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Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination: Attic Remediation & Restoration Services In  Fairborn Ohio

We’re Greater Fairborn’s Best Attic Restoration & Insulation Decontamination Service: Your Local Solution to that mess in your attic

Critters can really make a mess of an attic. The most common attic-infesting animals in Fairborn Ohio are raccoons, bats, birds, squirrels, mice, and other rodents. Health can become a concern when your attic has accumulated these animals’ feces and guano. Many times there will be urine soaked into drywall and support beams in the attic as well. Not to fear, the Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination crew is here to serve! We’ll impress you with our Attic Restoration & Insulation Decontamination Service!


Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination Service. Getting Ready For A Big Attic Insulation Job. We're Well Prepared!

Getting Ready For A Big Attic Insulation Job. We’re Well Prepared!


Once a Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination technician is on site he or she will inspect your attic for signs of animal pest activity and take inspection photos for you to view. We are on the lookout for anything abnormal in your attic or crawlspace that let may be a clue to what the underlying issue may be. READ THE CLUES BELOW!

Clue 1 – Animal droppings such as:
  • Raccoon latrines which are large piles of feces slightly small than dog poop. We typically find these on top of the insulation away from their nest location where most sounds are heard
  • Bat Guano piles that have accumulated underneath roost locations along the peak of the attic trusses or just below the ridge of the rafters.
  • Small black rodent droppings scattered throughout the insulation and attic floor in a random pattern would indicate mice or rats
  • Small black and brown round pellets would indicate gray squirrels
  • Medium sized black droppings in the attic in small piles would indicate flying squirrels
Clue 2 – Does the attic have a unique smell?
  • Most varmint droppings have different smells and which critter you may have running around your attic usually can be identified based on the smell of the urine or waste
  • Bat droppings are often misidentified for rat droppings but have a totally different odor which we can often detect coming out of the roof or gable vents prior to even setting foot in the attic
  • Raccoon poop has a pungent odor and changes throughout the year as their diet varies based on the season and what food sources are available
clue 3 – Trails in the insulation are great indicators of what animal may be living in the attic.
  • If you have wide trails along the perimeter that have highly compressed the insulation that would most likely be raccoon or possibly opossum.
  • And, if you have quarter sized holes throughout the blown fiberglass or cellulose insulation that go down below to the drywall ceiling that would ordinarily be mice; if these tunnels are half dollar sized then most likely flying squirrel. This can also occur in fiber glass batt insulation but is not as common in the southern Ohio region as most attic insulation is not rolled but blow in.

Hazardous Conditions Caused By Animals Living In The Attic

After identifying which wild animal you have living in your attic we can explain the health risks and diseases associated with the vermin living in your home. We offer both sanitization services once we extract the fecal matter from your attic to protect your family and/or employees from harmful pathogens. We step in with our Insulation Decontamination service!

Often times the urine or feces has soaked into the plaster ceiling or walls and sheetrock demo and replacement are necessary to remove noxious odor issues and return your homes attic to new. Most of the time we can use our commercial strength deodorizes and ULV fogging machines to remedy foul odors so no smell remains. This is important for two reasons:

  1. No one wants their home to smell like animal piss or poop, and
  2. If an animal smell remains in your attic it is much more likely to invite other pests in the future to investigate your home and try to live there.

Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination is also a licensed pest control applicator in Ohio and Indiana and can also offer insecticide applications for situations that require treatment.

Attic Restoration & Remediation Services

Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination Services Are Second To None

The Attic Restoration & Remediation Process

When Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination comes to clean your attic of animal waste and to repair your damaged insulation, ductwork, or drywall, things are going to look as good as new in short order. We always come prepared and on-time! Also, we complete most large projects in one day and work begins by setting up plastic sheeting and walkway protection to protect flooring and drywall.

Photo: Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination Service removes bat guano from attics

Bat colonies can leave a horrible mess as in this case. We know how to clean up a mess and make your attic like new.

Photo: Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination are experts at insulation replacement.

A raccoon family lived in this attic and left the attic in tatters. This nasty mess needed the Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination Experts !

We Treat Your Home With Care!

Our technicians always wear boot covers and take great care when bringing equipment through your home or office so we damage nothing in your home. We begin by removing the old contaminated insulation with a large industrial insulation vacuum. This machine has the power required to extract the spoiled insulation through a hose and transport it safely outside to containment bags for offsite disposal.


We Keep Your Entire Yard Clean!


All Materials Are Properly Packages And Hauled Away!

Sanitation & Insulation R-Value Factors

Once we remove spoiled insulation, we prepare our machines for sanitization, deodorization, and if required insecticide applications. After we perform these services, it is time to install any rafter baffles, attic can light boxes, and insulation R-sticks so we know what level of insulation is required to install the correct R-Value; which is a measure of thermal resistance. We always advise the attic be replaced with R-49 insulation based on U.S. Department of Energy recommendations for the Southeast and Fairborn Ohio areas. We always show our customers photos of the work performed at the various stages so our customer can rest assured they got what they paid for.


We Take Correct Measurements When We Put In Insulation!


You’ll Get The Best Quality Insulation For The Best R Value!

 Our Proof Of Quality: The Before And After Photos!

After re-insulating the attic, we take all necessary steps to clean up the job site to better than we arrived and as a final step, we always show our customers photos of the work at the various steps so they can be sure they are getting what their contract stated. Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination always strives to be the best and our attic restoration and insulation services are second to none.

a special Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination clean-out video

You’ve probably never seen an attic clean out like this. This house had bats. There was rolled insulation in the attic and it was full of bat guano. We had the entire crew on this job. Please notice our great fleet of trucks. We are professionals!

The bats got into the ceiling of the attic and we had a great deal of work to do going through stuff the owners wanted to keep and what they wanted to get rid of. We always make sure we have great communication with our Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination clients so they know exactly what’s going on during every step of a attic clean-out like this.


Look No Further. Get Started Today With Fairborn Attic Restoration Insulation Decontamination Service. We will not disappoint!