Coyote Removal Service for Dayton Ohio-┬áKeep your pets safe at home by using BWC’s coyote removal service

If you have ever searched for coyote removal service near me or have found this page you have probably had a problem with coyotes on your property and are looking for a solution and you’ve come to the right place. Barnes Wildlife Control offers complete coyote removal service for the entire Miami Valley area and have decades of experience dealing with coyotes. Do you live out on the country? Do you have cattle or livestock? Are you a deer hunter? Do you simply enjoy seeing the rabbits around your yard. Now the real question is do you have a coyote problem? Do Coyotes come dangerously close on your property? Do you hear them at night? Do they disturb your pets or live stock?

These predators are very evasive, but surprisingly populous in rural and suburban Ohio and their numbers have been increasing. They have successfully reduced the population of deer and rabbits and are especially active in the winter when food is harder to catch. Coyotes kill pet cats, small dogs, and even chickens in the Dayton area. Many people have a large amount of coyotes on their property but don’t know there are successful methods to get rid of them. Barnes Wildlife Control excels at eliminating coyotes through a variety of methods from modern humane traps and cable restraints to using thermal and night vision optics to locate the predators at night for covert removal options. If you know you have coyotes on your property, and own livestock or enjoy having deer and rabbits around the farm, call Barnes and remove your problem coyotes this winter Visit our Dayton Coyote Control Page.

Coyote Removal Service Dayton

This coyote was trapped after a concerned homeowner called for Coyote Removal Service.