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Dayton Raccoon Removal Service

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Barnes Wildlife Control Dayton Raccoon Removal Service

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Dayton Raccoon Removal Service
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Dayton Raccoon Removal Service

Serving All of Southwestern Ohio

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Dayton Raccoon Removal Service: Your Hometown Solution To Raccoon Control

Dayton Raccoon Removal Service knows your home is not a raccoon’s natural habitat. But, you can end this nuisance animal problem! We use effective and humane raccoon removal service. For instance, Dayton Raccoon Removal Service specializes in a myriad of strategies. Usually these include raccoon trapping, raccoon damage repairs, and whole home animal exclusion. Finally, we do habitat modification. As a result, this prevents raccoons from frequenting the yard and climbing on the roof.


barnes wildlife control deals with raccoon destruction. Dayton Raccoon Removal Service.

We are fully equipped with raccoon trapping equipment on every truck in our fleet to assist in the removal of raccoons. Raccoon removal service is often needed when you see damage to your siding and roof like in this animal damage photo,


Without a doubt, the longer a raccoon inhabits your home or attic, the more damage they can cause.  At Dayton Raccoon Removal Service, we provide reliable and effective raccoon trapping. Furthermore, our raccoon removal service goes above and beyond to get the raccoons out of your attic. Also, we do this in the shortest amount of time possible.

Raccoons are a nuisance animal species as they tend to live in both urban and rural areas. Due to their instinct to search for food and shelter, they may ruin your home in small ways. For example, they tear holes through the roof to get in your attic. Or, a raccoon can climb down a chimney blocking your chimney flue. In brief, get rid of the raccoons before the problem worsens! Definitely, Contact Us Today!


Open Chimney Caps & Flues leads to Raccoons Nesting in Fireplace. WE CAN HELP! Dayton Raccoon Removal Service.

Open Chimney Caps And Flues leads to Raccoons Nesting in Fireplace. WE CAN HELP!


A List Of Frequent Damages Raccoons Cause To Your Home And Attic Space

  • Raccoons chew on electrical wiring. Also, they loosen electrical connections by pulling and walking on electric lines
  • Raccoons compress attic insulation by walking and nesting on top. Hence, this reduces your attic thermal insulation factor – also referred to as R-Value.
  • They defecate urine and feces into the attic insulation. As a result this can cause severe health concerns.
  • Raccoons create latrine areas where they drop their fecal matter. Ultimately their poop can start to show on the sheetrock inside the home. The raccoon droppings combined with the raccoon urine may seep through the ceiling. As a result this produces round yellow and/or brown stains on the drywall texturing. Also it’s not uncommon for raccoons to continue to use a latrine location inside the attic for years. This can grow in size over time to over 100 lbs. Frequently the contaminated area will weaken the rafters and the drywall ceiling. Hence, weakened rafters can collapse into the living space.
  • Raccoons are also notorious for tearing the flexible duct work in the attic. Also, they love ducting made of fiberglass. And, raccoons will make a nest out of this material.

Why Choose Dayton Raccoon Removal Service For Raccoon Removal Services?

Dayton Raccoon Removal Service has been in the business of wildlife removal for many years. In fact, our prevention services are second to none. Definitely, raccoon control is a large part of our curriculum. Naturally, our trained raccoon removal specialists provide services in raccoon control. Furthermore, we conduct humane treatment of animals while delivering exceptional service. Moreover, we use efficient procedures, and effective methods to get the raccoons out of your home or attic asap.

Finally, please understand we are not raccoon exterminators. Dayton Raccoon Removal Service captures nuisance raccoons causing damage. Also, we do exclusion and habitat modification to keep the wild animals in the wild and not your house.



Dayton Raccoon Removal Service has over 60 years of experience in raccoon prevention. And, we are experts at raccoon home damage repair. Also, we have both the knowledge and tools to get rid of any raccoon problem. Furthermore, our courteous, professional staff members train in raccoon removal, trapping and control techniques. Without a doubt, they all know how to prevent future raccoon damage to your home.


Raccoon Droppings in Attic Insulation in Ohio. Dayton Raccoon Removal Service.

