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Englewood Ohio’s Premier Rodent Pest Control Service – We Are The Rodent Removal Experts!

Englewood Rodent Removal Service Says, “Rid Your House Of Pesky Rodents Using Our Proven Mice Removal Services.”

Rodent infestations can cause significant structural and financial damage to your property. Are you hearing scratching in your attic? If so, a rodent removal and pest control service is your best option. Englewood Rodent Removal Service has extensive knowledge of rodent habits and biology.

We not only trap and remove rodents from the attic. We locate and repair their entry points to keep the mice out of your home!

Our Englewood Rodent Removal team uses their years of rodent removal experience when dealing with mice and rat infestations. We explain our 4-step rodent removal service process in this blog post. Learn why Englewood Rodent Removal Service is the rodent expert!

Our Englewood rodent removal service crew not only traps and removes rodents from the attic. We locate and repair their entry points to keep the mice out of your home!

Englewood Rodent Removal Service Says, “Rid Your House Of Pesky Rodents Using Our Proven Mice Removal Services.”


Rodents have been responsible for spreading various diseases. For example, rat-infected fleas passed on the bubonic plague to humans. Also, Rats could carry bacterial diseases like Rat Bite Fever and Leptospirosis. And mice can carry Hantaviruses which can be deadly to humans.

Our knowledge of health problems posed by rodents sets the industry standard. And, our Rodent Pest Control Services make Englewood Rodent Removal Service #1. So, Contact us today and let our experts handle your rodent removal problems.


From the moment a rat or mouse is born, its teeth grow. To maintain sharp teeth and proper length, rodents have to chew. Rodents love to chew Romex electrical lines in your attic. During our Englewood Rodent Removal Pest Control Service Inspection we often find chewed wires in the attic from mice and squirrels.

If not controlled early on, rodents damage electrical wiring. What’s more, you will have to replace the wiring. Not to mention, countless house fires go undiagnosed from rodent wiring damage!

During our Englewood Rodent Removal Service Inspection we often find chewed wires in the attic from mice and squirrels

Rodents (Mice And Rats) Are Nocturnal, And Will Keep You Awake At Night

Rodents create the risk of disease transmission to people or pets living in the home. The risk of the house catching fire from damaged electrical wires. But, one of the biggest customer complaints is their lack of sleep. Many rodents such as mice, rats, and flying squirrels exhibit nocturnal tendencies. They are active at night.

Rodents scurry about in the attic and make scratching sounds in the walls. So, this wakes most people. And, once awake, they worry about the critters coming into the home. Forget a good night’s sleep!

By all means, get a restful night’s sleep. Call Englewood Rodent Removal Service. Ask about our superior rodent removal control services in the Englewood area.


Do You Have A Rodent In The Attic Or Mice In The House? If So, You Aren’t Alone. Here Is A List Of Common Complaints If You Have A Rodent Pest Issue With Mice Or Rats:

  • Mice living in my attic
  • Mouse droppings in my basement
  • Hearing mice in the walls
  • Rats stealing pet dog food
  • Mice eating cat food out of bowl
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  • Dead Mice in my basement
  • Black droppings in my cabinet drawers
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Englewood Rodent Removal Service Not Only Trap And Remove Rodents. We Also Locate And Repair Their Entry Points! We Are Experts At Removing Rodents From Your Home, Buildings, Or Business. Call Us Today At (937) 340-1867 For Expert Rodent Abatement!

The 3 Most Common Rodents Found In The Englewood Area

Englewood Rodent Removal Service Provides Professional Rodent Control Services To Eliminate Deer Mice, House Mice, And The Norway Rat.

Deer Mice

These mice live in fields and woodlots. But, your home has gaps that provide a pathway to shelter or food. Deer mice will take advantage as they are opportunists. These mice range in color depending on climate, demographics, and species. They are tan, brown, or black.

The tails of deer mice vary in length. Their undersides or belly are white. Deer Mice scavenge and will feed on any food available to them. In general, female adult mice reproduce every month. As young mice reach maturity in several weeks, they begin mating.

Gaps in your home provide a pathway to shelter or food. These pesky rodents will find their way into your home and often live in the attic. But generally, we find them in yards, fields, attics, walls, and kitchen areas. Also, deer mice are capable climbers. Field mice have no problem going up vertical surfaces such as brick and wood.

Of course, rodents are chewers. They gnaw on wood, foam insulation around piping, and electrical cables.

Englewood Rodent Removal Service - Photo of a Deer Mouse

House Mouse

The house mouse is by far the most common nuisance rodent pest we find in southwest Ohio. They can adapt to most environments. And, the house mouse is inquisitive. Their preferred foods are bird seeds and nuts, and we often find them stored in your attic.

This breed of rodent thrives in a suburban environment and they reproduce throughout the year. For example, they average five to ten liters per year. And each liter one consists of four to eight young. The young are born pink and with little hair, blind, and with undeveloped ears. In 14 days, they have fur. Also, they feed for 18 – 20 days after emerging from the nest.

Another key point, they start breeding more mice within a few months. That’s when you need to contact Englewood Rodent Removal Service!

Englewood Rodent Removal Service - Photo of a House Mouse

Noraway Rat

We sometimes find Roof Rats living in Englewood homes as well. These rats go by the names “common rats”, “water rats,” or “sewer rats. What’s more, the Norway Rat, also called the Brown Rat, lives near mankind. It flourishes off human and livestock waste and leftover garbage.

We find most rats living in basements, on the ground floor. They are in burrows under sidewalks or outbuildings. usually drawn into the barn or basement by stored food or warmth and shelter. Norway Rats appear to be most common in the following areas:

  • feed stores
  • cattle barns
  • chicken houses, and
  • garbage dumps

These rats are prolific breeders. What’s more, the gestation period varies from 21 to 23 days. A litter ranges from 4 to 12, averaging 7 or 8. At birth, they are blind, naked, and helpless. Their eyes open in 14-17 days, and they are on their own in 4 weeks.

Norway Rats are intelligent and will learn from failed trapping attempts. In other words, their intelligence can hinder their removal. When you see a rat in your house, there is no time to procrastinate. If you find rats living in your home call (937) 340-1867 today!

Englewood Roent Removal Service: Photo of a Norway Rat

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