Humane and Effective Kettering Ohio Animal Control For 10+ Years

 Like Kettering, Ohio’s name came from the one-of-a-kind inventor Charles F. Kettering, Barnes Wildlife Control’s claim to fame comes from being the #1 Kettering Wildlife Control company due to their focus on superior wildlife control results and customer care. Barnes, a local family-owned business, has provided Kettering Wildlife Control solutions for more than a decade while inventing diverse wildlife and pest control products that set their services apart from others.

Our well-respected company with highly trained staff is so effective that other companies come to our wildlife control seminars to learn about animal control problems impacting Kettering, Ohio, and other communities in the Buckeye state.

Kettering Wildlife Control Blog Page Photo: Barnes Wildlife Control is so well respected other companies come to learn at Barnes's wildlife seminars .

The well-respected Barnes Wildlife Control presents a wildlife seminar for five other wildlife control companies in Ohio.

Kettering Wildlife Control provides exceptional, dependable, and skilled wildlife removal services our customers verify in our 5-star reviews. We do what our clients expect and go beyond their expectations, showing them that their 100% satisfaction is the foundation of our ongoing success. When you want the leader in Kettering Wildlife Control, call us (937) 340-1867 and you’ll see why our locally owned family run wildlife specialists are so widely chosen and respected!

“Barnes Wildlife Control is the only company I call for pest or animal problems. They’ve dealt with raccoons, wasps, and mice for me over the years and in each case, their service was excellent. Currently, they installed bait traps around the foundation of my home to deter mice from invading. What I love best about Barnes, is they suggest a mitigation strategy, explain how it works, and tell you about maintenance required. I feel as though I understand what’s going on and how the situation will be prevented in the future. As someone new to rural living, they are a Godsend.”

Cheryl Heffner – 5 Stars

Staff’s Ongoing Training Throughout The Year

Our ongoing staff training and development in all areas of Kettering wildlife control pays significant dividends in improved staff self-confidence and motivation, greater efficiency while multi-tasking, staff that remains with us for years, and keeping up with Wildlife Control technologies.

Barnes Wildlife Control’s owner, Jacob Barnes, demand nothing less than the best from himself and his staff.


A Fully Licensed, Insured, And Certified Kettering Wildlife Control Company

A state license is necessary for the wildlife control profession, which shows that a company is competent, qualified, meets specific standards, and authorized to conduct business in the city, municipality, or state.

Barnes Wildlife Control not only meets all these requirements, we are backed by the best insurance in the industry, protecting not only our employees but you, your loved ones.

We Never Contract Out Our Professional Services

ONLY OUR STAFF provides every one of our services to residential and commercial businesses, however small or large. There is no wildlife control job too big for Barnes Wildlife Control. We have a large fleet of trucks, aerial equipment, HEPA vacuum systems, blow-in insulation machines, state of the science personal protective equipment, a wide array of trapping systems, and numerous safe cleaning and deodorizing agents that are 100% effective.

Why You Should Choose Our Kettering Wildlife Control Team

Due to our ongoing positive word-of-mouth reviews, Kettering, Ohio, residential and commercial building owners continue calling on our expert animal trapping services because they know our animal control experts are second to none.

Our wide range of Kettering wildlife control services like excluding bats from your attic, humanely trapping a mother raccoon and her kits, catching mice raiding your pantry, keeping skunks out of a crawlspace, and restoring wildlife damaged attics make us the number one all-around go-to professional Kettering Wildlife Control company.

Kettering Wildlife Control Blog Page Photo: Jacob Barnes, owner of Barnes Wildlife Control, holds a baby squirrel that was humanely trapped

Jacob Barnes, owner of Barnes Wildlife Control and one of the most knowledgable Kettering Wildlife Control operators in the area, holding a humanely captured baby gray squirrel.

Our Kettering Wildlife Control Services Do Remove Stray Cats, Dogs, Or Exotic Animals Nor Do We Handle Any Animal Cruelty Issues. If You Are A Kettering Resident, Call The Community Service Specialist At (937) 296-3266 Who Deals With The Above Issues.

Are You Wondering,  “Are There Kettering Animal Removal Experts Near Me?”

Fortunately, the residents and commercial business owners have the well-respected Kettering Wildlife Control company of Barnes Wildlife Control available to service your nuisance wildlife problems 24/4/365.

