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As a Montgomery County Ohio property owner, you should expect raccoons will invade your property sooner than later. Raccoons will find refuge under a porch, in a garage, chimney, crawl spaces, attics, and walls.

No matter where you live in Ohio, you’ll find raccoons living side by side with humans. Because where there are humans, raccoons know there will be food and shelter. So, you need to be proactive and make sure you have raccoon-proofed your property. Otherwise, you may face thousands of dollars of damage to your much-beloved property.

In all probability, you arrived here because of your raccoon related problems, and you need answers, if not immediate help. Fortunately for you, Barnes Wildlife Control and their Montgomery County Ohio Raccoon Removal whisperers can solve all your raccoon home invasion problems.

Frequently Asked Raccoon Questions You May Want Answered Now
Can raccoons get inside my house from the attic?
Yes, they can. Raccoons can make their way out of an attic by digging and chewing through wood. Also, raccoons will tear their way into a ventilation system running through the attic, which can lead them into your living quarters. The cleaver raccoon will find any attic weakness especially when hungry during the winter months.
Why do raccoons sound so loud in the attic?
First, raccoons are heavy critters and they are very active at night. You may hear banging sounds, scratching sounds or heavy footsteps. If there are babies in your attic they will cry and whine making a high pitched sound.

Listen to the sounds of a baby raccoon crying

Do raccoons have babies all year round?

In Ohio, Raccoons mate from February through March. Usually, a female produces one litter a year, though she can produce more.

It takes sixty plus days before the female gives birth. Litter sizes range from 3 to 7. The young raccoons will stay with the mother through the fall and possibly longer.

How did the raccoons get in my home?

Raccoons, being the clever creatures they are, discover many entrances into a home. The following areas are perfect entrances for raccoons:


  1. Where Soffit Meets Roof
  2. Roof Vents
  3. The Roof Edge
  4. Chimneys
  5. Plumbing Vents
  6. Through Pet Doors
What do you do with the raccoons after you catch them?
Our answer disturbs many homeowners. When we trap a raccoon, this includes kits as well, and we must release it on your property by Ohio law. Doing so minimizes the possibility of disease passed into other areas of Ohio. Otherwise, we must humanely euthanize all captured raccoons, including kits. If you don’t want us to euthanize the raccoons, we can make sure your property is raccoon proofed to the degree humanly possible, then release them on your property.


I saw a raccoon on my roof, is it in the attic?

Well, you may have a curious raccoon, or it discovered food on the roof. But more often than not, it has found a way into your home. Best to give us a call so we can access the situation for you. Once living in your home, raccoon destruction can be expensive to repair.

Do raccoons make squealing and screaming sounds?
Yes, raccoons can scream, and can sound eerily human. Generally, you won’t hear raccoons screaming or squealing. But, you will hear these sounds.

Montgomery County Ohio Raccoon Removal Raccoon feces in attic photo

Raccoons in Your Montgomery County Ohio Home? More Than Likely Your Attic!

If you suspect you have raccoons in your home, and call us for an inspection, our Montgomery County Ohio Raccoon Removal technicians immediately look at the outside of your home. They will be searching for damage and apparent raccoon entry points into your home. Any openings will indicate raccoon living quarters. More than likely, if raccoons are in your home, they’ll be in the attic. Attics provide warmth, protection, and a safe space for a pregnant raccoon to birth its offspring. A raccoon in the attic inspection clarifies the number of raccoons and reveals damaged areas. Most damage comes in the form of insulation contaminated by feces and urine. But, generally, we will find that your raccoon house guest has damaged ventilation systems, electrical wires, and wood surfaces as well.

Montgomery County Ohio Raccoon Removal Trapping Methods

Capturing Raccoons With The Live Trap Method  

The raccoon trapping experts at Barnes Wildlife Control believe in humane raccoon trapping. Though highly destructive of property, raccoons deserve the least painless methods of capture. With this in mind, live trapping provides the most humane way of capture.

Large to extra large live traps for raccoons provide the best way to capture a nuisance raccoon. Generally, we use a Tomahawk 10 x 12 X 32 Pro Raccoon Trap with One Trap Door and Rear Access Door.

Where We Place A Raccoon Live Trap

Once we determine where your pest raccoon causes all your damage or where it lives, our trap technicians place the traps in those areas.  These areas include attics,  under porches, chimney regions, piles of wood, and fences.

Montgomery County Ohio Raccoon Removal photo of live trapped raccoon in an attic


What You Can Do To Keep Raccoons Away From Your Property

Montgomery County Ohio Raccoon Removal tipped garbage can by raccoon photo

Strap Down Those Garbage Cans

You can purchase a lockable garbage can. Or, you can use a bungee cord. Also, spreading pepper or ammonia around the garbage can may help.

Bird Feeder Issues

Raccoons eat at night. So, we suggest you bring in your bird feeders at night. Also, your bird friends will appreciate that.

raccoons love pet food

Don't Leave Pet Food Out

Raccoons love pet food. First thing to remember, don’t leave pet food out at night, or even during the day.

raccoons will eat fallen fruit

Clean Up Fallen Fruit, Nuts and Seeds

Raccoons eat nuts, grains, and seeds to get through harsh Ohio winters. Before the cold weather strikes, rake up these favorite raccoon staples.
fencing areas can keep raccoons out of gardens

Fence Gardens, Compost Areas and Ponds?

Conventional fencing will not keep raccoons out. Raccoons can dig under or climb over them. But we can help solve this issue for you.
Montgomery County Ohio Raccoon Removal phot of a raccon eating out of a pet bowl

Don't Feed The Raccoons

Please don’t feed raccoons if you want your home free of raccoon damage and other nuisance raccoon issues. We know the babies can be cute but don’t feed them!

Video On Removing A Raccoon From An Ohio Home Chimney Using A Chimney Trap

Your Uncapped Chimney Makes The Perfect Raccoon Nesting Place For A Mother Raccoon And Her Babies

Chimney Raccoons Echoing Their Sounds Throughout Your Home?

Female raccoons love an Ohio chimney from April through May when they birth offspring. So if you think you hear sounds like raccoons chattering coming from your chimney, well, more than likely, you have nuisance raccoons infesting your chimney.

So, now, you must get proactive and do one of two things to verify raccoons live in your chimney. One, you can get up on a ladder, bring a flashlight, and take a look down your chimney. Or two, an option if safety concerns you, call Montgomery County Ohio Raccoon Removal experts, and they do the climbing and chimney examination for you.

One last statement about raccoons in your chimney: Please don’t start a fire in your fireplace in the hope that you will smoke the raccoons out of your chimney. First, doing so will probably not work for several reasons. And second, this technique is cruel and inhumane.

“Help, I have raccoons living in my attic.” Well, we’re here to help.