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Englewood Chipmunk Removal Service: Professional & Efficient Chipmunk Removal & Control

Englewood Chipmunk Removal Service: Trap and Remove these Pesky Critters Today!

Yes, Englewood Chipmunk Removal Service has the necessary experience, tools, and equipment to help you rid your landscape of Chipmunks! Our certified wildlife control operators will determine the most effective way to trap and remove chipmunks from your yard or flowerbed. We use perfected trapping strategies so the job is done quickly and your lawns condition is restored in a timely manner. Chipmunks love to burrow in mulch and flower beds in these tunnels can lead to underground dens or even into your home. Englewood Chipmunk Removal Service has found that any gaps in your home foundation will become an entry point for chipmunks and you will need our trained chipmunk removal service experts.


Englewood Chipmunk Removal Service will keep chipmunks out of your yard. We are number 1 in chipmunk removal!

Do you want chipmunks hanging out on your back porch? If not, contact us. Why? Because we are number 1 in chipmunk removal!


Chipmunks are a type of rodent and they are known for chewing wood, metals, wiring or anything else they care to gnaw on. This can create less than ideal conditions with buried electrical wires such as Underground Feed “UF” Romex Wire to outside lights and lamp posts. We can also recommend habitat modifications and provide exclusion services to prevent future problems. Call Englewood Chipmunk Removal Service now at for Englewood’s best Chipmunk Removal and Pest Trapping services!


Common Englewood Chipmunk Questions and Problem Areas

  • Chipmunk in my flowerbed
  • I see Chipmunks in crawlspace
  • Chipmunk noises in my walls
  • There is a Chipmunk family under my porch
  • I saw Chipmunks running up downspout gutter
  • Chipmunks living under AC unit
  • I think Chipmunks are nesting in crawlspace
  • Chipmunk tunnel in yard
  • I saw Chipmunks making hole under sidewalk near flowerbed
  • Are you a Chipmunk Exterminator
  • I think there are Chipmunks under the house
  • Chipmunk went in drain spout
  • My Flowers are damaged by Chipmunk
  • I see a Dead Chipmunk in my basement
  • Chipmunks are stealing birdseed from bird feeders
  • I think Chipmunks are chewing on wires
  • Chipmunks in duct work
  • How do I get rid of Chipmunks
  • Chipmunk Pest Control
  • I saw Chipmunks running in my garage

Englewood Chipmunk Removal, Trapping and Control Information

Englewood Chipmunk Removal Service – #1 in chipmunk removal, trapping & control

Chipmunks are very common in the Englewood and Southwestern Ohio areas

Chipmunks are between 5-6 inches long with a 3-4 inch tail in adulthood. They have a orange colored brown fur with 5 black and white stripes that run down the back with white underbellies and sides. Chipmunks are very common in Englewood and Southwestern Ohio areas and are also found all over North America and often need controlled by using traps and other chipmunk control options. They are most active between April and October, storing and foraging for food for their underground nests.

Many complaints we receive are chipmunks burrowing in mulch flowerbed or under my concrete slab porch. They consume a variety of foods that include seeds, nuts, small animals, and insects. They are drawn to birdfeeders for the easy meal of spilled grain and seed and often make a burrow under Air Condition “AC” units and the pads they sit on. Some chipmunks live up to 11 years and breed twice per year, usually in April and again in mid-July.

Chipmunks can damage your house foundation

Chipmunks can damage your house foundation and utility lines and often burrow under porches, stairs, decks, and patios. A large Chipmunk family can destroy flower bulbs and garden seeds in short order and if they live near your home they can cause quite a nuisance. Homes built on slabs are susceptible to chipmunks and other rodents alike getting under the floor and in the duct work beneath the house. This is a major concern as these areas are inaccessible for repairs and can cause odor and health issues inside the home. Chipmunks carry a variety of parasites like ticks, fleas, lice, mites, and intestinal worms and their urine has an awful smell which may need to be sanitized and deodorized.

When alarmed chipmunks will make chirping noises and run for one of their holes in their ever-growing chain of tunnels. When threatened or handled they will bite with a large amount of force so please do not attempt to handle them without proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

What do chipmunk droppings look like?

Chipmunk droppings are very similar to other rodents like rats or squirrels. They are hard, elongated and dark, and resemble beans or rice. They range in size from 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 inch and are slightly larger than mouse feces.

How do you control chipmunks?

We recommend chipmunk trapping and removal. So, who is the best chipmunk pest control company in Englewood Ohio? Englewood Chipmunk Removal Service has years of experience and advanced trapping methods for fast control of these critters.

We have the training, equipment and skills necessary to effectively resolve a chipmunk problem. Exterminating the chipmunks can be challenging, especially if they are numerous throughout your yard. We can manage the chipmunk removal project and provide professional expertise to identify the pest problem and determine the best solution to resolve the chipmunk infestation.

How To Catch A Englewood Chipmunk With A Havahart 745 – Another Chipmunk Removal Technique

and our expert Englewood chipmunk control specialists will be happy to assist you and answer any chipmunk questions you may have.


Chipmunk Tunnels in your yard? Are Chipmunks burrowing under the storage shed? Chipmunks in your crawlspace? Do you need Chipmunk Removal Services in the Attic? Chipmunk removal from the bird feeder? Englewood Chipmunk Removal Service is Englewood  Ohio’s best Chipmunk Removal Service!