Unless you are a raccoon whisperer like James Blackwood, who seems to delight in having his deck mobbed by raccoons due to feeding them over the years, you need to address the raccoons living under your deck or raccoons climbing onto your deck.

There are raccoons in all areas of Ohio, but they are particularly prevalent in urban areas like Dayon and the surrounding communities. Plus, raccoon populations are growing, and the growth rate is not slowing down.

Because raccoons are nocturnal animals, you’ll often see them scavenging for food on your property at night. It would be unusual for you to see raccoons during the daytime, which is the time when raccoons sleep in any number of places, including under your deck.

“Should I Be Concerned If Raccoons Are Hanging Around My Dayton, Ohio Deck?”

If a raccoon has entered the area around your deck, you have every right to be concerned. In the past, you may have seen these masked bandits on your deck and found they have spread garbage or frightened your pets. Or, you may have noticed a new hole under your deck and even seen a raccoon enter the spot.

So do you have a raccoon problem? You’ll eventually have a problem if a raccoon is bold enough to build its living quarters under your deck. But your troubles can worsen if the raccoon decides to upscale its living situation and tear its way into your cozy attic during the colder weather.

If A Female Raccoon Lives With Her Kits Under Your Deck, Be Careful. A Mama Raccoon Is Protective Of Her Kits. Call Barnes Raccoon Removal Services At (937) 340-1867.

A racoon family hanging out on the railing of an Ohio deck. You need raccoon proofing.

Raccoons will reside under your deck for many reasons. First, if in a burrow, that area keeps it warm and provides a safe breeding environment. Aside from warmth and safety, raccoons require food to survive, and your property has provided a steading supply of food, so staying under your deck gives them easy access to food sources. And more often than not, a poorly sealed garbage can around your deck is a raccoon’s banquet table of tasty delights. So owning a raccoon-proof garbage container is a must if you have a raccoon under your deck.

Also, remember that a raccoon may search for a way into your attic while hanging around your deck at night. Or, a raccoon may be already in your attic. If you’ve regularly noticed raccoons around your deck and property, it would be best to look inside your attic to see if there are any signs of a raccoon invasion which would show as openings in or around soffits, eaves, fascia, gable vents, and roof vents, 

Uncertain what to do if a raccoon resides under a deck or on your property? Then get in touch with a Barnes Wildlife Control Raccoon Experts at (937) 340-1867. We’ll find the best strategy to remove raccoons under deck or on your property.

A night photo of raccoons on ohio deck
A raccoons on an ohio deck sleeping during the daytime.
A raccoon living under an ohio deck was humanely live trapped and whisked away from the property.

Raccoons Are Nocturnal, And Will Build Their Nests Under A Deck Due To The Lack Of Light. Nighttime Bright Lights On And Under Your Deck Discourage Raccoons From Your Deck Area.

Raccoons Are Always Looking For Tasty Treats On Your Dayton, Ohio Property

Many delicious treats keep raccoons roaming your decks at night. If you have pets, more often than not, you put some pet food outside for your dog or cat, but that’s a big no-no if you don’t want raccoons around your property. Raccoons love eating fish, and cat food often has a fish scent that will attract raccoons. Also, dog food usually contains chicken, and guess what? Raccoons love chicken as well.

Let’s not forget bird feeders, which attract raccoons onto your property and entice them to hang under your deck. Since raccoons are omnivores, they will eat anything, and bird feeders can be a great source of fats, especially if filled with oiled sunflower seeds. If you use bird feeders, keep them on thin metal hangers high enough so a raccoon cannot get at your bird seeds.

Custom Raccoon Proofing Of The Area Below Your Deck

Our Barnes Wildlife Control raccoons experts suggest deck barriers if you have problems with raccoons under your Greater Dayton, Ohio decks. We can custom-build raccoon-proof deck barriers that prevent raccoons from getting under your deck and digging under the barriers to access the space under your deck. Our raccoon deck barriers are custom-created using strong galvanized wire screening that no raccoon can rip through. Call us today at (937) 340-1867, and one of our raccoon experts can suggest the best remedy for raccoons invading your property and your deck.

Barnes Wildlife Control can custom design protective barriers around your deck keeping raccoons out.