This Bat Blog discusses what to do to remove a bat in the house in Dayton, OH.

Removing any bat in the house in Dayton is a task that requires a unique combination of knowledge, equipment, and discipline. Barnes Wildlife Control is proficient in all three areas and, furthermore, boasts top-notch customer service. Beyond that, Barnes Wildlife Control hires the top local bat removal experts in order to maintain a standard of excellence in our service as well as in our communities. When you awake in the night and find a Bat in the House Dayton Ohio Call our office today at (937) 340-1867 and speak to a bat removal expert today!

How do You Catch a Bat in your Dayton, Ohio Home? Here are the steps to take:

Imagine you have a bat in the house in Dayton. What would you imagine is the first thing you should do? Here is a list of steps, in order, that we take when handling a bat in the house in Dayton:

  • Firstly, we isolate the bat into a single room and block off possible secondary exits by sealing off the door(s).
  • In the meantime, we can test the captured bat for rabies to ensure nobody has been infected in the event of an incidental bit or scratch.
  • Next, we survey the house for any remaining entry points that the bat might be able to get back in through.
  • Then, if we find other entry points, we can perform a bat exclusion and install a bat valve to remove any other bats that may be inside the home or attic.
  • Afterward, we seal all the entry points so that re-entry is impossible for any remaining bats.
  • Finally, we inspect the property for damage or contamination and can perform a full range of attic cleanup and restoration services.


Bat in the House Dayton Ohio Photo
Bat In The House – Dayton Trapped And Removed From Home
Barnes Wildlife Control is the primary service provider for getting rid of a bat from your house in Dayton, Ohio. We are available to help with any bat removal project you might have. Furthermore, we can perform any necessary repairs afterward. This can include sanitizing contaminated areas, replacing insulation, repairing vents and ducts, and much more. Call (937) 340-1867 today to get your bat removal job started!