Getting Rid Of a Bat In The House Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Getting Rid of a Bat in the House is “… not for the faint of heart”, as one of our customers explains in an email to us about their experiences using Barnes Wildlife Control. In fact, Getting Rid of a Bat in the House is just the beginning of this customer’s pest problems, so he chooses Barnes Wildlife Control to help. We can be reached by phone: Click to Call Now for Expert Help!.

We have a growing customer base here in the Miami Valley, many of them kind enough to take the time and the trouble to review and to recommend their experiences with Barnes Wildlife Control. Word of mouth, social media, website or online ratings continue to bring us customers with a wide range of nuisance wildlife problems. Customer recommendations are important to us and we value them immensely. But when we received this outstanding email from a satisfied customer, we posted it on our Facebook page in August 2019. Barnes Wildlife Control Facebook Page It stands out because it goes above and beyond our usual review, and the story all starts with Getting Rid of a Bat in the House.

As our customer tells us, he first finds a lone bat flying in his basement. We always recommend that property owners use a licensed wildlife technician or pest control operator to deal with such a bat. Getting Rid of a Bat in the House is not so simple as catching it and letting it loose outside. Not forgetting of course that bats are a protected species, a technician will take precautions in handling any bat for several reasons such as the risk of bites or scratches and the possibility of rabies. Official studies, data and statistics in the USA and worldwide confirm that contact with bats carrying a rabies virus variant accounts for an alarming proportion of proven cases and fatalities. See our blog entry There is a Bat in my House Montgomery County Ohio (March 2019) for a fuller discussion of all the potential risks. Do this when you get a bat in the home.

Upon noticing a “… growing number of sounds” in his upstairs walls, our customer realizes that there are other bats living upstairs and that his lone bat in the basement made its way down there “… to seek the cooler temperatures of the basement area”. In Getting Rid of a Bat in the House, a professional wildlife control company will always investigate the whole house, no matter what season of the year. Knowing that he has a problem, our customer does his research for a pest control company to suit his needs before deciding upon Barnes Wildlife Control.

Bat captured and removed from inside this Montgomery County Ohio home

Bat captured and removed from inside this Montgomery County Ohio home

Great Customer Service from Dayton Ohio’s Expert Bat Removal Service

The front office of any company is the first contact for a potential customer, and Barnes Wildlife Control is proud of the great impression that our office always gives. Whether setting up an inspection, a service call, discussing work options or managing the progress of a job, our office addresses customer concerns in a thorough manner with attention to detail that is second to none. Our customer agrees with this in his email, asking the office numerous questions which confirm his “… original instincts” that he is “… now dealing with a professional organization” upon making that initial call to Barnes Wildlife Control.

Our technicians also expect questions, and a lot of interest in the modern equipment they use, especially when the job requires wireless motion or thermal imaging cameras. But modern technology is no substitute for taking the time to do the necessary groundwork, and in our experience, that begins with a thorough inspection. In the nuisance wildlife and pest control industry, a good inspection raises the bar when carrying out the best quality work.

Barnes Wildlife Control does not cut corners, offering high standards in service, customer care, and quality control. Our customer notes that the technician inspects the whole structure inside and out from top to bottom, before compiling and sending a formal report and proposal related to Getting Rid of a Bat in the House. Reassured, the customer commends the “… level of inspection and the time-effort-energy”, adding that the report more than “… justified that expense”.

ohio department of health pest control image

             Ohio Wildlife Control Pest Service

Faced with “…convincing evidence that I needed to do something about not only a small bat problem, but an even bigger mouse problem in the garage attic that I was unaware of”, our customer decides to proceed. At Barnes Wildlife Control, we base our company/customer relationship upon trust. We ensure that customers understand the problem, the type of work, and timescales involved, as well as the equipment needed or the procedures we recommend. We always try to be on the same page as our customers about their nuisance wildlife problem, so that they understand the costs required. We aim to provide precise quotes but will always break down the costs and explain them in more detail. Our customer says that we took the time to “… walk (him) through the quote” and he knows that “… you get what you pay for”.

“Basically, the job entailed sealing my house from new critters, and evicting the ones already in there.” In our industry, the work takes time as well as experience, but for every job that Barnes Wildlife Control carries out, physical products and devices are just as important as the methods we use. Our sister company Viking Product Supply researched and developed The Bat Valve to assist in Getting Rid of a Bat in the House, along with the rest of the colony in the most efficient and humane way possible. One of the best commercial and residential products on the market for dealing with bats, The Bat Valve is a one-way device that allows bats out of a structure but prohibits their return. Available online for individuals or companies to purchase, it is a proven and cost-effective tool when dealing with bats and colonies, large or small.

Professional Bat Removal Products to aid in ridding your house of bat infestations

Viking Product Supply also researched and developed Peak Protector, an established product which provides adequate roof ventilation yet guards against nuisance animals along a new or existing roof ridgeline. Easy to install, weather-proof, and cost-effective, Peak Protector provides protection against bats, birds, and rodents such as squirrels and mice on any roof, helping to keep attics free of nuisance wildlife. In Getting Rid of a Bat from the House, and in dealing with the other bats and mice, our customer notes that we added such guards to “… my warped ridge-vent”.

Bat Eviction from Roof Gaps

Bat Eviction from Roof Gaps using The Bat Valve & Peak Protector

After any job, big or small, Barnes Wildlife Control offers full repair and restoration services. Barnes Wildlife Control handles any structural repairs following a service call. No need for any customer to call other companies to sanitize, remove, and replace soiled attic or wall insulation. To list but a few of their additional skills, our technicians will also handle repairs to drywall, vents, ductwork, soffit, eaves, shingles, even chimneys. Barnes Wildlife Control aims to offer peace of mind to all customers, dealing first with any nuisance wildlife problem and then addressing any damage. Our customer is “… VERY impressed with the extent of work”.

“I don’t want a colony of bats growing larger and larger and populating in my house. I don’t want mice chewing through electrical cables. I don’t want feces producing a mess and polluting the air with the possible disease. The investment was worth it to me, and my ease of mind is priceless.” Barnes Wildlife Control exceeded his expectations and our customer will “… not hesitate for one second to use them again”.

What better endorsement does Barnes Wildlife Control need? Thank you so much to our customer. So happy to help him in Getting Rid of a Bat in the House. Everyone at Barnes Wildlife Control is proud to live and work here and to serve the Miami Valley. A big “thank you” to all our customers.


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