Rodents Invade Homes Throughout Greater Miami Valley Ohio

Dayton Rodent Control & Mice in the attic insulation

Dayton Rodent Control sees mice burrows in attic insulation on a regular basis

All over Dayton and the Greater Miami Valley surrounding area rodents of all kinds are invading homes. Also, our Dayton rodent control team has sure been busy catching and removing mice from area homes. Our Dayton rodent control techs have the right solution for your rodent issue.

For example, Barnes devise rodent trapping programs. Also, we install and maintain long term preventive devices. Furthermore, we do whole house exclusions.  In addition, other rodent control measures for the Dayton area can be found on the Rodent Removal Service page.  At this page, you’ll also find complete details on the types of rodent pests we control in southwest Ohio at this 

Have you been asking the online question “Looking for a rodent control company near me?” Then maybe you can use these tips from O.S.U. Pest Control Info.

So, here’s how Dayton’s best Rodent Control Company gets rid of mice in your attic.

For Proper Rodent Control You Need A 4-Step Process

Step 1-  We actively trap the current rodent population. We set appropriate traps in the right locations. Barnes can now remove a large portion of the rodent population. We now have the rodents under control quickly.

Step 2- Barnes performs a whole house exclusion. Our techs will seal and repair any damaged areas, gaps, and cracks.  Rodents enter your home through these openings.  Also, we use the best materials available. In addition, we stand behind our repairs.

Step 3- Barnes Dayton Rodent Control does long term rodent control. Using tamper-resistant bait stations, we can safely control any rodents attempting to reenter the home. We set up a quarterly program to keep the stations full year-round.

Step 4- Clean up and deodorize. Any time there is a rodent population there’s going to be a mess left behind. Barnes can remove the soiled insulation and fecal matter from your attic and replace it the same day. We also offer sanitization and deodorization’s options by using the best fogging chemicals around.

So, for any rodent control services you may need in Dayton and the Greater Miami Valley surrounding area call Barnes Wildlife Control at (937) 340-1867.