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Montgomery County Ohio Squirrel Removal demands top-notch rodent experts if you want effective results. The pros at Barnes Wildlife Control provide the best in squirrel trapping and squirrel control in Montgomery County, Ohio.

The vast number of squirrels in Ohio exceeds that natural control by predators. Therefore, most Ohio homeowners and commercial buildings experience squirrels invasions at some point. Once in your building, squirrels will gnaw wood, vents, and wires and will soil insulation in a short time. You must address squirrel problems immediately before the damage gets out of control.

Whether you have grey, fox, red, or flying squirrels in your walls or attic, Montgomery County Ohio Squirrel Removal experienced pros make the squirrel removal process stress free for you, your family and pets.

Most often asked squirrel Questions You May Want Answered Now
squirrels keep getting into my bird feeders. How can I prevent this??

We suggest a squirrel proof bird feeder. Numerous bird feeders stop squirrels from eating your precious bird food.

We suggest getting an adjustable weight-sensitive bird feeder. But the downside of this type of birdfeeder could be the expense.

Keep in mind squirrels climb and jump so installing your bird feeders away from any object that keeps a squirrel a leaping advantage. 

How do I keep squirrels off my roof?
Nuisance squirrels gain access to your roof by climbing along the side of your building or jumping from trees, shrubs, or the like. You will need habitat modification which we can easily access then recommend a plan.
Do squirrels have babies all year round?

In Ohio, a female squirrel delivers babies around March and April. If you have squirrels in your attic during the cold months, more than likely, a female will give birth in that secure setting. Often a second litter will happen in July or August.

How did the squirrels get in my home?

Squirrels find many entries into a home. And if they can’t find one they can chew their way into your home. The following areas are perfect access points for squirrels:

  1. Where Soffit Meets Roof
  2. Roof Vents
  3. The Roof Edge
  4. Chimneys
  5. Plumbing Vents
  6. Through Pet Doors
What do you do with the squirrels after you catch them?

Our answer bothers many homeowners. When we trap a squirrel, this includes babies as well, we must release it on your property by Ohio law. Doing so minimizes the possibility of disease passed into other areas of Ohio. Otherwise, we must humanely euthanize all captured squirrels, including kits. If you don’t want us to euthanize the squirrels, we can make sure your property is squirrel proofed to the degree humanly possible, then release them on your property.


What type of sounds do squirrels make?

Squirrels make a chirping grunting sound. Generally, you won’t hear squirrels screaming or squealing, though they do chirp and grunt. Listen…

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Our First Thought

Humanely Removing Squirrels From Your Montgomery County Ohio Home!

Squirrels’ antics inside a home make homeowners crazy with frustration, especially at nighttime. These cute frisky creatures have a place outside but not in your home. When outside your home, squirrels ransack bird feeders, bother your pets, and nibble at the outside of your home. Squirrels, being curious creatures, search for entry into your home, often getting into your attic or chimney.

Once squirrels have entered your home, whether it be your attic, chimney, or some other area, they must be removed. Humanely removing squirrels from your home may make a difference to you. At Montgomery County, Ohio Squirrel Removal, we believe in humanely removing squirrels, which means live-trapping. Sadly, at times, live-trapping will not work, though, in the majority of instances, it does. In such cases, we’ll clarify your options. 

Montgomery County Ohio Squirrel Removal Trapping Methods

The Live Trap Method For Squirrel Trappng 

Trapping a live squirrel means another day a squirrel lives and plays in nature. Live traps allow live capture. Once captured, we can release these critters on your property after we seal all squirrel entry points.

Large live traps for squirrels provide the most efficient way to capture a pesky squirrel. Our squirrel trapping experts use a Tomahawk 10 x 12 X 32 Pro Raccoon Trap with One Trap Door and Rear Access Door.

Live Trap Placement For Capturing Squirrels

Once our squirrel experts determine where your nuisance squirrels produce all your damage or where they live, they will place the live traps in those areas.  These areas include attics, under porches, chimney regions, piles of wood, and fences.

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Cleaning Up After Squirrels

The Squirrel Playpen

Squirrel Poop and Pee Paradise

Time for the building cleanup

Once our Montgomery County Ohio Squirrel Removal team performs their squirrel trapping magic, and sealed all the squirrel entrances and exits they may not be done yet! Accessing the possible squirrel damage must be a consideration for you. So we suggest a complete inspection of the areas of your home inhabited by the squirrels.

Squirrel poop and urine could be contaminating insulation. And if so, this insulation needs removal and replacement, for health reasons. Also, squirrel chewing habits can expose live electrical wire that could ignite material into a fire. And lastly, the squirrels may have chewed through vents and wood surfaces that will need repair.


What You Can Do To Keep Squirrels Away From Your Property

Montgomery County Ohio Raccoon Removal tipped garbage can by raccoon photo

Garbage Can Squirrel Hangout

Squirrels will get into your garbage if you don’t secure it properly. Also, spreading pepper or ammonia around the garbage can may help.

Bird Feeders Loved By Squirrels

Squirrels love bird seeds. You must use a bird feeder that won’t hold a squirrel. There are many such bird feeders available.

squirrels eat pet food

Squirrel Munchies - Pet Food

Squirrels love pet food, especially dried cat food. The first thing to remember, don’t leave pet food out at all.

squirrels eat fallen fruit

Fallen Fruit, Nuts and Seeds - Squirrel Heaven

Squirrels eat nuts, grains, and seeds to get through harsh Ohio winters. Before the cold weather strikes, rake up these favorite squirrel staples.
fence your gardens from wildlife

Fence Your Gardens From Squirrel Attacks

Squirrels love vegetables, nuts, and fruits. Standard fencing will not keep squirrels out of your garden.
Montgomery County Ohio Raccoon Removal phot of a raccon eating out of a pet bowl

Please Never Feed Nuisance Squirrels

Please don’t feed squirrels if you want your home free of squirrel damage and other nuisance squirrel issues. We know the squirrel babies can be cute but don’t feed them!

Barnes Wildlife Control Video On Removing A Squirrel From A Church

Your Dried Out Rotted Fascia Makes The Perfect Chew Toy for Squirrels Wanting To Enter Your Home And Buildings

Hearing Scratching, Squeaking And Barking Grunting Sounds In Your Home?

We get many calls regarding squirrel problems resulting from board or fascia damage on Montgomery County Ohio homes and buildings. Poorly built fascia and low-quality wood boards rot over time. Poor roofing installation or clogged gutters cause rotting issues. And once rot sets in, squirrels can chew their way into your buildings. Barnes Wildlife Control will recommend a few solutions for rotting boards and fascia. These include permanent solutions like water resistant composite boarding. At times we can fix issues with cut galvanized steel but we do not use aluminum flashing since squirrels can chew through it.

An Interesting Squirrel Question By A Client

“I see squirrels walking across my electrical wires and power poles. How come squirrels don’t get electrocuted?”

Great question! Electricity provides us with amazing features in our home, but it is also deadly. But, we see squirrels run across live wires daily without a problem. But why?

Electricity only “attacks” bodies that provide resistance. Squirrels offer no resistance, well, very little, so the current bypasses its body. But, if a squirrel makes contact AT THE SAME TIME with another wire with a different voltage level or the ground wire, then the squirrel goes up in smoke.

“Help, I Have Raccoons Living In My Attic.” Well, We’re Here To Help.