Raccoon Droppings in Attic Insulation can be dangerous to your health & the raccoons need to trapped and removed. Once the raccoon removal is complete the attic should be sanitized and the fecal matter removed prior to installing new insulation.


Dayton Raccoon Removal Service includes the following:

  • Raccoon Removal
  • Raccoon Kit (raccoon baby) locating service & extraction
  • Sealing raccoon entry points
  • Raccoon Prevention using our habitat modification services as seen

for more information on raccoon removal near you. But keep in mind we are not raccoon exterminators. 

Finally, our extended list of services about critter removal or pest control in Dayton is a also call away. 


The Most Common Complaints & Habitats of Raccoons

  • Raccoons living in attic
  • Baby raccoon noises coming from attic or chimney
  • How to get a raccoon out of a dumpster
  • Raccoons nesting in the chimney
  • Raccoons on the roof
  • Attic noises at night
  • Raccoons keeping me awake at night in my attic
  • Raccoon inside your crawlspace and tearing up insulation
  • Chimney noises in fireplace
  • Raccoon poop on my deck
  • Raccoons living under the deck
  • Roof damage from animals
  • Raccoon climbing tree, downspouts, and gutters to get onto roof
  • Raccoon living in tree close to house

How To Identify Raccoons And Health Concerns

The Northern Raccoon has a black mask and ringed tail. Also, they have an average life span of 5-6 years. But, they can also live up to 12 years. Raccoons usually breed in January but could be as late as July. Yet, if the first litter of raccoon babies doesn’t survive, the sow will breed again with a boar in the same year.

The presence of raccoons in your home can cause property damages, diseases, and may even do harm to your pets. Also, raccoons are vectors of rabies and other harmful diseases. For example, these diseases include distemper, leptospirosis, parvovirus, and raccoon roundworm.


Raccoon on fence at Dayton Raccoon Removal Service.

Raccoon removal service is just a call away


Everything To Know About Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are sometimes spelled Raccoon and often referred to as Coon for short. Raccoons are common nuisance critters in the Dayton neighborhoods. Also, they love to live in homes!  Many times, in suburban areas they develop very little fear of people that live nearby.

Raccoons can cause quite a bit of damage and keep you awake during the night. Are you an unlucky homeowner around Dayton with raccoon problems? If so, call Dayton Raccoon Removal Service.


Raccoon tore this hole in the roof to get into the attic to make a nest. Barnes Wildlife Control trapped the raccoon coming out of the attic the 1st night and repaired the roof damage like it never happened. Dayton Raccoon Removal Service.

Raccoon tore this hole in the roof to get into the attic to make a nest. Dayton Raccoon Removal Service trapped the raccoon coming out of the attic the 1st night and repaired the roof damage like it never happened.


During our service call we conduct an inspection on the nuisance critter situation. Finally, Dayton Raccoon Removal Service technicians will provide you with a thorough report. Also If you have raccoons our certified wildlife technicians will explain

  • The location of their main entry points
  • How the raccoons accessed those areas
  • Any other entry points or potential entry points
  • All your options for resolving the problem or problems
  • Our estimate for any necessary repairs and leave it with you.


Raccoons Common Entry Area

Raccoons are proficient climbers. For exmaple, they locate common entry areas on the roof. But, finding the openings to your attic can be difficult to the untrained eye. However, raccoons will enter through soffits, eaves, chimney flues, dormers, roof and gable vents. And, they like to nest down in wall cavities behind drywall. Moreover, this area secludes them and keeps them warm. Sometimes they even go into the living space of the house in search of food. Sometimes, a litter of raccoons is born and raised in your house. In additon, they will likely return year after year to raise their young.


This raccoon was in a chimney near Dayton Ohio. Dayton Raccoon Removal Service.

This raccoon was in a chimney near Dayton Ohio


Raccoons chew and scratch their way in from an attic or through wall plaster. Also, they often use cat or dog doors to raid pet food. Therefore, we deploy every known method and some of our secret tactics to remove these rascals from home. Moreover, if we find a defensive raccoon we use a cable restraint pole. In brief, this pole snares the raccoon. Finally, we transport it to a cage for removal.

