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The Enon Bat Removal Service team knows you don’t want bats as house guests. For most people, bats in their home or business present a disturbing and annoying problem. When bats invade, you want a company whose team members know bat behavior and all the ways bats find their way into buildings and how to exclude basts as well humanely.

There are no trapping methods that can remove bats, and any company that suggests this method should not be hired or in business. Also, if a company claims they can exterminate the bats in your building, they would not be ethical since killing bats in Ohio is illegal. And to be clear, Enon Bat Removal Service does not include bat extermination, period!

Did You Know It’s Illegal To Exterminate Bats In Ohio? Well, It Is! We Don’t Exterminate Bats! Due To Ohio’s Declining Bat Population And Their Value To The Ecosystem Bats Are Protected And Cannot Be Killed. Do Not Kill Bats In Your Attic – It’s illegal.¬†

So any company advocating extermination, trapping bats then letting them go, chemical solutions, or some unproven devices, since there are none, to scare bats out of a building, signals that such a company is not certified bat removal experts. Plus, none of these unscientific approaches to bat removal are not dealing with the actual reason you have bats in your building which means bats will reenter in the future. Our Enon Bat Removal Service providers know that only one bat removal method effectively solves a bat invasion: Bat Exclusion.

Bat exclusion, a completely non-lethal and humane method of bat removal, means locating where bats reside in your building and discovering every access point the bats used to enter and exit the building. Once our Enon Bat Removal Service detectives find those access points, they will seal and repair all but a few on which they will place one-way bat doors, called Bat Valves, that allow the bats out of the building but unable to return.

Over several days, all the bats will leave through the Bat Valves at some point for their nightly feedings, and you will, in all likelihood, be bat-free, and of course, we verify that fact by returning to and examining the bat roosting sites. After all of the bats have left your building, we’ll remove the Bat Valves and seal and repair those access points.

After the bat removal, more often than not, bats leave the roosting area messed with bat guano(poop) and urine, producing an unhealthy environment. In such instances, contamination occurs in insulation, floors, sheetrock, and even walls and ceiling below the actual bat roost. We suggest removing contaminated insulation and debris, then cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing the impacted areas. More on this later.

Enon Bat Removal Service page photo of a bat hiding in the corner of a roof.

Bats Love Roosting In Corners. They can squeeze into very tight spaces that the average person would not consider looking but our Enon Bat Removal Service team will.

Enon Bat Removal Service page photo of a bats in an attic and a bat hanging on the outside of a brick building.

If a colony of bats gets into your Enon building and remains there for some time, they will contaminate part of that building with their feces and urine.

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There Is One Caveat To The Bat Exclusion Process

If your building contains a maternity bat colony, a group of female bats that have pups being nursed, Ohio law prohibits a bat exclusion of a maternity colony until the pups can fly and feed on their own, generally 5 weeks. As an aside, and somewhat fortunate for any building owner with a maternity colony, a female bat gives birth to a single pup, though this does double a colony which is not a minor deal.

If our Enon Bat Removal Service team discovers you have a maternity colony, we’ll provide you with our expertise on how we’ll deal with a bat maternity colony and how to keep you, your family, or your customers safe in the meantime.

But if for some reason there is an immediate human health and safety risk, Ohio allows us to fill out a Bat Exclusion Authorization Application, which may allow an exclusion under such circumstances.

Another Great 5 Star Customer Review By Chris Ward On The Bat Removal Service He Received And You’ll Get When You Hire On Our Customer Centered Enon Bat Removal Service

Barnes Wildlife Control did a fantastic job and was extremely thorough in removing a family of bats from our attic this month. Removing bats is a fairly labor intensive ordeal and all the staff members were extremely helpful throughout the process.

They explained all the steps that would be performed, such as sealing all the tiny crevices the bats could use to get back in, attaching one-way exits for them to permanently leave, doing a complete clean out of the attic to neutralize any biohazards, and replacing the soiled insulation with fresh material.

They did exactly what they stated and on schedule, with great customer service and attention to detail. We are so happy to have our house restored to the way it should be and would definitely use them again in the future.

A Dime Size Opening Is All A Colony Of Bats Need To Get Into Your Enon Attic

It’s impressive how small of a gap a bat can use to gain access into a building. Bats will find several vulnerable places, especially around older buildings, through which they can cram their highly flexible wings and bodies. The Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat, the two most common bats our Enon Bat Removal Service techs find in buildings, often get through openings a bit larger than a dime. And once a bat gets into your home, for example, it will search out a roosting site in your attic or a place within your inner walls.

All Our Bat Exclusion Services Are 100% Warrantied, And Every Access Point We Seal And Repair Will Keep Out Bats For Good!

Of course, if you hire the Enon Bat Removal Service team, they will locate all the openings bats access and any other possible entry points that show weaknesses. There are many traditional checkpoints any professional bat removal company must examine if they are doing a proper inspection.

