Dayton Ohio Raccoon Removal Service is more than just catching raccoons!

If you search for Dayton Ohio Raccoon Removal Service here are some things you should know before hiring a Dayton wildlife control company.  First, RESEARCH the animal control company!  Also, the the Better Business Bureau website lists accredited business with positive reviews. See our BBB reviews here at BBB Accreditation. Also, see customer testimonials here at Customer Comments. Another important consideration to make when looking for a Company is to see if they offer raccoon damage repairs. Once trapped and taken away raccoons leave entry holes. Always repair these entry holes! You don’t want animals  getting back into your attic, basement or wall!

Barnes Wildlife Control offers guaranteed animal exclusion repairs. Also, all of our repair work is done by our own certified wildlife control professionals.  None of our work is subcontracted, so you can trust that the work is done properly and not marked up on price.  Other considerations when looking for a raccoon trapper for your Dayton Ohio Raccoon Removal Service project are:

  • Do they have animal removal certifications?
  • Are they licensed and bonded for wild animal pest control work?
  • Is the wildlife control company able to get your home in a timely manner?
  • Do they drive marked trucks so you know you are dealing with a professional company?
  • Finally, are you are 100% aware of who is working on your Dayton raccoon removal service project?

Dayton Ohio Raccoon Removal Service Fees!

Barnes Wildlife Control’s  Dayton Ohio Raccoon Removal Service only charges you a fee for the animals captured and removed. Also, we leave traps on your roof as long as required to get the job done.  Sometimes it can take as long as 2-3 weeks dependent on weather, temperature and number of animals. Also, previously captured raccoons avoid traps, i.e. trap shy. This is why we feel it’s best not to charge a flat rate of ~$500 per week whether we capture a raccoon in a trap or not.  Who’s to say what will unfold if you go with a flat rate removal company that charges by the week. They could set minimal traps and not bait the traps properly! The result: the project draws on for weeks on end just to run the animal removal fee up on the customer. 

Our incentive by charging by the animal is to only catch the nuisance raccoons causing you problems. We want to do it quickly so we can move on to the repair process. Also, we want your life getting back to normal. That means undisturbed sleep with an attic free of raccoons.  If Barnes Wildlife Control can help you with your Dayton Ohio Raccoon Removal Service please Contact Us.


Dayton Ohio Raccoon Removal Service  Gets Raccoon From  Beavercreek Attic

Dayton Ohio Raccoon Removal Service removes many raccoons from basements, attics and under porches.