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Our Company Does Not Exterminate Bats!

Barnes Wildlife Control: Your Trusted Dayton Bat Removal Service And Bat Control Company

Barnes Dayton Bat Removal Service delivers full-line bat removal, bat control, and bat guano cleanup for your home.  We also offer guaranteed Bat Removal and Bat Control so you can maintain a bat free home.

Additionally, Barnes Wildlife Control specializes in many other Dayton services as well.  We do attic inspections and restoration, bat guano dropping removal, and insulation services.  Also, our sanitization and deodorization service are second to none.  Plus, we know all the tricks that quickly rid your home of bats.

We Are Local, Humane, Certified, Licensed, And Insured!

Photo: An example of a  humanely trapped bat in a Dayton home. The many benefits of bats arise in insect control, agriculture, forestry and medicine.

An example of a  humanely trapped bat in a Dayton home. The many benefits of bats arise in insect control, agriculture, forestry and medicine.

Barnes Wildlife Control of Dayton has a professional and fully-equipped team. For example, we have extensive experience of eliminating bats in a home.  Humane bat removal is our number one priority so we do not exterminate bats.

Our first step in the bat removal process will be inspecting your home. One-way bat exclusion doors or the reinforcement of your vents may solve your bat problem. In any case, we must perform an inspection so we can establish an effective plan. The plan will entail bat removal, repairs, cleanup of guano and soiled insulation, and sanitizing contaminated area.

Barnes Wildlife Control and Dayton Bat Removal Service Presents The Little Brown Bat. Little Browns Are Not As Scary As You May Think.

Bat Exclusion Is A Process


In the Wildlife Control Industry the words “bat exclusion” are generally used instead of “bat removal.” Bat Exclusion refers to the process of removing bats. This process defines the most reliable way to remove bats from any structure like your home’s attic. So what does the process of “bat exclusion” entail?

Number one, a bat expert will locate every bat entrance and exit in a building. Finding all these bat portals into your home or business demands knowledge and experience. These entrances and exits may also include small cracks a building, as well as hidden areas an untrained eye would fail to examine. All of these bat gateways into your home must be repaired, less a couple major openings. But, why would we leave a few openings after doing all the repairs? 


Rest Assured, All Of Our Dayton Bat Exclusion Field Workers Are Licensed And Certified For This Process.


All known areas of bat entry should have professional bat exclusion device installed on them. A bat exclusion device can come in different styles but the concept of the device is to perform as a 1-way door. The bat exclusion device will allow bats to exit the building as they normally due to search for food in the evening. But the design of the device will prevent bats from entering the building.

The bats that have been excluded will search over the entire home looking for an alternate route into the attic. So it is very important that all other potential entry points be appropriately sealed prior to the installation of the bat exclusion devices.

After all bats have had a chance to exit the building the bat exclusion devices can be removed and final repair done to the home. Now that all of the bats are gone and the home is bat proof, the attic can be cleaned, disinfected and re-insulated. For Dayton Ohio Bat exclusion call Advanced Wildlife.


Reasons To Evict A Bat Colony And How To Get Rid of Bats In Dayton Ohio

Bats are a vital part of our local ecosystem. But, there are good reasons why you shouldn’t live with bats in the attic or home. The biggest concern is risk of disease transmission passed from the bats to people or pets in the home. One disease can be a concern. This disease is a Zoonotic disease. Bats are vectors for rabies. For example rabies can occur in an person if an infected bat bites or transmits saliva to the host. In fact young children and pets are the most susceptible. If an encounter occurs and marks are on their skin then seek medical attention. Also try to trap the bat for testing.

Bat droppings can accumulate in the right environment. Moreover the droppings grow a dangerous fungus called Histoplasmosis. Also inhaled fungus can create a hazardous respiratory disease and effect your eyes. For instance that is why we use proper safety PPE when cleaning the bat fecal matter. Consequently this eliminates exposure to the Histo fungal spores.

“Bats can fit into narrow corners and will be missed by an untrained eye. Often these regions are where bats are entering and exiting.”

Jacob Barnes, Owner of Barnes Wildlife Control
PHOTO: Bats can fit into narrow corners and will be missed by an untrained eye. Often these regions are where bats are entering and exiting.

We shot this photo at dusk. These bats found a loose metal panel on a metal roof and were sneaking in underneath this panel. The bats gained access to a brick wall and traversed their way into the owner’s attic. Only a knowledgable AND EXPERIENCED Bat Removal Professional would have caught this situation.

Bat Are flying around in my home, who do I call?

Without a doubt you need to locate a bat care specialist or bat rescuer in the Dayton Ohio area.  However, never hire  bat exterminators! Because exterminating bats is illegal. Dayton Bat Pest Removal not only cares for our customer but also for the welfare of bats. Moreover we use humane methods of bat control and removal. Finally we are the only Bat Rescuer listed on for SW Ohio.

If you have seen bats in your home then try to contain the bat in a closed room or space. Also do not exterminate the bat. Now, remain calm and gather yourself. Then call Barnes Wildlife Control’s  Dayton Bat Removal Service by Barnes Wildlife Control of Ohio. to come and remove your bat!

