Barnes Wildlife Control confronts beaver damage problems in the Greater Dayton Ohio region on a regular basis. Recently, we received a call from a homeowner near Troy Ohio in Miami County for beaver removal.  The customer stated that several of his Poplar and Willow trees had been cut down by beavers living around his property.  Also, the customer’s neighbor had tree damage and noticed what looked like a beaver lodge in a retention pond on his property.

Beaver Damage Problems - A Beaver Dam photo

A beaver lodge nestled along the creek’s bank

A Beaver Caster Mound photo

A muskrat den in the middle of plant growth in the creek

Upon inspection, the “beaver lodge” was a muskrat house. But, we soon realized that beavers were living in the nearby Creek resulting in beaver damage problems. After further inspection of the Creek, we discovered a beaver lodge and a beaver dam. Also, we located several cut trees and caster mounds that the beaver make to identify their territory.

Beaver Damage Problems - A Beaver Home Along bank photo

Another Photo Of The Beaver Lodge found along the creek

Beaver Damage Problems - beaver piled sticks blocking water photo

A Beaver Dam backing up the creek

Barnes Wildlife Control technicians then went back to the homeowners association. They showed the members numerous photos of what they had found. After that, the association realized the problem needed to be solved otherwise further beaver damage problems would continue. Fortunately, in their wisdom, the association gave us approval for setting up beaver traps. But, setting traps only began the beaver removal process. Finally, we also must check the traps daily until we resolve the beaver damage problems. Furthermore, we guaranteed that we would resolve their beaver issues. Any job Barnes Wildlife Control starts we know we can finish with a happy ending!

A Beaver sitting along a bank photo

one of the beavers living in the creek

Keep in mind, the two beaver problems Barnes Wildlife Control prevents are flooding that results from blockage and damage caused to beautiful trees. Above all, if you find yourself needing beaver control services in Miami County Ohio give Barnes Wildlife Control a call at (937) 340-1867.