Dayton Raccoon Problems Blog Post: If raccoons are spending time in your trees they soon can become a problem.

Dayton Raccoon Problems And The Damage Raccoons Can Cause In Dayton, Ohio Homes

Raccoons can cause significant damage to your attic when they take up residence there. Some common types of damage caused by raccoons include structural damage. These masked bandits can tear apart soffits, fascia boards, and vents to enter your attic. They may also damage shingles and roof decking in the process, causing leaks and potential water damage to your home.

Once in an attic, raccoons often burrow into the insulation, compressing it and reducing its effectiveness. Raccoons damage to your attic insulation can result in higher energy bills and an uncomfortable living environment due to drafts and fluctuating temperatures. Your electrical wiring is vulnerable to raccoon chewing, creating fire hazards and damaging your electrical system.

Raccoon feces in your attic leave unpleasant odors and pose health risks due to harmful parasites and bacteria, such as raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis), which can cause severe illness in humans if accidentally ingested or inhaled.

The moisture from raccoon urine and feces can lead to mold and mildew growth in your attic, which can cause structural damage and also pose health risks. Also, raccoons will bring in various materials to create nests, which can clog vents, damage insulation, and create fire hazards.

To avoid these raccoon-related problems, you must address a raccoon infestation as soon as possible. It’s crucial to clean and sanitize the affected area to eliminate any lingering contaminants. Barnes Wildlife Control’s Dayton raccoon trapping experts specialize in raccoon removal and have extensive experience in the cleanup and decontamination process. We have the proper equipment and cleaning supplies to ensure your attic is safe, contaminant-free, and odor-free.

But these issues can be more complicated to deal with when a mother and her kits are involved. So let’s address this situation as well.

Dayton Raccoon Problems blog post:raccoon trapped in attic
Dayton Raccoon Problems blog post: raccoon trapped on roof

A Mother Raccoon, Her Kits, And Associated Dayton Raccoon Problems

Raccoon babies, also known as kits or cubs, are typically born between March and May in the spring. A mother raccoon will look for a safe, warm, and secluded place to give birth and raise her young, often leading them to attics, chimneys, or crawlspaces in residential areas. The damage a pregnant raccoon mother will do to enter a building can be substantial when she desires a safe, warm place to give birth. When dealing with raccoons, it’s essential to consider humane removal methods, especially when babies are involved.

Our process for humane raccoon removal when babies are present demands we follow a series of procedures. We can identify the presence of babies when we hear specific noises in your attic or other areas of your home. If babies are present, we may hear chattering, squeaking, or other distinct sounds that indicate the presence of kits.

If our raccoon technician suspects raccoon babies are involved, they will typically attempt to locate the raccoon nest and remove the babies by hand. A one-way exclusion device or live trap will be used to capture the mother. Once the entire family is removed, they will be relocated together to a suitable, safe location.

Please note that it’s always best to contact a professional wildlife removal service like Barnes Wildlife Control, which has experience with raccoon babies and humane raccoon removal. At Barnes, we have the necessary knowledge and equipment to safely remove the raccoon family without causing harm or distress. When untrained individuals attempt to remove a mother raccoon and her babies, the associated Dayton Raccoon Problems generally turn out for the worse, which you do not want.

Raccoon Babies in Attic Insulation
Dayton Raccoon Problems blog post: Damage to a ceiling caused by a raccoon with kits living in the attic. raccoon

Raccoon Damaged Buildings Associated With Dayton Raccoon Problems

Raccoons are intelligent and adaptable creatures, but they can cause significant damage to buildings when they seek shelter, food, or nesting sites. There are many types of damage raccoons can cause, and numerous repairs that may be necessary.

Raccoons are excellent climbers and can damage roof shingles, vents, and soffits as they try to access the attic or other sheltered areas. Repairing these damages may involve replacing damaged shingles or roofing materials, repairing or replacing damaged vents and soffits, and sealing all potential entry points to prevent further access.

Once raccoons gain access to the attic, they can cause damage to insulation, wiring, and wood framing. We may need to replace damaged insulation and ensure proper insulation levels, repair or replace damaged wiring to prevent electrical hazards or fix or reinforce wood framing to maintain structural integrity.

Raccoons may nest in your chimney, damaging the flue and creating blockages. Repairs can involve cleaning and removing debris from the chimney, repairing any damage to the flue or structure, or installing a chimney cap to prevent future animal intrusions.

Wall and ceiling damage can occur as raccoons move through a building. Repairs can include patching holes and cracks in walls and ceilings, repairing or replacing damaged drywall, and repainting affected areas.

Dayton Raccoon Problems blog post: Damage to a roof caused by a raccoon.
Dayton Raccoon Problems blog post: Damage to a ceiling caused by a raccoon with kits living in the attic. raccoon

Damage to Ductwork and HVAC Systems is not uncommon due to raccoons. We may need to inspect and repair damaged ducts, clean and sanitize ducts to remove contaminants or replace or repair damaged HVAC components.

Finally, we will need to remove contaminated materials such as insulation, drywall, or flooring, clean and sanitize affected areas with appropriate disinfectants, and replace any insulation wholly or partially, depending on the damage. We may also need to deal with potential parasite infestations as well.

It’s Time To Call Barnes Wildlife Control For Your Dayton Raccoon Problems

So you have Dayton raccoon problems and are looking for raccoon removal assistance in Dayton, Ohio. For raccoon trapping and removal in Dayton, Ohio, consider contacting Barnes Wildlife Controls’ professional raccoon removal service¬†at (937) 340-1867. We have the equipment and expertise to safely and humanely remove raccoons from your property. Our team can assist with damage repairs caused by raccoons, such as fixing holes in your attic or roof, repairing or removing damaged insulation, addressing any structural damage, and so much more. If you prefer, you can contact us via our contact form.

“One day I noticed insulation on my deck. When I figured out where the insulation came from, I noticed a hole in the corner of the roofline and a dormer. Living in the woods, I knew I had an animal in there. I called Barnes, and they responded quickly and set a trap. They took the time to explain what was happening, why, and how they would resolve the issue.

Within a couple days the raccoon was trapped, and I called Barnes to let them know. They were out within a couple hours. They secured the opening after removing the raccoon, and came back a few days later to permanently seal the opening, and prevent future infestations. I highly recommend this company. Very nice and professional employees who fixed my problem quickly at a fair price!”

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