Signs You May Have Bat Colonies In My Home Include:

  1. First, do you hear noises and squealing in walls? And are those sounds most active at dusk?

  2. Second, can you smell foul pungent odors in your attic or basement.

  3. Third, do you see black specks or stains on outside of house?

  4. Fourth, do you see a black pile of poop in your attic? And finally,

  5. Are bats flying around or exiting your home near dark?

Video: A Little Bat We Removed From This Ohio Home. Are You Hearing Any Brown Bat Sounds In Your Dayton Home’s Wall Or Attic?

What Do I Do If Hear Bat Chirping Noises In The Wall?

Bats aren’t the only animals that could be in the wall. If possible, record the noise on your phone to play to our technician for identification. Also, we recommend pinpointing where in the wall you are hearing the sounds. During the inspection, we will determine what is making the sounds. If you have bats, we take photos of how the bats are getting into your home. Finally, we explain the process of how we evict the bats.

Visit Bat World if you find a bat in your home and Need Helpful Information Regarding Your Next Step

PHOTO: Bat Guano In An Attic Before Our Dayton Bat Removal Service Pros Cleaned Up.

These customers ignored the sounds they were hearing in their attic. Guano piled up over time. Our Dayton Bat Removal Service came in to do a cleanup.

Bat Removal And Bat Control With Success Everytime

Dayton Bat Removal Service performs bat evictions with professional staff and exacting procedures. We provide whole structure bat exclusions. And we use the best materials available like Everkem Products. Also these products last in Ohio’s harsh summer sun and cold winter months to keep bats out for good.

Rest assured, we will take care of your bat problems in your Dayton home, church, or business! Moreover, those bats will not return through any repair that we have made!

In Many Cases, We Perform Bat Inspections On Your Property The Same Day You Call. Plus, We Not Only Guarantee 100% Bat Exclusions, But We also Guarantee Our Repairs Will Keep Bats Out!
Photo: We found this colony bats hiding under plastic and curtains in an attic. Initially hidden from sight, the bats chittering gave their hiding place away.
We found this colony bats hiding under plastic and curtains in an attic. Initially hidden from sight, the bats chittering gave their hiding place away.

Where Are Bats Typically Found? Up High!

Generally, we locate bats living in higher portions of buildings. Also, they will usually enter into the structure through tiny gaps. For example, they enter building for protection from predators or for warm. When they enter your home or business, you will see them flying at some point and usually sooner than later.

Inspection, Assessment, And Location

Complete building inspection: We will assess your entire building and tell you of any concerns that we find. Also, we will present you with a list of necessary repairs or maintenance. Furthermore, this will produce effective bat control and control of other animals.

Colony location: We will then locate the bat colonies. Then we determine the most appropriate method of bat removal.

Determine breeding stage: If we find that there are baby bats on your premises, we may need to return at a later date when they can fly. The followup ensures that the babies are not left to die and decay inside your building. Besides that, you don’t want any odors and health problems!

Video: Haley From Barnes Wildlife Control Relocates This Bat That Was Found Inside This Ohio Home. We Have Recorded What Bats Sound Like When They Feel Threatened.

Effective Bat Pest Control And Removal

Hands-on: Our technicians will conduct bat removal by hand when possible.

Bat Valves or One-way doors: We may install one-way doors on points of entry. One Way Doors allow bats to exit the building but not re-enter. Moreover, using one-way-doors is a humane and effective method of bat control.

Odors and cleanup: We deodorize the soiled areas, which deter other animals from being attracted to your home. Also, deodorizing prevents unpleasant smells from entering your work and living areas.


Photo: We're willing to work high as you can see in this church. We found a number of areas where bats were entering and exiting.

We’re willing to work high as you can see in this church. We found a number of areas where bats were entering and exiting. 


Our certified wildlife technicians will seal all bat entrances in your building. We use heavy-gauge steel screening and high-performance sealants and caulking. Also, all materials used for bat control and bat removal are of the highest quality and are guaranteed.

Why The Barnes Wildlife Control Bat Exclusion Process Is The Best

Dayton Bat Removal Service Photo of an attic restoration process.

If a bat colony has found its way into your attic, a complete restoration may be necessary. Our Dayton Bat Removal Services include insulation and guano removal, sanitation and insulation replacement.

Legal Bat Removal: The inhumane killing or trapping of bats is illegal in Ohio. So we take extra precautions and educate our customers. We want our customers to understand our bat removal and bat control process. Finally, we show how we meet state requirements.

Humane Bat Removal: Our wildlife control professionals train for bat removal. Their knowledge and experience prevent undue stress or harm to bats. Also, this training takes into consideration maternal colonies so we don’t orphan bat babies from their mothers.

Competitive Rates With Our Dayton Bat Removal Service: By undertaking proper bat removal techniques we humanely remove bats from your home and buildings which ensures fair costs. Plus, our repairs guarantee bats will not reenter which ensures savings in the future.

Industry Leader In Bat Exclusion: We are Daytons Best Bat Removal Service, and Dayton’s Best Wildlife and Animal Control Company as well.

See our Reviews and Testimonial Page. Barnes Wildlife Control focuses on innovation, continuing education, and prevention which makes us a leader in the wildlife control industry. Our affiliations include the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, the Ohio State Trappers Association, the Better Business Bureau, and Angie’s List Love Us. So, call us today at 937-340-1867 for a free no-obligation over the phone consultation.

Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Bats In Dayton, Ohio? Look No Further.