How To Keep Weather And Wildlife Outdoors

Animal Proofing your Miami Valley Home and buildings helps keep weather and wildlife, especially nuisance wildlife, outdoors. Here in the Miami Valley, property owners face a challenge to stay warm in winter, cool in summer and to control those household bills when their home or office has any leaks or drafts.  But damaged shingles, faulty gutters, cracks in caulk, missing mortar, or unsealed gaps in siding and eaves don’t just let the elements in.  Those same openings invite unwelcome nuisance animals or pests into your home, bringing a lot of other problems with them – noise, smell, disease or injury, expensive repairs and restoration.

Raccoon going into roof soffit

Raccoon going into roof soffit

Some pests like carpenter ants can compromise the structural soundness of a building. Others, like bats, do not chew or enlarge holes themselves but enter through gaps as small as a dime, 3/8”.  Mice will also enter through tiny cracks and holes and can chew through electrical wires, with the risk of fire.  In the space of a year, a single female house mouse can produce more than 100 offspring, infesting a building.  Larger animals such as raccoons will rip shingles aside, pull vents apart or tear into ductwork. 

We Understand All Types Of Wildlife Damage

Here at Barnes Wildlife Control, we know the damage that nuisance animals make and the mess they leave behind.  We handle every kind of nuisance wildlife all over the Miami Valley, indoors or outdoors.  And we mean all nuisance animals and pests, whether they fly, chew, bite, crawl, slither, swarm, jump, climb or burrow.  Check out our services here. We carry out Animal Proofing after every nuisance animal removal and offer repair and restoration services too.  

Squirrel Chewed Vent Screen to get into Attic

Squirrel Chewed Vent Screen to get into Attic

But what can you do about Animal Proofing your Miami Valley Home?  Make a visual inspection part of your routine change of season work in the yard or on the house.  Take at look at your property whenever you are putting up screens for Summer, mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, raking leaves in the Fall, cleaning windows, clearing out gutters, grilling or sitting on the porch enjoying fine weather.  Look under the porch, repair that porch or deck skirt and check those basement window wells.  Preventative maintenance goes a long way towards Animal Proofing.  Paying attention to your property can stop a small problem becoming a bigger one but some problems will still need professional help whether inside or outside a structure.

Take Sensible Precautions If Animal Proofing Your Property.  

Misguided or well-meaning attempts at Animal Proofing your Miami Valley Home may place you or wildlife at risk.  Confronting or cornering a nuisance animal could lead to injury or a fall.  Remember that chimneys and roofs are dangerous places to work, even on a single-story building.  All our experienced Barnes Wildlife Control technicians are insured for working at heights.  Take care when sealing holes as well.  Sealing holes without knowing or caring whether you are trapping an animal or its young inside is inhumane.  Separate a mother from her young and she will only cause further damage as she tries to reach them.  Don’t disregard the law either.  Bats are protected here in the Miami Valley, as are woodpeckers.  Our technicians will always establish what nuisance animal is causing the damage and deal with it legally, humanely and appropriately before Animal Proofing. 

Shortcuts are an expensive way to save cash. At Barnes Wildlife Control, we have the training and the expertise to handle any nuisance animal and to carry out professional Animal Proofing, repair and restoration. We have the right equipment and provide the right materials for any job, inside or out. 

We Offer Specialist Products And Services Related To Animal Proofing

  • installing ridge vent guards on the roof to protect against bats, birds, squirrels and mice. Roof ventilation is a critical part of the life of any building’s roof, but ridge vents without a guard are wide open to wildlife. Check out the best ridge vent animal guard that professional wildlife control company’s use here:
  • carrying out a live bat exclusion. Barnes Wildlife Control offers a professional bat removal service that also includes bat proofing and clean up with using the best bat eviction devices on the market: The Bat Valve
  • Installing visual bird deterrents or woodpecker scare devices. Woodpeckers are a nuisance here in the Miami Valley, and the holes they drill can also provide other pests with an easy way into your home. 

Don’t let a small thing become a big problem.  Call Barnes Wildlife Control today for all your Animal Proofing solutions. (937) 340-1867

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