Once our wildlife control professionals arrive, we provide complete building inspections from top to bottom, which includes examining crawlspaces, areas under porches, soffits, eaves, fascia, vents, chimneys, basements, walls, ceilings and attics.

A comprehensive inspection guarantees we properly access a nuisance wildlife issue. Our Kettering Wildlife Control specialists must know what type of animal invaded your building, what area of your building the animal(s) inhabits, what animal damage repairs are needed, and what plan to implement for a quick resolution.

When you want the best in Kettering Wildlife Control you’ll find it with the team of Barnes Wildlife Control whose effecive and customer centered services are second to none!


Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of chewed wire in an attic from mice and squirrels

A comprehensive wildlife inspection revealed gnawed electrical wiring, a potential fire threat caused by a small colony of flying squirrels taking up residence in this attic. Call our Kettering Wildlife Control team today!

Our Kettering Wildlife Control Experts Handle Any Kettering Human-Wildlife Conflict From Bats To Squirrels

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of a humanely captured bat

Kettering Ohio Bat Removal

If you have seen bats flying in numbers around your home, dawn or dusk, do not ignore these signs since the damage bats cause to attics run into the thousands. Bats contaminate attic insulation with their urine and guano, which contains mold spores if breathed, are harmful to your health. Our Kettering Bat Removal has the knowledge, skills, and experience to deal with bats in your buildings. We provide effective bat exclusion services combined with all the legal issues surrounding bat removal, such as maternity colonies.

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of a beaver creating problems for this Ohio landowner.

Kettering Ohio Beaver Removal

An uncontrolled population of beavers creates property damage by producing flooding with beaver dams and damaging or bringing down healthy trees. Barnes Wildlife Control’s Kettering Ohio Beaver experts can remove your beaver populations via trapping or culling. Our highly trained Kettering Wildlife Control technicians use advanced trapping or culling techniques resulting in the reversal of property damage and bringing the landscape back to its pristine state.

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of Jacob Barnes, owner of Barnes Wildlife Control, accessing this invasion of starlings inside a barn.

Kettering Ohio Bird Removal

Barnes Wildlife Control’s Kettering Bird Control highly-trained Ohio bird specialists evaluate and employ a broad range of bird elimination solutions. We use bird netting, pigeon trapping, bird deterrent installation, bird spikes, and other well-established methods to help solve your sparrow, starling, or pigeon problem. Our Bird Barrier trained and certified technician years of experience provide you with effective removal of nuisance birds from attics, perching on awnings, or spoiling gardens.

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of a captured chipmunk

Kettering Ohio Chipmunk Removal

Chipmunks’ antics make for enjoyable viewing when sitting outside enjoying the sun. But chipmunk tunneling can cause some detrimental, structural damage when in numbers on your property. Since chipmunks dig their burrows under walkways, driveways, patios, porches, stairs, and next to foundations, this activity can cause various types of damage to these areas. Our Kettering Wildlife Control experts can quickly remedy any nuisance chipmunk issues quickly.

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of a trapped fox

Kettering Ohio Coyote Fox Removal

Most calls for our Kettering Wildlife Fox or Coyote Control team come from homeowners’ pets getting attacked. Many homes have some form of shed or deck, which makes for a suitable den location for a fox or coyote and provides an opportunity for pet interactions between predator and prey. Generally, once a fox or coyote enters an urban area, they will locate a natural environment hidden within a city like a cemetery surrounded by a wooden space.

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of a dead gray squirrel

Kettering Ohio Dead Animal Removal

Our Kettering Wildlife Control team provides Dead Animal Removal services. Usually, you’ll know there is a dead animal in, on, or around your property if you smell an obnoxious odor along with large swarms of flies. If there is a dead animal on your property, its location can be under a porch, in your basement, ducts, chimney, attic, and worse of all, in your inner walls. Dead animals carry diseases, the rotting flesh maggots, and the fur mites, fleas, or ticks.

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of corralled geese from a client's property

Kettering Ohio Geese Removal

When Canada geese arrive in numbers on Kettering property, they leave large amounts of poop everywhere. A gaggle of geese will poop on your grass, driveway, in your ponds, and once comfortable, will destroy grass and vegetation and even roost on a roof. Barnes Wildlife Control is your trusted authority for geese control and removal. Given our years of experience with  Canada Goose, our Kettering Wildlife Control professionals know what works and what doesn’t work, and we have developed custom problem geese solutions.

