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As the temperature gets cooler in Miamisburg, many people discover that bats have taken up residence in their homes, especially their attic. And of all the wildlife that might break into your home, it’s unlikely sharing your home with bats is okay with you. Bats make noises, leave piles of urine saturated guano, and introduce diseases or parasites. With the loss of bats native roosting places, unlike the Lewisburg, Ohio limestone caves, it is ever more typical to find bats roosting in Miamisburg homes and buildings. So how do you address a bat problem when faced with one? Well, the first thing you need to do is give our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service experts a call at (937) 340 -1867.

Bat invasions damage homes, especially attics, plus create health risks for the people living and working inside. Bats may not damage the structure of your home, but their guano(poop) and urine seep into attic floors and drywall, leak down walls, and contaminate insulation. A significant accumulation of bat droppings creates an ammonia odor that can permeate all nearby surfaces. In addition, bat guano is a breeding ground for a fungus called Histoplasma, whose spores cause histoplasmosis, a disease that attacks the lungs and involves symptoms like fever, chills, and a dry cough.

All bats in Ohio are declining and protected in some form or another and cannot be intentionally harmed. Therefore, you should not kill the bats in your attic as it is illegal.

Once some Ohio homeowners realize they have bats, they often consider a Do-It-Yourself approach to bat removal. But bats are smart and 99.9% of the time frustrate amateur efforts to remove them. And when Ohio homeowners consider exterminating these intruders, they fail to realize that exterminating bats in Ohio is illegal, and the chemicals used to kill bats harm humans as well. Plus, bats gather in small inconspicuous spaces, which people inexperienced in bat removal seldom look. But most importantly, a successful bat removal demands locating every bat entrance and exit point and knowing what to do once discovered.

So what’s the wise move when considering bat removal? Our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service experts are highly trained bat removal specialists who will come to your home, inspect your building inside and out, locate the places where bats are gaining access to your home, discover where all the bats are roosting in your home, and access all the damage caused by the bats. Afterward, we will sit with you and propose a bat exclusion plan to safely and humanely get rid of the bats, address all other bat-related issues, and ultimately make sure bats never return. So call our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service experts at (937) 340 -1867 and get the best customer-centered bat exclusion company in Miamisburg, Ohio.

miamisburg bat removal service page photo of a bat hiding in the corner of a roof.

Above is a Big Brown Bat hiding in the corner of an Ohio attic that contained a small bat colony of 20 bats.

miamisburg bat removal service page photo of a bat hiding behind a curtain in an attic.

Here is another small colony our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service team discovered on another bat exclusion job.

Read A 5 Star Customer Review By Victoria Martin On The Bat Removal Service She Received From Barnes Wildlife Control And So Will You When You Get Our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service

“My first contact with Barnes Wildlife Control was in 2017 when my employer hired their company to do some work to remedy a bat issue we had in our building. Jacob and his team worked diligently to find the issues needing addressed, were always responsive to questions I had during the process and have always been fair and reasonable in terms of cost. Since 2017, my employer has used them for multiple jobs including handling a problem with squirrels getting into our attic and our ongoing quarterly pest control services.

Because of the quality work I have seen them do at my workplace, I hired them in 2020 for an issue at my own house. I had the same positive experience with them at my own home that I have always had with them through the jobs at work and I continue to use them for my quarterly rodent bait station fill services. I have recommended Barnes Wildlife to many individuals over the last few years as I truly believe that they are a great company that performs high quality work for all customers, no matter how big or small the project is!”

Bats Can Enter Your Miamisburg Building Through Very Small Openings

Bats classically gain access to homes by taking advantage of spaces around the roof, roofline, and other areas. The spaces bats access consist of vents, chimneys, soffits, windows and framing, walls, siding, eaves, rakes, rotting spaces behind gutters, and many other possible openings in a building.

We Offer A 100% Warranty With Our Bat Exclusion That States Bats Will Never Be Able To Reenter Your Building Through Any Bat Access Points We Seal And Repair.

