe Geese Management has been committed to professional and effective solutions for Canada Goose Control throughout the Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus areas.


Covington  Geese Removal Service works with STALK AND AWE - PARTNERING WITH BARNES WILDLIFE REMOVAL. Barnes Wildlife Control is number 1 in geese removal.




How Do I Get A License to Remove Aggressive Geese Or Permit For Geese Removal Service In Covington Ohio?

Canada geese are very adaptable and will tolerate living amongst humans to survive. Any location will do for geese to lay their eggs whether or not it makes sense to us or not. Covington Geese Removal Service has removed geese and nests from strange places such as on top of buildings, on roof air conditioner (AC) units, in shopping mall parking lots, and even on tops of cars. Geese will return to the same location each year to raise their goslings and if geese removal service or goose deterrents aren’t installed properly they will grow in population beyond control. More common places we have to remove attack geese are golf courses, condominium ponds, apartment complex lakes, and neighborhood run off ponds.


Covington Geese Removal Service. Geese have no fear of humans when they’re incubating the nest of eggs and will attack if necessary to protect the future goslings! Barnes Wildlife Control is number 1 in geese removal.

Geese have no fear of humans when they’re incubating the nest of eggs and will attack if necessary to protect the future goslings!


important geese regulations you need to know about In Covington Ohio?

If you are researching what to do about your goose problem in Covington here are some important regulations you need to know. Canada geese are protected under both the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act 1918 and Ohio state law (O.R.C) governed by the ODNR and Division of Wildlife. These laws protect the geese, gosling, active nests, and eggs from unlawful extermination.

The most important thing to consider before proceeding is the following. Covington Geese Removal Service says ask these questions.
  • Are the geese damaging personal property? For example, buildings, landscaping, or vehicles.
  • Are the geese causing a safety or health concern? If left uncontrolled are people are at risk injury?
Do YOU want to try some non-invasive hazing tactics which do not hurt the geese or nest? Use CW lasers or dogs. If these tactics fail the Division of Wildlife may issue a lethal permit. This permit allows the destruction of nests, or to conduct a goose roundup, or as a last resort shoot the geese. You use these permits from March 11 through August 31 of each year. Also, goose roundups are best performed in June.


Covington Geese Removal Service.  Goose removed from Roof as it was harassing customers.  We're number 1 in geese removal.

Covington Goose removed from roof as it was harassing customers


To get a free Nuisance Goose Permit . The link directs you to the online form fill. Request Barnes Wildlife Control in the comment field to take care of your problem. As stated above permits are only available from March 11 to August 31. When applicable, your request for permit is processed at that time.


Common Complaints Covington Geese Removal Service hears about Canadian Geese

  • Geese attacking customers in parking lot.
  • Pair of geese nesting in apartment complex.
  • Aggressive goose scaring people in church asphalt lot.
  • Goose nest on roof of my building, what do I do?
  • Goose attacks anyone who walks near, who do I call?
  • What’s the best way to deter geese from your property?
  • Can Canadian Geese legally be trapped?

The Canadian Goose Roundup By Covington Geese Removal Service

The video below shows a standard Canadian goose removal setup for what is referred to as a Geese Roundup. During the early summer months adult geese lose their flight feathers during the molting process and the young goslings are not able to fly. This is a very effective way that to manage nuisance geese on your property by removing large numbers all at once. If you would like to use Covington Geese Removal Service for the greater Covington Ohio area give us a call at 937-340-1867.


Covington Geese Removal Service

Canadian Geese are prolific breeders and goose populations can explode if not maintained. One effective option is to addle the eggs before the goslings hatch. This prevents a situation like this one where the pair of geese have now become a family of 9.


If there has been an active goose hunting presence established in the surrounding rural areas, the geese will choose to not frequent those areas. As the geese start to feel the pressure you may find the geese seeking safety on your property and you may need Covington Geese Removal Service for goose knowledge. Feel free to contact us at 937-340-1867.

goose droppings left on your Covington property? geese being raised on your Covington property? geese polluting your small Covington ponds with Goose Poop? Covington goose damage to your grass and goose pooping on your lawn? Schedule your Covington Geese Flock Management Evaluation today.