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The Greene County Ohio Bat Removal pros efficiently remove bats from homes, buildings, and businesses. With 25+ years of experience in bat exclusion, we’ve received numerous accolades from current and former customers.

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Are you  wondering, “Is there bat removal near me in Greene County, Ohio?” Yes, there is, and you’ve come to the right place. If you discovered a bat in your home, buildings, or business, more than likely, there are more in the basement, walls, or attic. Our licensed and insured team will locate the bats then safely and humanely remove them so you can rest easy once again.

we do not kill bats. Also, killing bats in a building would be inhumane, and in Ohio illegal

Greene County Bat Removal Pro always find their bats

Our Greene County Ohio Bat Removal Experts found these bats hidden behind some curtains in an attic.

Greene County Bat Removal Pro are experts at cleaning bat guano from attics

A colony of bats left piles of guano in this old attic space. Bats can quickly pile up guano and urine throughout an attic.


If you need emergency service, we provide it 24/7/365 but at an extra cost after hours or if we have to drop other commitments. Once on the job, we’ll keep you up to date and fully informed.

We do what we say and say what we do. Greene County Ohio Bat Removal provides a warranty with our bat removal jobs because we know we can keep your home or business free of bats.

The 4 Major Bat Removal Services Provided By Greene County Ohio Bat Removal 

1. Remove Bats Then Seal All Bat Entrances

First, you want the removal of bats and that is what Greene Ohio Bat Removal does best. During the bat removal process, we seal all bat entrances. Please note, we do not do bat extermination.

2. Remove Soiled Insulation

When we find bats in attics and bats in walls, we also find insulation soiled with bat feces and bat urine. Soiled insulation produces contamination and can create health issues. We suggest removal as soon as possible.

3. Sanitize Contaminated Areas

Once we finish removing bats and contaminated insulation, the sanitizing process begins with atomizing foggers using oxidizers, sanitizers, and enzyme-based cleaners that breaks down stains and odors. We then vent the area thoroughly and prepare the site for the new insulation to be installed.

4. Replace Insulation

Once we finish steps 1,2, and 3, insulation replacement is next. Our Barnes Wildlife Control Insulation experts can air seal your attic and install new fiberglass insulation to current building codes levels.

Greene County Ohio Bat Removal photo of Barnes Wildlife Control's fleet of trucks.

Greene County Ohio Bat Removal demands the best in the business and that’s Barnes Wildlife Control. Our bat removal crew handles every situation small to large including complete attic restoration.


If bats are inside your buildings during the Ohio winter, they are in a state of dormancy, and certain precautions and steps need to be taken. The bat exclusion process can begin but we often have to wait  until temperatures warm in the Spring for bat colony eviction. Contact one of our trained bat removal experts for detailed information on what can be done during the winter to keep you safe. 

How Do We Remove Bats From Your Home, Buildings Or Business?

So, you know you have bats in your home, buildings or business. Finding a colony of bats in part of a space you occupy causes concern in most people, if not fear. So, how are you going to deal with your bats in your building problem? First, take a deep breath, try to relax, and give us a call at (937) 340-1867.

But in the meantime, let’s give you a simplified five-step introduction on how we remove bats, or what in the business we call “bat exclusion.”

1) The Assessment Of The Building

First, we have to access where bats are entering and exiting the structure. Given our extensive experience, we can find all the apparent bat exits and bat entrances through a thorough whole house inspection. Often times you can observe the bats comings and goings during the evening hours in what is a referred to as a bat watch. Bats leave their roosting areas in the evening hours, and this can enable a better insight into some areas of interest, but never rely on this alone as bats often can and will use several small entry areas on the building.

2) Repairing All Bat Entrances and Exits But One

We guarantee we can discover all the bats’ entrances and exits. Some people think we close all the gaps, then locate the bats, trap them one by one, then remove them from the building. We do not remove bats from a building that way.