Kettering Ohio Wildlife Control Page Photo of a groundhog coming out of an area we are excavating.

Kettering Ohio Groundhog Removal

While there is no connection between a groundhog seeing its shadow and spring, there is a definite connection between groundhogs on your Kettering Ohio property and the soon-to-follow damage. Groundhogs are impressive excavators and can dig elaborate underground tunnels 20 to 30 feet long and two to six feet deep, with two or more entrances. Groundhogs destroy gardens, weaken ground that can give way underfoot, and impact the stability of foundations whether wooden or concrete.

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of a handful of moles we captured.

Kettering Ohio Mole Removal

One of the more frequent calls our Kettering Wildlife Control team gets involves moles taking over a homeowner’s lawn. People call us when they start seeing tunnels or ridges on the surface of their lawns. Damage by moles to grass and gardens generally occurs due to mole tunneling, which tears apart the root system from the surrounding soil. Also, moles can appear if your lawn becomes infested with grubs, the favorite meal of moles. We have extensive experience with moles and have all the necessary traps to resolve mole problems quickly.


Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of a muskrat in a homeowners pond.

Kettering Ohio Muskrat Removal

Generally, our Kettering Wildlife Control team engages muskrats when we need to prevent them from digging into farm pond dams. We understand how to properly construct these small dams to prevent muskrats from causing any severe damage while we trap and remove the muskrats from the property. Plus, these dams mustn’t contain any food sources eaten by muskrats. We have several ingenious traps created for live trapping and killing muskrats, so muskrat removal goes smoothly without a hitch.

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of a trapped raccoon in a cage on a roof.

Kettering Ohio Raccoon Removal

Like bats and flying squirrels, raccoons cause some of the most severe damage to homes, especially attics, costing several hundred if not thousands to repair. Our Kettering Wildlife Control raccoon experts have seen raccoon damage in the form of vents ripped off of roofs, soffits and fascia torn apart, and more. Once a raccoon, especially a female, wants into your home and gets in, you’ll soon be facing feces throughout your attic, torn air vents, and insulation that is urine soaked and feces-filled.

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of exterminated mice and rats.

Kettering Ohio Rodent Removal

Have rats in your basement? Or, are you seeing mice or mice poop in your pantry? It’s time to call in Barnes Wildlife Control’s team of mice and rat removal experts. Once mice or rats take hold in your home, they can multiply rapidly. If you see signs of mice or rats, it means you have access points that you must seal; otherwise, your mice and rat problems will not end. Our removal techniques include traps and baits that cause no harm to other animals like pets. Ge 100% effective mice and rat removal team into your home now!

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of two trapped skunks

Kettering Ohio Skunk Removal

Once a skunk takes up residence in your crawlspace, under a shed or garage, that stinky smell used to ward off predators or your pet dog or cat in all probability will end up permeating into your living space. You won’t have to worry about being sprayed when you hire our Kettering Wildlife Control skunk removal team. We can easily trap and remove any nuisance skunk from your property then protect those areas around your home accessible to those stinky critters. Let our Skunk Removal Kettering Ohio Team help today!

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of a large snake we removed from a homeowners property

Kettering Ohio Snake Removal

Most people are deathly afraid of snakes and want them off their property no matter the cost. But, our Kettering Wildlife Control snake specialists want you to know that most snakes on your property are not poisonous. If you happen to find a nest of snakes on your property, generally, they are nesting in some hole around your property though they may get into access points of your building if they sense there are rodents available for food. All the more reason if you do locate snakes on your property make sure your home is checked for rodents as well.

Kettering Wildlife Control Page Photo of a trapped gray squirrel.

Kettering Ohio Squirrel Removal

Squirrels love getting access to attics by gnawing through any rotted fascia, soffits, gable vents, wire mesh, and even metal vents. Once inside a building, squirrels chew on wood, vent coverings, and electrical wiring while urinating and pooping throughout your attics insulation. And lord forbids, you get a colony of flying squirrels inside your attic, and you experience those sleepless nights during their nocturnal antics. Our Squirrel Removal Kettering Ohio squirrel trappers get squirrels out fast, then close up those access points squirrel proofing your building!

We Are Your Kettering Wildlife Control Experts In All Wildlife Small And Big. Call Us Today At (937) 340-1867.