Bat Eradication can be done Humanely without Harming any Bats

Bat Eradication is not a process that true professionals in the wildlife control industry condone.  Any good dictionary will define the word “eradication” as meaning “the complete destruction of something”.  Bat Eradication in this strict sense is illegal and inhumane, as well as unnecessary.

Barnes Wildlife Technician Catches Bat from Inside House

Barnes Wildlife Technician Catches Bat from Inside House

Bats are vulnerable.  Around the world, laws and regulations protect bats and their habitats because all species are endangered.  Bats are important, playing key roles in ecosystems worldwide from rain forests to deserts, particularly here in the US because they consume enormous amounts of insects, including mosquitoes and agricultural pests.  A single Little Brown Bat can catch and consume as many as 1,000 mosquitoes or similar insects in an hour, which is pest control at its most natural and useful.

But bats do come into conflict with humans, especially when they move into the structures where we live, either to breed or to hibernate. Proper protocol exists to handle these situations and to keep us and the bats safe, but also to ensure bat conservation.  At Barnes Wildlife Control, we follow the law and we handle all bats and bat problems around the Miami Valley with care.  We do not practice Bat Eradication, only safe bat evictions where all bats exit the home without injury.          

Property owners who have any kind of bat problem should never hire a wildlife or nuisance animal control company that offers a service called Bat Eradication.  Chances are that such companies know nothing about bats, have no idea what they are doing, or how to do it.  Their Bat Eradication will no doubt involve processes such as poison or trapping – both of which are illegal, and unethical.  And inhumane.  Even if they claim to be less expensive, companies offering Bat Eradication of any sort will only provide unsatisfactory service.  Don’t be fooled – their lack of experience and training already shows that they will cut corners.  This will cause more inconvenience and may expose their own technicians or the customer to health issues, such as the risk of rabies or histoplasmosis (an airborne disease contracted from spores within infected bat droppings).

Barnes Wildlife Control offers a professional bat removal service and will never carry out a Bat Eradication.  Professional bat removal requires extensive training, experience and equipment to assess a bat problem and to practice proper bat handling, whether it is a single bat flying around the house or a colony in the attic requiring a live bat exclusion, along with bat proofing.  Live bat exclusion involves sealing up all but a few of the entrances that bats are using to enter a property and installing one-way bat doors which allow the bats to exit unharmed but not return. Barnes Wildlife Control uses the best device on the market to facilitate a successful live bat exclusion – The Bat Valve The Bat Valve can be found on Amazon.  Once all the bats have left, we remove each one-way bat door and seal up the structure to complete the bat proofing part of the process.  We also follow approved procedures for sanitizing inside a building including the handling and disposing of contaminated attic insulation.  Not every wildlife control company offers this level of service, but Barnes Wildlife Control is proud to handle every customer’s entire bat problem, from live bat exclusion to bat proofing and clean-up.

Here in the Miami Valley, turn to a licensed wildlife control company that has years of experience, as well as an established customer base with helpful reviews.  Read our reviews, and always trust Barnes Wildlife Control for professional, humane bat removal, not Bat Eradication.


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