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Barnes Wildlife Control
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Barnes Wildlife Control Of Ohio

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Bat Removal Product

Bat Removal Product is a very broad description for a great number of devices including the bat cone, the bat valve, one-way bat exclusion device or one-way bat door. Some are commercial, while other options are homemade but all claim success in removing bats from a structure.  The success rate for any Bat Removal Product varies along with its quality and effectiveness but one thing is essential – never try to install or use any Bat Removal Product without first knowing the law.  Federal law and state regulations protect all bats. 

Bat Removal Product for bat control

The Bat Valve Bat Removal Product got rid of this bat.

Bats are one of the most difficult animal pests to get out of the house.

Any homeowner or company must use legal and humane methods to remove bats from a structure, and no Bat Removal Product should trap or poison bats.  At Barnes Wildlife Control, we follow the law and we also know about every type of Bat Removal Product on the market.  From experience, we know exactly what kind of Bat Removal Product works around the Miami Valley – and why. Bat Extermination is often mistaken for what we do humane bat removal. In order for bats to be humanely evicted from an attic, all the gaps on the house must be sealed so the bats don’t come back.

Homeowners or commercial property owners will eventually notice bats living within their attics, roof spaces, chimneys or walls.  Customers tell us about hearing bats, seeing them or smelling them(!).  Here in the Miami Valley, these bats are the Little Brown or Big Brown Bats, which can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps, cracks or slits (about 3/8” or the size of a dime and oblong in shape) to enter a structure.  Any Bat Removal Product that does not take that fact into account will fail.  At Barnes Wildlife Control, we only use a versatile, one-way bat exclusion device in conjunction with a humane, live bat exclusion – and the Bat Removal Product we turn to is THE BAT VALVE

Professional Bat Control companies The Bat Valve as their Bat Removal Product of choice.

Since evicted bats will try to return to a structure, bat control is as important as bat removal.  Using any Bat Removal Product without permanently excluding the bats and repairing or sealing the structure is a waste of time.  Barnes Wildlife Control will first assess the extent of the customer’s bat problem, and professionally seal up all but a few of the essential entry points that the bats use.  Upon each of these, we will install a one-way bat exclusion device (The Bat Valve), a Bat Removal Product that allows the bats to leave but not to re-enter the structure. This is the first part of any humane, live bat exclusion and it may take a few days for all the bats to leave.  Only then will we remove each bat valve and seal up the remaining holes.  Up to this point, we carry out all the work from the outside.  We will then complete the work on the inside of the structure with any clean-up and removal of bat waste, including soiled attic insulation, and finally sanitize the area as necessary.   

The Bat Valve is no doubt the best and most versatile Bat Removal Product we now carry on our trucks.   Easy to place anywhere at any angle on a structure, with quick attachment, The Bat Valve is built to last and effective.  Using The Bat Valve, we have 100% success with humane, live bat exclusions.  Barnes Wildlife Control will not use any other Bat Removal Product. Visit this site Dayton Bat Control Service to learn more about Bat Pest Control or call (937) 340-1867 to speak to a trained bat expert.