Dayton On Call Wildlife Control

Here at On Call Wildlife Control provided by Barnes Pest Removal, we strive to provide fast service. We can often be there the same day you call us at (937) 340-1867 to schedule an inspection of the animals in the attic. Our On Call Wildlife Control service is only successful due to having a well trained fully staffed office and over a dozen full time wildlife removal field technicians. Most days we receive over 50 calls per day here at on call wildlife control. With that many customers calling to discuss their pest control needs, we excel at managing our trapping routes and scheduling to get to everyone. Providing excellent customer service is key to being the best on call wildlife control company in Dayton, Ohio.

On Call Wildlife Control

Snake in the house was captured using our On Call Wildlife Control

Dealing with Critters in the Attic During the Busy Season

The months between April through June and August through October are the busiest times when a nuisance varment is active in Dayton area homes. The primary place that raccoons and squirrels enter the home are on the roof. The roof has entry points typically at a ridge vent which can be protected from animals getting into the attic by installing Peak Protector. Bats and mice will also take advantage of roof gaps to enter the home but don’t lose sleep with Barnes’ on call wildlife control. Raccoons start nesting for birthing during March and have 3 to 4 kits (babies) in the attic insulation. Other critters can get into the attic from areas along the foundation and along the fascia. The most common animal we encounter using lower entry points is mice and pine squirrels. Mice will however climb up the sides of the home and enter along the drip edge if the opportunity arises.  If you experience critters causing you a problem seek out the best varment guard service in Southwest Ohio by contacting Barnes Wildlife Control.

Guard your home from a Varment intrusion

The best way to protect your most valuable investment (your home) is to guard against damage from animal pests. Both insect and animal pests not only will keep you up at night, they can cost you thousands of dollars in home damage.

Here is a list of common things varmints can damage:

  • attic insulation
  • electrical wires
  • drywall
  • vents
  • siding
  • shingles
  • gutters
  • aluminum drip edge

If you decide to fix these items consider our on call wildlife control damage repair service. We guarantee all of our work and make repairs look the there was never an animal problem. Barnes Wildlife Control is proud to serve our Dayton community!