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Enon Coyotes Fox Removal Service provides fox trapping, coyote removal and control services. Coyote and foxes can take up residence near your home or building. They cause quite a panic, especially if you leave young children and pets unattended. We find coyotes and fox in urban and rural areas. They are so elusive residents of the Miami Valley have no idea how many thousands of coyotes we have in this area. Coyote removal and fox trapping services demand professionally trained staff. All our technicians fit the bill! You can be sure we have a solution to your nuisance critter problem. Our expertise is even used by news stations. Check us out on for a story on urban coyotes out in daytime. Also, we explain what Enon Coyotes Fox Removal Service offers to local residents.


Enon Coyotes Fox Removal Service. We are the best at coyote removal and fox removal. This is an image of a coyote trapped in woods

This coyote attacked a dog in Enon and Enon Coyotes Fox Removal Service was called in for coyote exterminator services.


Enon Coyotes Fox Removal Service and Our trapping, habitat modification, and hazing techniques

Through trapping, , and hazing techniques coyotes and fox can be controlled on your property and Enon Coyotes Fox Removal Service is experienced and ready to assist. If you need coyote control, fox control, coyote exterminator or fox trapping services call us today at .


Enon Coyotes Fox Removal Service. Do you want fox removal or coyote removal? We know how to trap fox humanely.

Need a fox trapper in the Enon Ohio area? Enon Coyotes Fox Removal Service set a trap and removed this fox after it was found living under the deck.


We captured and removed hundreds of coyotes from Enon and other Miami Valley cities. Most complaints and reasoning for nuisance trapping coyotes and fox is from coyote attacks. The homeowners will call us because they need help. Almost everyone has some sort of shed or deck.  So, this makes suitable den locations for these varmints. Also, it provides opportunity for pet interactions between predator and prey.

Barnes Wildlife Control’s Enon Coyotes Fox Removal Service In The News!

Barnes Wildlife Owner Jacob Barnes featured in this

 “Problem Coyotes around Oakwood, Kettering, and Vandalia”

Coyote Sightings and Red Fox Complaints around Enon Ohio

The following complaints are quite common when Enon Coyotes Fox Removal Service gets coyote or fox calls. We always have answers to your questions! So give us a call if you have a fox or coyote problem! We are number 1 at coyote removal and fox removal!


  • Coyotes in my yard
  • Fox under my deck
  • Fox hole under my porch, need to find a fox trapper near Dayton, Ohio
  • Coyote running in road in neighborhood
  • Coyote tracks in my lawn
  • Hearing coyote howling at night, coyotes are highly social animals
  • How do I keep coyotes out of my yard
  • Is there a repellent to keep foxes away?
  • Are Coyotes dangerous around my kids and pets?
  • My cat went missing, did coyotes eat it?
  • Red Fox pups walking in my yard, should I call a pest company?

Enon Ohio Red Fox and Coyote Facts

Coyotes and Foxes are Not Best of Friends

Some Ohio Coyote Facts

Have you spotted coyotes in your neighborhood? Coyotes are found in every one of Ohio’s 88 counties. They have adapted to live among us inside city limits as well as rural areas. Unless provoked, coyotes rarely attack children or pets. But, it does happen!

Over the last two decades coyote populations have exploded in southwest Ohio. But, red and grey fox populations have been on the decline. Coyotes are now top predators in the Buckeye State. Also, red fox are competitors in their food chain. So, in the coyotes eye, they need to be eliminated.

Coyotes also view domestic pets such as dogs and cats as threats to their food source. If given the opportunity they will kill dogs and feral cats just for the sake of removing competition.

The main diet of coyote in the Enon area other than stray cats is cottontail rabbit, whitetail deer, voles, shrews, field mice, moles, grasshoppers, and occasionally will rummage through garbage.

Enon coyotes fox removal service photo: A trapped coyote

This coyote was trapped using a cable restraint trap after complaints of missing cats came in to our office from the Dayton, Ohio area.

Some Ohio Fox Facts

For the remaining red fox that have survived the coyote, they diet on very similar items as the coyote with the exception of whitetail deer.

The main complaint we hear from Enon area residents is that fox are coming into the yard or barn and eating livestock such as chickens and ducks.

Fox are extremely intelligent. They can find openings in your fence or pen in order to prey on poultry. Grey fox are almost non-existent in southern Ohio. Also, what remain of the Grey are struggling to survive in the remote woodland areas of the state. One benefit the gray fox has over the red fox is that it can climb trees. This enables them to escape predation from coyotes. As an aside, because the red fox cannot climb packs of coyotes often exterminate it.

Enon coyotes fox removal service photo: A red fox in a clients field.

This red fox was caught in a trap next to the chicken coop just a few nights after this photo was taken. If you need fox control on your property, we are here to help.

Do you want more information on these canine predators in the Enon area? Or, want to learn what Coyote Removal Services and Fox Pest Control services we have to offer?  Give our office a call at 937-340-1867.

Have you spotted coyotes in your Enon neighborhood?

Coyotes are found in every one of Ohio’s 88 counties. They have adapted to live inside city limits as well as rural areas. Unless provoked, coyotes rarely attack children or pets, but it does happen.


Trapped coyote in Ohio woods.

Looking for Coyote Pest Control near me? This coyote removal took place to protect the deer herd. Coyote kill many newborn deer fawns. Studies show as much as 80% of deer fawn are killed by coyotes.


In response to complaints about coyotes, the city posted information for more knowledge about coyotes and hazing tips. Beware that people who live near parks, woods and golf courses may see more coyotes.


Pet dog killed by coyote

In need of Coyote Removal Services in the Enon OH area? Coyote in the yard at night? Fox killing my chickens? Ducks ate by fox and I need a fox trapper? Enon Coyote exterminator near me? My dog attacked by coyote, who removes coyotes?