You Want A Professional Wildlife Trapper

Hire a Wildlife Trapper these days and you’re more than likely looking to hire a specialist in wildlife control solutions, not a part-time fur trapper. Whenever you Hire a Wildlife Trapper to handle your nuisance wildlife problems, you’ll want a professional to turn up in a truck with everything they need to do the job. Hire a Wildlife Trapper from Barnes Wildlife Control, and you can trust that our technicians come with the expertise and the equipment to handle anything.

Barnes Wildlife Control Trucks and Employees photo


What Should You Expect When You Need To Hire A Wildlife Trapper?

At Barnes Wildlife Control, our approach to any nuisance wildlife problem will be legal, humane and effective. Our methods are efficient, and we handle our customer relations with tact and sensitivity – after all, we often do our work inside homes with customers watching. Our technicians at Barnes Wildlife Control are responsible, having a duty of care to customers and animals alike. The work itself is physically demanding. Our technicians work with ladders and aerial lifts, on roofs and in crawl spaces, in hot attics or outside in the rain or freezing temperatures. No two jobs are the same, and our technicians are adaptable, inventive and have a make-do attitude whenever confronted with non-typical wildlife control situations. They are as comfortable working with modern technology as with something as simple as a handsaw.

We Use Modern Humane Technology 

Using modern technology is one of the most humane, efficient and effective measures that helps Barnes Wildlife Control handle nuisance wildlife solutions when you Hire a Wildlife Trapper. On the most basic level, Barnes Wildlife Control technicians carry tablets and cell phones – of course. But they can install wireless motion cameras on a property to monitor any nuisance wildlife, assessing what the problem is at any time of the day or night using remote links to their cell phones. There’s no need to set random traps or make extra visits to a property and it’s a more cost-effective use of time and effort – saving the customer money.

Barnes Wildlife Control Uses Safe Infrared Technology To “See” Signs Of Wildlife Activity

When you Hire a Wildlife Trapper from Barnes Wildlife Control, our technicians can even use safe infrared technology to “see” signs of wildlife activity in difficult to access places around a structure, including inside walls and attics. Infrared technology detects a “heat signature” using a thermal imaging camera and cannot actually “see” through walls or glass. Instead, it detects and creates a video image, displaying the “thermal profile” of something in relation to the temperature of its surrounding objects. Many home inspectors now use similar thermal imaging cameras, and we are confident that they do indeed reveal not only nuisance animal activity or damage, but also show if there is inadequate insulation or evidence of mold and moisture as well.

Using a thermal imaging camera is humane, speeding the removal process of nuisance animals with less guesswork, especially in walls, saving the customer money. It’s efficient, quicker for animal removal and in minimizing property repair, again saving money. The customer can see for themselves how we use this technology to search effectively in hard to reach places and trust the results. Finding raccoons in the house during the Spring often means there is a litter of kits around. Using thermal imaging will quickly reveal the location of any young which cannot yet leave their den, limiting the stress of removal on the animals (mother and young) – and the homeowner. Rats and mice, even squirrels, will burrow through insulation in attics or walls and remove it for nesting. This will compromise the insulation properties of the home. Warning – mice can make your attic insulation look like Swiss cheese! Find and Hire a Wildlife Trapper who uses thermal imaging and notice the difference in service – and the cost.

The Health Of Our Technicians, Customers, and Animals – An Important Consideration

Customers who Hire a Wildlife Trapper from Barnes Wildlife Control are quick to realize that our use of modern technology is also an important health and safety consideration for our technicians, the customer and the animals involved. Modern technology gives us essential information when working in potentially dangerous situations, up a ladder, on a roof or in a confined space. A fiber borescope is especially useful when our technicians can’t use their hands (or their eyes) to inspect inaccessible cavities around the home – such as fireplaces, chimneys, crawl spaces or pipes. Like a medical endoscope, a borescope is invaluable for quick and accurate visual inspection work. Who wants to stick their head or their hand down a hole where they suspect there’s a snake?

Want to Hire a Wildlife Trapper who works in the most humane, efficient and effective way? Who saves you money? Modern technology is a non-destructive assessment tool and a reliable way to confirm the success of completed work and repairs. Make the wise decision whenever you Hire a Wildlife Trapper, and call Barnes Wildlife Control today at (937) 340-1867.