Barnes Wildlife Control Of Ohio

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Barnes Wildlife Control
South Office: Beavercreek, OH | North Office:Troy, OH
Phone: (937) 340-1867 Fax: (877) 771-3432

Barnes Wildlife Control Of Ohio

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Americas Best Wildlife Control Company Located In Dayton, Ohio

If you’re searching the vast world wide web in need of Americas Best Wildlife Control Company and found this page then the internet has once again served its purpose. There are so many factors that revolve around making a statement like this so here is a list of accurate reasons should convince you that Barnes Wildlife Control isn’t your run of the mill wild animal pest control company, only Americas Best Wildlife Control Company.


Americas Best Wildlife Control


The Makings Of Any Great Company Is Its Staff

The makings of any great company is its staff, as without hardworking and trustworthy people to service our Miami Valley Ohio customers, we wouldn’t be Americas Best Wildlife Control Company. The team of office administrative workers are trained to discuss wild animal and insect problems our clients experience issues with and are very personable and friendly to communicate with either over the phone or through email using our Contact Page. Once the wildlife removal appointment is set, one of our highly skilled and professional wildlife control operators will call before arrival, wear boot covers in your home, quickly diagnose your pest problem, and offer solutions to rid the house of varmints the same day.  Not many wildlife control companies will do all this, let alone in one service visit. 


Americas Best Wildlife Control

To be the best, you need the best. Barnes Wildlife Control, Americas Best Wildlife Control, has the highest quality professionally trained staff in all of our positions.


Barnes Wildlife 100% Fully Equipped Trucks 

All Barnes Wildlife 100% fully equipped trucks come to your home loaded with traps, baits, lures, tools, and wildlife removal gadgets (many custom designed and manufactured by our team). This enables us to get the pests out while restoring your peace of mind. That being the case, you’ll never have to schedule another follow up appointment.  We understand your time is valuable, so we have invested in trucks, staff, education, and equipment. This level of quality control provides a unique service to our Dayton area clients. Still not convinced Barnes is Americas Best Wildlife Control Company?  Review the bulleted list to see how many different reasons why we are the best.


Bat Exclusion done. Setting up for a bat waste removal project and insulation replacement once the bats were removed from the attic. Americas Best Wildlife Control

Getting Ready For A Big Attic Insulation Job. Americas Best Wildlife Control Company Is Always Well Prepared With Fully Equipped Trucks.


Reasons Why We Are The Best 

  • 4 Years and counting- Recipient of Angie’s List Super Service Award in both wildlife and pest control categories
  • Highest rated Better Business Bureau Wildlife Company in Ohio
  • Highest rated Google Business company for Wildlife Control in the area
  • #1 Yelp Recommended
  • HomeAdvisor #1 Pest Control Company in Southwest OH
  • Business Owner “Jacob Barnes” holds Top Secret United States Air Force Security Clearance
  • We background check and screen all our employees for our client’s protection
  • Loved on Facebook and Instagram by many dedicated followers
  • Continued Education for our staff and technicians that improve their wildlife and insect control knowledge
  • Onsite training on a variety of wildlife removal and pest prevention topics. These topics include  advanced mole trapping, raccoon removal tips, mosquito control techniques. Also, we provide other seminars to keep the technicians skills honed.
  • Family owned and operated- not just saying that like so many companies do!


We’re Not Done Yet With Why We Are The Best!

  • Certified and Licensed in several areas of expertise
  • Barnes Wildlife Control gives back and supports many local families, organizations, national and local wildlife rehabilitators, youth sports, and non-profits
  • Thousands of Satisfied Customers
  • We do what we say we are going to do!
  • 3 month On the Job Training required for all new employee creates well rounded employees. We believe in a strong foundation in this highly complex and involved field.
  • Barnes Wildlife Controls warranty is the best in the industry. We provide a 2 year guarantee against pest invaders returning through the animal barriers we install. We also provide extended warranties forever as long as the structure is inspected by a Barnes tech annually. This wildlife removal checkup is vital to inspect for deficiencies or changes in the home or business. These changes occur for a number of reasons. For example, weather such as rain and wind or construction changes such as new siding or roof being installed. Also, tree limbs cause damage to areas that allow pests to re-enter.
  • Combined experience and knowledge of the Americas Best Wildlife Control Company is second to none in this industry


barnes wildlife control is a member of the Better Business Bureau


We Have To Continue To Toot Our Own Horn!

As an industry leader, Barnes Wildlife Control uses cutting edge trapping and removal methods.  Hence, we can better serve customers needs and wants while getting critters out of their homes as fast as possible. Barnes uses a combination of many tactics and strategies to solve your varmint in the house issues such as:

  • Remote monitoring of traps and animal movements using wireless motion activated cameras. We can instantly notify the main pest control office and wildlife technicians of catches or animal activity real time 
    • also extremely helpful for our clients that live out of state and manage rental properties abroad so we can keep an eye on the situation and send instant animal removal updates via text or email
    • for our clients with travel plans or that need to vacate the home during the critter removal process this is a wonderful time saver
    • highly useful for sensitive environments where constant surveillance of the animal trapping efforts needs to be available. This includes schools, areas prone to theft and areas prone to trap tampering. Also, areas where the animals welfare could be in jeopardy if not removed from a cage right away.
  • BWC incorporates dozens of proprietary wildlife catcher techniques to quickly solve any animal pest situation. Years of development and trial and error have perfected many new trap designs to evict the unwanted animals in your attic or crawlspace faster than any other company around
  • Specialized wildlife baits and lures made by professionals and exclusive to industry leaders are standard in our toolbox


Our Final Advice: In Wildlife Removal Knowledge Is The Key

Wildlife Removal and animal behavior KNOWLEDGE is key as the old saying goes “Its not the weapon, but the warrior who wields it’ and that is so true. Anyone in America can go out and slap raccoon stickers on a truck, buy a few live cage traps, and claim to be an expert in this field.  But,  if you’ve had many life experiences with hiring contractors, you will soon be able to see through the mud. To become Americas Best Wildlife Control Company you have to find the right people who care about their work, invest and inspire those employees to be the best, keep current with industry changes and regulations, and be honest and provide quality professional work for all your clients.


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A Local And Trustworthy Wildlife Removal Business: Barnes Wildlife Control

If you are searching for a local and trustworthy wildlife removal business in the Dayton OH area then consider yourself fortunate.  You now have the option to hire Americas Best Wildlife Control Company and experience first class service from start to finish. Barnes Wildlife Control was founded in 2011 and is proud to serve all of Southwestern Ohio and communities of Dayton, New Carlisle, Tipp City, Centerville, Kettering and many more.