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Franklin dead animal removal and carcass removal: Professional Odor Control and Sanitization Services



We know how to remove the Rotting Animal Smell

Are you tired of failed attempts at removing the dead animal smell from your home or business? And, in search of a professional dead animal carcass removal company that can get the job done right? If so Franklin Dead Animal Removal is here to help! We remove any deceased animal carcass! And, we give you professional remediation service from any location of your home. For example, under concrete patios, inside walls, in the attic, and even in sump pump pits.

Franklin Dead Animal Removal is knowledgeable and well equipped. We remove the dead animal carcass from your wall or attic. And, we are a certified company for eliminating the odorous smell by using the correct method. For example, we use ozone machines, air scrubber devices, ventilation and dehumidification. We also use state of the art chemical deodorizers. These deodorizers break down and encapsulate the odors. We remove the molecules and bacteria so that the smells go away. We will also restore your home to a better state than we found it. And we repair damages caused by the rotted carcass once we locate the dead animal and remove it.


Franklin dead animal removal. Dead Squirrel Removed from Chimney. Barnes Wildlife Control is number 1 in dead animal removal and carcass disposal.

We removed a Dead Squirrel Carcass from this chimney flue. Afterwards, we installed a new chimney cap. And, we deodorized the vent to remove the dead animal carcass odor.


we provide dead animal carcass removal and locating services

Franklin Dead Animal Removal provides dead animal carcass removal and locating services. Once we find and remove the rotting critter or decaying varmint, we sanitize the area. Then, we deodorize to remove any noxious odors that may be bothering you and your family. We use specialized odor counteractants to neutralize smells. And, we can even bring in Ozone machines when necessary. Also, insect infestation occurs due to the attraction to the rotting flesh. So, we are also trained and certified pest control operators to treat for the flies and gnats. Get rid of the dead critter smells and insects by calling us at .


Franklin dead animal removal is number 1 in dead animal removal and carcass disposal. Dead Raccoon removed from Backyard.

This raccoon was found dead in a local backyard and had appeared have been sick with distemper.

dead animal scents in your home? Call Barnes Wildlife Control at 937-340-1867 for dead animal removal and carcass disposal now.

Dead animal carcasses can smell and make for unhealthy living conditions and possible health concerns

Franklin Dead Animal Removal Common Complaints revolve around Foul Odor and Insects

  • Dead Animal Smell coming from Attic
  • Chimney insert has foul odor
  • Fireplace smells like a dead critter
  • Decaying animal smell in my wall
  • Smell and flies in my house from dead animal
  • How do I removed a dead animal carcass smell
  • Rotting carcass seeping through my ceiling, smell is awful, what do I do?
  • Animal nest in my chimney flue has bad odor and liquid dripping into fire box
  • An Animal died under my deck and the smell is horrible
  • I poisoned mice and know have bad smell in my wall and laundry room
  • Kitchen cabinets have dead mouse smell
  • Opened attic door and found insects and decayed animal carcass
  • Rodent poison caused bad smell in my house, best way to get rid of odor
  • Animal stuck in my wall died and now smells of decay and death
  • Dead squirrel in my basement
  • Dead critter smell under the shed
  • Wild Animal rot odor in my basement, who takes care of this?
  • Pest Control poison made animals die in my house, now it smells really bad, what can I do?
  • Skunk died under my porch, who can I call near Dayton?

barnes wildlife control is certified for eliminating odorous scents

Franklin Dead Animal Removal wants you to know carcasses can smell and make for unhealthy living conditions and possible health concerns.
We often find decaying squirrel bodies in buildings; especially attics. Pest control operators mistake sounds in the attic for mice and the rat poison they toss-up there often kills nontarget animals such as what’s left of this squirrel.

Dead Deer found in your Franklin yard? Horrible smell in your kitchen from mice? A Dead Animal In Your Franklin Chimney? Or, A Dead Animal In Your Franklin Attic? Dead Animal In Your Franklin Walls? How About A Dead Animal In Your Franklin Garage?