Roofing, soffits, fascia, chimneys, siding, vents, framing spaces, and even windows present vulnerabilities that bats commonly use to get into homes and commercial businesses. Still, there are always uniques spaces bats access that surprise us from time to time. But, given our years of bat investigation experience, the Enon Bat Removal Team will not only locate every common bat entry point, we’ll also find those mystery openings as well. Ohh, and of course, we get all those flying mammals out of your home or business, guaranteed!

So if you see bats flying around your building or know you have a bat inside your home, we can end your bat problems by giving us a call at (937) 340 -1867!

Enon bat removal service page photo of a poor install of roof gap protector

This poorly installed device was supposed to keep bats out of the attic. Guess what? It didn’t! Our Enon Bat Removal Service techs removed this and did a permanent fix to keep bats out for good.

Enon bat removal service page photo of openings that bats get through in a building.
Our highly trained Enon Bat Removal Service crew locate the smallest of bat entry points. You can’t fool them! If there is a gap as small as a dime, they’ll find it, then seal and repair it.
Enon bat removal service page photo of a gap in sheet metal fascia that bats can use to enter an attic.
It is not unusual for improperly installed sheet metal fascia to have openings enabling bat entry into a building. All our sheet metal repairs are 100% bat-proof!

You Cannot Catch Bats With Any Form Of Trap – You Must Humanely Exclude Them With One Way Bat Doors!

Since we don’t trap bats like squirrels, raccoons, and mice, and we don’t exterminate bats which we mentioned is against Ohio law, how does our Enon Bat Removal Service crew get bats out of your home or building? Bat exclusion” is the only proven method for successfully removing bats from a building.

Bat exclusion entails sealing almost every exterior bat access opening using caulk, foam, wood, mortar, metal flashing, and more. But, we leave one or two gaps unsealed so we can place “one-way bat doors” that allow bats to escape though they will not be able to return. Our favorite “one-way bat door” is the versatile “Bat Valve,” which comes in three models that can handle any gap we have ever encountered.

Once the evening hours arrive, bats are hungry and ready to leave the roost for their nightly feeding of flying insects, especially mosquitoes. Bats will push their way out of the Bat Valve to feed, but the Bat Valve prevents their return to the roost.

Over one to five days, all the bats will leave the building since they all must eat. And soon, you’ll have a bat-free structure, at which point we’ll remove the Bat Valve(s) and seal and repair those last few openings into your home or building.

Feel free to call our Enon Bat Removal service staff at (937) 340-1867 if you would like to learn more about our bat exclusion process.

Enon bat removal service page photo of the three bat valves.
Our Enon Bat Removal Service team uses three different versions of The Bat Valve when doing bat exclusions. We have a Bat Valve for any gap anyplace.
Enon bat removal service page photo of two bat valve installs

Here are two examples of the Bat Valve used on the side of a home. In these cases, our Enon Bat Removal Service used the TBV-FR4 and the TBV-FLEX2, repestively.

A bat valve install under the peak protector

This home had bats that entered through a gap in the roof’s peak. We installed the Peak Protector then installed the one-way Bat Valve TBV-SG3 which allowed the attics bats out for good but unable to return.

A Colony Of Bats Will Contaminate An Attic Plain And Simple And A Cleanout Is A Must!

Here are several negative issues you may face as a result of a bat infestation, especially if you have had a large colony inside your building for a length of time: guano containing bacteria and viruses, insulation damage, horrible odor, unhealthy air, staining of flooring, ceilings, and walls, and even bat mites.

Guano and urine in an attic contaminate and ruin insulation, soak into flooring and drywall, and create a musty odor that smells like ammonia. Ruined contaminated insulation will increase the cost of your utility bills. In addition, guano can contain a fungus with spores that can move into the air and, if breathed, can cause a nasty lung disease.

Our Enon Bat Removal Service technicians identify all the issues your building faces and suggest appropriate solutions within your budget. For example, your attic may only need partial insulation removal and replacement, and minor spot cleaning, decontamination, and deodorizing. But, the damage to the area where bats roosted could be so significant you may need to consider a complete attic restoration.

No matter what option you choose regarding cleanup after a bat infestation, the health of your building, your family, staff, or customers will be our first concern. Whatever we do, we will protect your living or working quarters while our Enon Bat Removal Service cleanup crew does its job. Not only are we concerned about doing excellent, effective work, but your safety and our crew’s safety are our number one priority in any cleanout, as we bring the environment back to health.

Our Enon Bat Removal Service Team Often Sees Attic So Contaminated The Only Option Is A Complete Attic Restoration!

Enon bat removal service page photo of a bat guano in an attic.

Insulation soaked with urine and filled with guano creates an unhealthy attic, and removal is your only option.

Enon bat removal service page photo of a complete attic cleanup
Our Enon Bat Removal Service crew are attic cleanout magicians. They can clean, disinfect, and deodorize an attic, making it look and smell like new!
Enon bat removal service page photo of a new blown-in insulation
After an attic has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and all soiled insulation removed, a new coat of blown-in insulation finalizes the attic restoration process.

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