Bats find these openings, attach themselves to the building near the gaps, then squeeze their way through. It’s incredible how small of a hole a bat can squiggle through since they have highly flexible bones enabling them to squeeze through openings from 3/8 of an inch to an inch. The good news is that the bat removal expertise you’ll get when you hire our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service guarantees we’ll find every opening where bats enter and exit.

Our fully licensed, insured, certified and highly experienced team specializes in humane bat removal, and we’re here for you 24/7 if you have a bat flying around your living quarters. Whether one bat or a large colony of bats, we can handle any situation, small or big, by simply calling (937) 340 -1867 !

miamisburg bat removal service page photo of a gaps that bats use to access a building.

Our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service team found these vulnerabilities that bats could use to enter this home.

miamisburg bat removal service page photo of a openings along a brick wall bats use to enter this home.

A Miamisburg Bat Removal Service tech will always check around chimneys for potential bat entrances.

miamisburg bat removal service page photo of metal fascia with a gap.

Gaps around metal fascia and rakes provide a convenient opening that bats access for attic entry.

Bat Exclusion Is Not Done With Standard Live-Cage Trapping – We Use The Bat Valve!

When trapping wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and more various types of traps are used to capture. When our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service team heads out to a Miamisburg residential or commercial building, they prepare to perform what is called a “bat exclusion.” A bat exclusion entails finding every bat access point into the building, sealing almost all the bat access points but one or two over which we place one-way bat doors, like the highly versatile one we use called the “Bat Valve.”

Bats can leave the building through a Bat Valve when they head out at night for their nightly feedings, but they cannot reenter through it. Eventually, all bats will leave the building, and at that point, one of our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service specialists will remove the Bat Valve(s) and seal up those gaps.

miamisburg bat removal service page photo the three bat valve models
Our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service team uses three different versions of The Bat Valve when doing bat exclusions. We have a Bat Valve for any gap anyplace.
Miamisburg bat removal service page photo of a bat valve installation on a gable vent.

We used the TBV-SG3  on this bat access point when our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service crew did this bat exclusion job.

miamisburg bat removal service page photo of a bat valve install.
Jacob Barnes, the owner of Barnes Wildlife Control, which services Miamisburg, installs the TBV-FR4. We also used the TBV-FLEX2 on this bat exclusion job.

The Nasty Part Of Bat Removal: Cleaning An Attic Contaminated With Bat Urine And Guano

If bats, especially a bat colony, have roosted in your building, you will have piles of urine-saturated guano. Guano sitting for some time will give off a very nasty odor. When guano dries out, it turns into dust that often has fungi containing spores posing health problems for humans. Our experienced Miamisburg Bat Removal Service professionals know what measures and procedures you should take regarding removing guano and contaminated materials like insulation that bat urine and guano damage.

When our Miamisburg bat exclusion experts finish removing your bat problem and bat-proofing your building, we will inform you of the degree to which cleanup is needed. We will give you a comprehensive description of your issues, including guano removal, contaminated insulation removal, washing and decontaminating surfaces, deodorizing that permanently removes all odors, and finally, insulation replacement.

You can rest assured that when we do an extensive cleanup, including a complete attic restoration due to bat contamination, we use protective measures not only for our staff but for you. Other measures include isolating our work from living and working areas and dust control measures during the entire cleanup and decontamination process. Your health and safety is our number one focus, followed by a job well done.

A Full Attic Restoration Performed By Our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service Team – The Number 1 Miamisburg Attic Restoration Company!

miamisburg bat removal service page photo of a bat guano in an attic.

The mess of guano, plus contaminated insulation, our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service team has to remove. This will be a full attic restoration.

miamisburg bat removal service page photo of a complete attic cleanup

Another excellent attic cleanup, decontamination, and deodorizing job performed by our Miamisburg Bat Removal Service wizards!

miamisburg bat removal service page photo of a new blown-in insulation

Take a look at this brand-new mildew and mold-resistant blown-in insulation. And the attic smells brand new! New blown-in insulation reduces the utility bills from heating and cooling for sure!

Looking For The Best Bat Removal Service In Miamisburg, Ohio? Or, Are You Wondering, “Is there a Miamisburg bat removal service near me?” Barnes Wildlife Control’s Miamisburg Bat Removal Service Is Your Bat Exclusion Company Of Choice!