Next, we start the exclusion process by sealing all gaps in the building but several of the main bat entry and exit locations. Now we need a way to get the bats out but not let them back in. And, a perfect solution for bat removal exists, The Bat Valve.

3) Using The Bat Valve

The Bat Valve is a one-way door device designed so bats can escape through it but cannot return. The Bat Valve tool has three different design options. Each design serves a particular situation based on where a bat exits a building. Bats leave their roosting areas via gable vents, soffit returns, roof-lines, ridge vents, brick openings, frieze boards, dormers, and other construction gaps in a building. There is a Bat Valve design that can fit over any one of these areas of a building. This device works like a charm and allows bats to get out humanely never to return.

Greene County Ohio Bat Removal photo of the bat valve used in the exclusion of bats

The Bat Valve, manufactured by Viking Product Supply, comes in 3 different models. The SG3 works on soffit returns and gable vents, the FLEX2, on corner gaps and bathroom exhaust vents, and the FR4 on ridge vents and frieze board gaps.

4) Leaving The Bat Valve In Place 

The Bat Valve stays in place for some time. In perfect conditions, the bats leave in a couple of nights. Of course, we may leave the Bat Valve on longer but generally no longer than a few weeks.

5) Removing The Bat Valve and Repairing The Last Gap

Now that we have excluded the bats, we remove the bat valves and seal the gaps permanetely, then the attic restoration portion of the project can begin.


Great, you’ve had a successful bat exclusion! But, now you must determine what type of bat damage occured in the areas the bats inhabited.

In the above video, we show you the process we use when doing a full attic restoration after we remove all bats and the bat entrances sealed.

Now That The Bats Are Gone You May Not Be Out Of The Woods Yet

So, Greene County, Ohio Bat Control, successfully removed all the bats from your buildings. Of course, you’re overjoyed. But, you may still have problems: contaminated bat feces, insulation, and other materials.

Most people know about bats potentially carrying rabies. But, few people know that air contaminated with spores from histoplasma capsulatum fungus can cause flu-like symptoms and other serious issues. This fungus grows in bat feces. The area where your bats inhabited contains bat feces and bat urine. Therefore, you must have these areas sanitized.

The first step in the sanitation process removes feces and contaminated materials such as insulation and drywall. After that step, we treat the bacteria, fungus, and odors using several sanitization methods. The level and type of contaminations determine what way we use.

Foggers, containing appropriate chemicals to sanitize hard to reach areas. We counteract odors with the use of oxidizing and enzymatic deodorizers. The moldicides and disinfectants we use dry quickly, and you’ll soon have an attic safe for any member of the family.

New Insulation May Be Needed

If we remove insulation contaminated by bat guano and bat urine, it would need replacement. We replace insulation, and we will discuss your options with you. Rest assured, we use superior quality insulation with high insulation capability.

Also, if we discover you have old compacted insulation, you may want that replaced since it becomes less efficient. We’ll gladly do that as well.

Greene County Ohio Bat Removal photo of a bat guano filled attic.

These bat droppings, or bat guano, piled up in this Ohio attic filled with bats. Of course, we needed to remove bats before we could tackle this job. Removing bats demands years of real-world bat fact filled experiences. Call Barnes Wildlife Control’s Greene County Ohio Bat Removal team today at (937) 340-1867.

A Listing Of A Few Of The Greene County, Ohio Bats

Barnes Wildlife Control bat removal experts generally find the following bats in Greene County Ohio homes, buildings or businesses.

Greene county ohio bat removal -Thanks to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Little Brown Bat

Greene county ohio bat removal - Thanks to John MacGregor (Land Between the Lakes KY/TN), PDM-owner, via Wikimedia Commons

Big Brown Bat

Greene county ohio bat removal - thanks to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Northern Long-Eared Myotis

Greene county ohio bat removal - Thanks to SMBishop, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Eastern Red Bat

“Help, there’s a flying bat in my home.” Well, That’s A Problem. Look No Further. Contact Greene County Ohio Bat Removal.