Please note, our specialty is animal damage repair to protect your home from raccoons. What’s more, Dayton Raccoon Removal Services offers full attic restoration services. Also, we remove all fecal matter and install new duct work and insulation.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Keep Our Technicians Safe When Catching And Removing Raccoons

Our technicians use

  • Bright headlamp to identify and navigate the dark attics or crawlspaces
  • Half or full-face respirator depending on how severe the fecal
  • Tyvek protective coveralls to protect our skin and clothing
  • Kevlar bite proof gloves.


Raccoons were coming out of this office drop ceiling to access food in the kitchen. As you can see their dirty paws leaves behind a nasty mess.

Raccoons were coming out of this office drop ceiling to access food in the kitchen. As you can see their dirty paws leaves behind a nasty mess.


Trapping A Raccoon Takes Work

Setting raccoon traps is the most effective way to remove the raccoons. But, rarely does Dayton Raccoon Removal Service set traps inside the attics as it is less effective. Why? Because, if we catch a raccoon in a cage trap, we have to transport it through your home. And, raccoons will urinate when trapped in a cage. Also, parasites and/or insects such as fleas could fall off the raccoon. In any case, that’s why you don’t want us bringing raccoons through your home!


Attic Vent Covers Keep Raccoons Out!

Attic Vent Covers Keep Raccoons Out!


Therefore, it’s more effective to catch raccoons coming out of the house. So, Dayton Raccoon Removal Service tries catches raccoons at their entry point or when crossing their travel routes on and off the roof. Once caught, we remove all raccoons out of your house. But, it’s critical that we seal the entry and exit openings. Absolutely, we are experts at raccoon exclusion and repairs. Hence, we guarantee to keep them out for good or we come back at no cost to you!


Raccoons Love To Climb Down The Flue Of Your Chimney

Also, raccoons love to climb down the flue of your chimney or fireplace and live inside your hearth box. And, female coons often have their litter of kits right on top of the flu damper. The young raccoons make a chattering noise the homeowner hear. Also, the newborn raccoon kits urinate and the liquid matter seeps into the fireplace. Often, many people call and ask “Can I start a fire to get them out?” Absolutely, the answer is NO! Unquestionably, this is inhumane to the raccoons and puts all occupants of the home at risk. Also, smoke inhalation and heat drives the raccoon sow into the home instead of out the chimney flue.


Google Is Not The Answer To Everything On Raccoons

Absolutely, the only proven methods for long term raccoon removal is

  • Trapping,
  • Structure and habitat modifications, and
  • Permanent exclusion repairs to your home and structure.

For instance, customers tell us that they tried Google tips on how to deter raccoons. For emaple, here are some of those common Goggle tips:

  • coyote urine repellents
  • strobe and attic lights
  • loud music
  • mothballs – a harmful insecticide chemical named Naphthalene.
  • liquid ammonia
  • owl and hawk decoys

But, these tips are not all effective. And, they will not provide long term relief.

Definitely, raccoon removal can be complex and dangerous work. But, Dayton Raccoon Removal Services has decades of trapping and repair experience. In any case, we help you resolve your problem and restore your peace of mind! To conclude, call Dayton Raccoon Removal Service at .

Raccoons caught on roof in Xenia, Ohio

Raccoons are the primary host of Baylisascaris procyonis. In fact, Baylisascaris is a roundworm that can be harmful to people. Furthermore, infected raccoons pass roundworm eggs in their feces. Moreover, people become infected by ingesting these eggs. Hence, homes inhabited by raccoons can contain this risk. In additon, young children or developmentally disabled persons are at highest risk. Obviously, they may be more likely to put contaminated fingers, soil, or objects into their mouths.

Raccoon Removal Service Near Me? Risks Of Being Exposed To Raccoon Germs Or Raccoon Diseases? How to get rid of raccoons in the attic? Daytons #1 Raccoon Pest Control Company.

Raccoon Removal Service Near Me? Risks Of Being Exposed To Raccoon Germs Or Raccoon Diseases? How to get rid of raccoons in the attic? Daytons #1 Raccoon Pest Control Company.